The Watering Hole, Saturday, December 6, 2014: Who’s Condemning Me Now?

Catholic League President and Professional Crybaby Bill Donohue has a diaper load again, and now he’s flinging its contents onto billboards near Hollywood. In his never-ending, never-logically-sound quest to convince the world that American Christians are being persecuted here at home, the self-appointed Defender of the Faith has launched a billboard campaign to bemoan the fact that not everybody thinks Catholics are swell.


He goes on to explain: “No, the Hollywood moguls who disrespect Christians are not the same as radical Muslims who behead us, but both are full of hate. Moreover, both need to be challenged. Christians are fed up with the barbarians abroad and the bigots at home. It’s time all these bullies learned to practice the virtue of tolerance and the meaning of diversity.” What Pope Billy fails to understand is that he’s the one who’s intolerant of us atheists and non-Christians. He’s the one who fails “to practice the virtue of tolerance and the meaning of diversity.” Furthermore, on this issue of “the Muslims who behead us” and the “barbarians abroad,” he is ignoring the fact that the criminals acting under the false cover of religious practice are beheading not just Catholics, but anyone who isn’t Muslim. Christians are not being singled out; Jews are being beheaded, too. To frame this as an attack on Catholicism is to completely misrepresent the reality of the situation. And as for “the bigots at home,” Bill-Do’ is confusing the enforcement of secular laws regarding public displays with denial of a right to practice one’s religion, such as by having public property used to display celebrations of your religious faith only. It’s not just Christian religious displays that can’t be posted on public property (that is, property which belongs just as much to me as it does to you), it’s religious displays of any religion. They are framing this in exactly the reverse of the reality of the situation, yet again. Despite this insistence on denying reality, it’s we atheists and non-Christians who are mentally ill, according to His Own Eminence.

“They believe Freedom is license to do whatever you want. [1] That’s why they’re quote ‘non-judgmental,’ they made a judgment when they made-themselves non-judgmental. [2] They believe in no holds barred. [3] They don’t like the three dreaded words in the English language, that we got from our Jewish friends, ‘Thou. Shalt. Not.'[4] They don’t want to be told anything, [5] which is why they die prematurely, they’re unhappy, that’s why we have a disproportionate number of agnostics and atheists in the asylum [6], all of this is true. [7]”

[1] No we don’t.
[2] The idea of saying you’re being ‘judgmental’ by claiming to be ‘non-judgmental’ is like saying you’re not ‘tolerant’ if you don’t tolerate our intolerance. It’s stupid. And we don’t say we’re ‘non-judgmental.’ It’s you who say we say it.
[3] No we don’t. Quite the opposite, we believe in fairness by banning fraudulent business practices, and other such restrictions. It’s Conservatives (like Donohue) who believe in no holds barred.
[4] Our Jewish friends didn’t say it in English. King James gave us those words.
[5] To quote Justice Alito, “Not true.” To quote Representative Joe Wilson, “That’s a lie!”
[6] Not according to this article.
[7] Not it isn’t.

He then goes on to plug his book which he says proves that religious people are happier. But you know the old saying, “Ignorance is bliss,” so you’d think Bill Donohue would be a much happier man. Instead he’s just a bitter Catholic bigot, distraught that more and more younger people are turning away from religion and refusing to be told to live by its rules. And that’s true freedom.

This is our daily open thread. Feel free to discuss, politely or not, Bill Donohue, his Catholic League, the non-existence of Christian persecution, or anything else you wish to discuss.


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  1. One word for forgetful Donohue: Inquisition .
    BillyBoy, punishing and killing people for not converting to catholicism isn’t exactly welcoming, now is it?

    • “Circuit Judge Randell H. Rowe III sentenced Stoldt to life in prison without parole as required by the charge of first-degree murder. Rowe also sentenced her to 15 years for abusing a dead human body to follow the life sentence and another five years on tampering with physical evidence to follow the body abuse charge.”

      So, after she dies in prison, they’re going to keep her remains locked up, uninterred, for another 20 years?

    • If you look closely at those bundles of newspapers and magazines (more easily visible on the larger website photo), you’ll see that those are multiple copies of the same thing, not someone’s recycled newspapers and magazines. They were stolen off a delivery truck. And fairly recently, by the condition of them. I’m going to guess one of those grandchildren was up to no good, found the car collection, and hastened daddy’s demise to get the money from the sale of the cars, even if it also made his siblings richer (and equally suspect.)

  2. As quoted up top, words courtesy of god’s vocal and vibrant (?) servant Bill Donahue:

    “No, the Hollywood moguls who disrespect Christians are not the same as radical Muslims who behead us, but both are full of hate. Moreover, both need to be challenged. Christians are fed up with the barbarians abroad and the bigots at home. It’s time all these bullies learned to practice the virtue of tolerance and the meaning of diversity.”

    Words from a slightly different era:

    “The greatness of every mighty organization embodying an idea in this world lies in the religious fanaticism and intolerance with which, fanatically convinced of its own right, it intolerantly imposes its will against all others.”

    Hmmh. Adolf Hitler seems to have known Bill Donahue and/or his ilk. Great minds think alike.

    • Bill is one of those people who convince me there is no god. If the God of the buybull heard this crap, and still cared about human events, the ol’ tub of suet would burst into flames.

      • I’d like to think the same thing would have happened to Adolf as well. But nope. He was left to solve his own dilemma with his pistol. And that even after he so devoutly said,

        “The mercy of the Lord slowly returns to us again. And in this hour we sink to our knees and beseech our almighty God that he may bless us, that He may give us the strength to carry on the struggle for the freedom, the future, the honor, and the peace of our people. So help us God.”

        Who’d have ever thunk it.

    • How does he know the Hollywood moguls disrespect Christians? What is it they do. fail to make more movies about saints and such? Why haven’t I noticed this disrespect? Is it because I’m not as vocal and important a Christian as Bill, and therefore these moguls are just too busy to show me their disrespect? I do think the satellite TV providers disrespect me, they promise 100’s of channels and half of them are crap like Brazilian Butt Lift, but that doesn’t seem to be a result of a bigoted view of Christians who don’t, as far as I know, have a greater likelihood of sagging butts than the general population. I really just don’t get it.

      • Frankly, I think that I may well be a better Christian than Donahue, and I make no claims to any god thing at all. But at least I don’t hate and fear everyone who doesn’t think as I do. I respect everyone’s belief — until it tramples on the beliefs of others.

        • It’s really pretty simple. Don’t hurt people on purpose. If you do hurt someone make amends with sincerity. Don’t be a dick.

          That’s about all it takes but precious few modern American Christians seem to manage it.

  3. Well, maybe this will give MSNBC an excuse to fire Chris Hayes, whose ratings suck right now, and replace him with someone else, or shift the lineup. Of course, we don’t yet know if his account was hacked. [Edited to include his previous tweets]

      • I’m guessing MSNBC will get complaints about him saying “fuck” in a tweet.

        I’m guessing MSNBC won’t figure out that those complaints are coming from RWers trying to get an MSNBC host fired.

        I’m guessing MSNBC will look at his dismal ratings and decide this is as good a time as any to make a change.

        And it won’t be because liberals complained, it’ll be because conservatives did. Beck already had a story up about an “offensive” tweet from an MSNBC host. It will be because MSNBC caved to bullies from the right.

        I’m just guessing.

  4. Prior to the SEC Championship game:

    Allie LaForce (CBS Sports) – Coach, Blake Sims has had some drastic swings in his performance throughout the season. What did you tell him today to make sure he plays more consistently?

    Nick Saban – Told him to be Cool Hand Luke. He didn’t know who that was, so I had to explain it to him.

  5. Here’s the more “advanced” hyper-Christian practice:
    The Christian Terrorist Movement No One Wants To Talk About

    According to the Associated Press, police officers who searched McQuilliams’ van found a copy of “Vigilantes of Christendom,” a book connected with the Phineas Priesthood, an American white supremacist movement that claims Christian inspiration and opposes interracial intercourse, racial integration, homosexuality, and abortion. Phineas priests take their name from the biblical figure Phinehas in the book of Numbers, who is described as brutally murdering an Israelite man for having sex with a foreign woman, who he also kills.

    Should work pretty well, I’d think.

    • well I like to grab my willy too… and if I caress it enough…. it surprises me by shooting something out of one end and I yell “Oh fuck!” too….. but its funny… no body ever dies….

  6. Herb Kirkstriet thinks it’s 1.Alabama 2.Oregon 3.&4.Ohio State and Florida State

    Baylor and TCU get screwed.

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