Sunday Roast: Moment of Zen

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  1. Spent the last few days in Texas, (**spit**)… home last night and took a long hot disinfectant shower, flush out my sinus cavity of all the filthy Texair, read my latest National Geographic to flush out all the “Ya”ll and “Howdy”, had a couple of nice, stiff, neat gin martinis, and this morning I walked out onto the patio and breathed in the fresh clean desert air….and I made this vow….”never -ever fucking again”.

    ’nuff said

  2. Well, of course it’s serene. It doesn’t have the force of the earth’s rotation pushing the water up against the shore like we have from the Atlantic.

    Besides, why do you think they named it the “Pacific”? πŸ™‚

  3. Brian Stelter on CNN’s Reliable Sources, had a discussion on whether the news reporting on Ferguson made the riots more violent.

    If the media would give peaceful protests more coverage, activists wouldn’t decide that non-violent protests are ineffective.

    Most of the real violence is instigated by agent provocateurs anyway, to give the police the excuse to crack heads and clear the streets.

  4. LA Times:

    “New nuclear weapons needed, many experts say, pointing to aged arsenal.
    The U.S. nuclear program ‘is rusting its way to disarmament,’ some experts say.”

    Obviously the political half-life of these weapons isn’t nearly as long as their destructive one.

      • What sort of dumbass would ever say that we need more?
        The incoming warmongering Repugnant party…they’ll attempt to spend billions on weaponry and take away funds for healthcare, food assistance and housing.

        • (oops the blockquotes didn’t take, my apology frugal)

          What sort of dumbass would ever say that we need more?

        • Yep. Billions for weaponry, also no limit on 2000 miles of border fence (see Steve King, R-Dumbass), all at the expense of things that count. Like healthcare, food assistance, housing assistance, Social Security . . . etc. I’m starting to not like it here in the US.

          Apology? Yah sure ya betcha! πŸ˜‰

  5. 2 Of America’s Important Shale Basins Are Now In The Red

    Although OPEC’s decision to maintain current crude production quotas was not entirely unexpected (see post), the market reaction was violent. WTI crude fell by 10% over the last two days of the week.

    At $66 per barrel North American producers have real problems on their hands. While Eagle Ford is still profitable, both Bakken and Permian Basin are in now the red.

    Amazing what happens to the price when the speculators all go short at the same time.

    • I’ve long felt sorry for N. Dakota locals who have been so negatively impacted by big oil’s assault on the land, water, and air over the Bakken shale. Now I’m hoping that I’ll be granted the opportunity to PRETEND I feel sorry for the Kochistas and all the other worms that are involved in such wanton destruction, solely for profit. Screw ’em.

  6. Whew, everything from Thanksgiving is cleaned up, grandchildren have been taken home, and no one mentioned politics. I did make the mistake of ordering what looked like a cheap toy gun to go with one grandchild’s request for an army uniform. It did not look real in the picture, cost under $20, and made no mention of it’s being capable of shooting anything. It came and was a pellet gun, so obviously I can’t give it to an 8 year old. It was also defective in that the red tip would not stay attached to the gun. That is how tragedies happen. We’re white, so maybe the police wouldn’t have shot grandson.

    • You don’t want to take chances!

      Glad you had a nice family Thanksgiving..not discussing politics keeps the blood pressure down during holidays.

    • I saw a blurb that the team made sure to announce that the players acted on their own and didn’t tell management they were planning “a stunt”. Lord knows management doesn’t want to risk angering the ignorant savages.

    • Nonewhere, I always remember stuff while I’m in the shower. That way, I can’t even write myself a note. Then, by the time I’m out and dry, I’ve forgotten I remembered.

      Sometimes I remember things while I’m driving too. Also not a good time for notes.

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