The Watering Hole, Tuesday December 2, 2014 Environmental News and Food Politics – A Different Kind of Kickoff

OK, you sports haters are going to love this one. A college president at a Dallas HBCU dropped football and re-purposed the field in to an organic farmstead, where students do work-study. The college is located in a grocery desert (read black ghetto) where residents have little opportunity to shop for fresh food. The president challenged the college’s board to be relevant in the community in which the college resides. Article published by the Mothership of Sports Programming (ESPN). You need to read this.

Radical transformation of a college community.

Open thread.

Michael Sorrell, who scrapped Paul Quinn’s football program seven years ago, stands in a field of greens.



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  1. By far the best use of a football field EVER! Suggests, finally, a good use for the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, even the Fiesta Bowl! Do something USEFUL with ’em, for a change!

    • Where’s the candidate who is absolutely committed to doing whatever it takes to permanently shift the global energy use from fossil and nuclear to renewable only? Where’s the candidate who is absolutely committed to global environmental preservation? Where’s the candidate who is absolutely committed to global human equality regardless of race or ethnicity? Where’s the candidate who is absolutely committed to the FACT that science and art are far more useful to the planetary condition than money/power or “god”/power have ever been or ever will be?

      That person has my vote.

        • Pressure him to run in 2016 on said platform and he’s got my vote, and I can get him at least ten more! If everyone with common sense would do that, what’s 11 times all with common sense? He might be a shoo-in??

          • As part of his Congressional career, he championed something called the ‘Apollo Initiative’ – to create 3m green jobs, decentralize the electricity gen network, promote transportation and civic planning away from the car… etc etc….

            He is currently battling the coal export industry, the shale oil safety issues etc…

            His instincts are definitely progressive.

  2. That, my friend is an awesome story. And not a single student/farmer will get concussions or brain dysfunction whilst hoeing, weeding or harvesting.

    • Working in a garden is good for one’s health. It can lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Nonewhere had a successful garden at our new home this year. Next year, he will expand the garden by removing a grassy patch that no one uses and turning it into a vegetable garden. I am hoping that he plants potatoes, both white and sweet.

    • That fact combined with not having a football coach that makes more than the entire faculty combined and no expensive statues to be removed after a pedophile and a sycophant ruined countless lives.

    • Well provided you watch where you are swinging that hoe, RUC 😉

      “We are going to change the world with this farm.”

      – yes, I think you are Mr Quinn.

  3. FBI warn of massive security breach at Sony. WND and Drudge both go down for 2 hours. Coincidence? I think not.

  4. On the Positive side of football…….I would love to see the Rams pack up and leave St Louis:

    (CNN) — Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

    The latest Ferguson confrontation isn’t taking place on the streets of the beleaguered city, but between the St. Louis County Police Department and the St. Louis Rams football team — over an apology, or lack thereof.

    The brouhaha started silently when five Rams players took to the field Sunday with their palms in the air — showing the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture used by protesters decrying the police shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown.

    The St. Louis Police Officers Association was furious, saying the players “chose to ignore the mountains of evidence released from the St. Louis County Grand Jury” after the jurors decided not to indict former Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson.

    A Rams official spoke with police Monday. And that’s when the he-said, he-said started.

    St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar sent an e-mail to his staff saying the Rams’ chief operating officer called him Monday to apologize.

    “I received a very nice call this morning from Mr. Kevin Demoff of the St. Louis Rams who wanted to take the opportunity to apologize to our department on behalf of the Rams for the “Hands Up” gesture that some players took the field with yesterday,” Belmar wrote in the e-mail, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    But the Rams said that’s just not true.

    “We did not apologize,” Rams spokesman Artis Twyman told CNN.

    • I hope they don’t apologize. As for the “mountains of evidence” released, bullshit. Considering how the prosecutor twisted the law (including telling the grand jury to rely on a law the Supremes struck down as unconstitutional, from what I’ve read), his statement is pure bullshit.

      Darren Wilson was NOT exonerated. He was NOT acquitted. He has simply NOT been prosecuted. Yet. This isn’t over.

    • I could never figure out why the Rams went there to begin with. I spent 18 months “living” in St Louis County and each month seemed like ten eternities. The place is, to say the least (which is the best I can do, actually), a horror show.

    • Add to that:
      1. Extending the franchise
      2. Civil rights
      3. Safety in the workplace
      4. A sustainable and clean environment
      5. Holidays
      6. End to child labour

      So many things conservatives have been on the wrong side of. Is there one which says “Thank you liberals – here is what you stand for” ?

  5. As Rob Portman makes it clear he is not running for the 2016 GOP presidential nod, the vast majority of the nation responds with, “Who is that, now?”

    • Despicable. Unfortunately the sheep won’t think for themselves, and will take Faux as the ‘truth’ of the matter.

    • That man is seriously demented. He also needs to read his Bible more closely. He claims that not only is climate change a hoax, but global warming is also a hoax, and that nothing man does can harm the Earth because God promised he wouldn’t destroy the Earth again.

      Except that God promised no such thing. A careful reading of the passages regarding “The Covenant” shows that God promised he would never destroy the Earth again “by flood.” Global warming is another matter.

  6. Dr. Ben Carson was a guest on American Family Radio’s “Today’s Issues” and discussed the events happening in Ferguson. In typical misogynistic fashion, the 2016 GOP hopeful reached as far as he could to tie the women’s liberation movement and the “Me” generation to unarmed teens like Mike Brown being shot and killed.

    And I blame a woman for having given birth to such a dolt as Ben.

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