The Watering Hole, Wednesday, December 3, 2014: Success Strategies

The human brain is a remarkably lazy organ. It is designed to accomplish a task with the least amount of effort possible. It starts out programed with but one success strategy: to cry.

When a baby is hungry, or wet, or poopy, or gassy, the baby cries. Eventually the parents figure out what is bothering the baby; they feed it or change it or burp it, and the baby stops crying. The success strategy worked.

Some people never learn a different success strategy. You know who they are, whether at school, at work, at church or any social gathering. They cry and fuss and throw a tempertantrum until they get what they want.

Most learn a different success strategy: appeasement (aka brown-nosing). Others learn to get what they want by attacking others; bullies fall into this category, as to gossips and back-biters.

When someone’s success strategy no longer works, all hell breaks loose for awhile, as their brain tries time and time again to succeed with what has always worked in the past – then tries all kinds of different strategies until something finally results in the individual getting what he or she wants. A new success strategy is then adopted.

Recognizing people’s success strategies is important, if you want to be able to direct their thinking and actions.

Something to think about. Because, like it or not, each one of us can be controlled, directed and manipulated by someone who knows how this works, unless you know how this game is being played.



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  1. Cliche’s I hate: The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
    Yeah, perhaps at first with some folks but, being a gearhead that doesn’t work in my world.
    It’s self destructing and at that point it’s too late.
    It gets torn down and overhauled.
    Not many squeaky wheels in my world.
    I am not the bluebird of happiness for a lot of people and I am definitely not the happy answer department.
    My favorite from a long time ago: You can pay me now or you can pay me more later.

    Side note. When a receptionist asks “how may I direct your call”?
    Say, I want the happy answer department…
    You’ll have fun, trust me.

    • $6.00/lb…? No way. The butcher would practically give it away.
      (times have changed, I’m old, and seem to be channeling me Mum)

    • I don’t want to be one to split hares with you but, there’s more than one hundred brains missing at The University of Texas.
      Many of them are wearing football jerseys and getting a free pass on grades.

      • He’s like a guy I knew some years ago. Ralph was a Fundamentalist Christian who — even though he LOVED all of God’s creation — also KNEW that God had purposely made all the non-white races intellectually inferior to white folks. Proof? IQ tests, of course.

        Oh, and Jews were clearly one of those darker races even though a lot of them look white — proof that Jews are also very much inferior to real whites.

        I’m afraid there are a LOT of Ralphs out there.

        • Here’s the flaw the Ralphs of the world would never think of when it comes to why non-whites score lower on IQ tests: The IQ tests were written by white people, and based largely on a culture that few non-white people experience. For example, they’ll ask questions concerning tennis clubs that require one to know even some simple things that white people would know (even if they never joined a tennis club themselves) that non-whites would be unlikely to know (or guess.) Things like that, but that’s just one example. The word problems also tend to written in a framework unknown to non-white people. And THAT is the primary reason non-whites score lower on IQ tests written by white people (and, face it, for white people.)

          You know, now that I think about it, white people really suck. 🙂

          • Great point. Of course all IQ tests are slanted to some extent, otherwise they would be far too long for anyone to bother doing.

            • I’ll betcha that if IQ tests were all reflective of, say, Chinese history and culture, that then God obviously has epicanthic eyes and the bible would have first been written in Chinese?? Hmmm.

          • That’s exactly how I responded to Ralph’s off-the-wall premise (seems to me I even used your last line, tempered to say that MOST white people really suck). 😀

            His thesis that Jews are a separate race and therefore inferior was based on the genetic condition Tay-Sachs disease. Since it’s definitely a Jewish affliction and not found in “white” Europeans, that’s proof that God meant Jews to be a separate race. Kinda like how black skin defines Negroes, how slanted eyes define Asians, Red skin defines . . . well, you know. The Lord works in strange ways, but there’s absolutely NO DOUBT that whitey is the superior creation.

        • Or, guns don’t kill, white cops who have this built in terrifying fear of large black men kill first and make up shit to condone it later.

      • Bonus from CNN: former NYPD commissioner just weighed in and said that it didn’t matter that selling loose cigs is a ‘relatively minor crime’, the officer had a duty to make the arrest because a crime was committed.

        In other news, you now have to be arrested for every minor infraction you commit. Cops can’t let you off with a warning. Ever. Teh stoopid, it burns…

    • In a discussion elsewhere it was noted that Staten Island is heavily populated by police and firefighters and that it’s something like 80% White. And I’m reminded of incidents here in Portland years ago when chokeholds had killed several Blah people. After the chokehold was banned some of the cops started sporting t-shirts that said “Smoke ’em, don’t choke ’em.” Cute.

      • I could comment first hand (well actually second hand) about the bigots in the Chicago fire and police department…my son is on the Chicago Fire Department.

        They hate those ni**ers.

  2. Also too, I need to become a cop. I have some people that I need to kill, without consequence.

  3. About that Grand Jury in NY:

    “In an average of Quinnipiac University polls taken in August and November, only 41 percent of Staten Island residents supported bringing charges against Officer Daniel Pantaleo (the margin of error on these combined subsamples is 7 percentage points). In New York overall, 64 percent approved of criminal charges. Staten Island isn’t like the rest of the city.

    Half of Staten Islanders thought it was “understandable that the police could have acted” the way they did in the Garner case, compared to 43 percent who said there was “no excuse.” Again, that’s far lower than in the rest of the city, where 66 percent of residents indicated to pollsters that there was “no excuse.” …

    Staten Island’s adult citizen population — the group from which the grand jury was drawn — is almost 70 percent non-Hispanic white; New York overall is majority non-white.”

  4. Ian McLagan dies

    …McLagan went onto record and perform with the Rolling Stones, playing on the band’s 1978 album “Some Girls,” including the organ solo on the hit single “Miss You.”

    • Detestable!

      Next they’ll be legislating that Obama and family must occupy the ‘servants quarters’…

    • I really, really, really, don’t want to know how many Stanford officials Ms. Carlson had to blow in order to get her degree. On the other hand…

      It takes some smarts to be as convincingly stupid as “Retch”.

    • Well of course, the black folks are always responsible for their own deaths. I’ve been following the story of Tamir Rice, mostly because it breaks my heart that this child dies for behavior I and every one of my friends and children engaged in. Perhaps the child was imagining he was the police chasing a real bad guy, or a soldier, or a hero defending what’s good and right as he played alone with the toy gun. I could not believe that anyone could create a “thug” image from what seemed to be a kid passing time playing in the park. Today it was revealed that the officer who killed him had been dismissed from another police force for essentially having a complete melt down at the gun range, and sure enough, out came the police defenders, the idiots who chalk it up to lack of parental supervision, and the racists who are certain that the twelve year old playing, pretty much as every child of my generation played, was a thug in training acting out his desire to kill. I’m not suicidal, but I simply don’t want to live in this world anymore.

      • I’m not suicidal, but I simply don’t want to live in this world anymore.

        My thought each day another citizen is gunned down by the police sworn to ‘serve and protect’. Being dismissed from a prior police force, then hired by another…
        reminds me of the child molesting priests the church just kept reassigning instead of turning them over to the authorities as pedophiles.

        • People need to clean their own damned house, whether that house is a church or a police station. If they want my respect for their authority or position they need to earn it. The uniform, whether robe and cross, or badge, is not enough.

    • “If he had not had asthma, and a heart condition, and was so obese, he would not have died from this.” ‘Quincy, M.E.’ fan, noxious blowhard, and IRA sympathizer and fundraiser, Rep. Peter King (R-eprehensible)

      • I think there’s sort of an accepted doctrine in law the you take your victim as you find them. If you whack somebody with a club and their bone breaks because they are old and fragile, you can’t really argue that the blow would not have broken the bone of a healthy person. I bet good ol’ Peter the terrorist knows this.

        • It’s the eggshell plaintiff doctrine. It came about when a guy who had a condition that, when his skull was bumped, it cracked like an eggshell.

          Of course, with altercations with the police, that doesn’t matter. We give the police wide latitude to use force, even deadly force, whenever they _________________ (fill in the blank).

    • yeah…it would be totally weird if water were ‘falling’ in the other direction!


  5. @ozchrisrock: In America, if you fraudulently sell cigarettes the cops will literally kill you but if you fraudulently sell mortgages you will get a bonus

  6. I think I’ll stay sitting down, thank you very much. The video has been up since Nov. 16 and has only had 349 views, a few more right now. Yawn.

  7. Do hope it’s Frugal’s internet that is out and not a health issue (I think he’s Thursday’s poster-man)

  8. Pretty ironic, or weird, that Michael Brown’s case — the greatest argument for police body cameras — be immediately followed by Eric Garner’s, its greatest refutation.

  9. It’s that time of year…..The United State of Pop 2014:

    Although my favorite was easily 2012’s:

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