Sunday Roast: There’s nothing new in the world…just better video

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NSFW or delicate ears…it is Richard Pryor, ya know.

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49 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: There’s nothing new in the world…just better video

  1. I really hate when liberal/progressive hosts parrot right-wing framing when it’s somebody they like, even though it contradicts their supposedly core philosophy – “individual freedom, individual responsibility.”

    IOW, don’t say, “I wouldn’t be in prison if you hadn’t told the cops I killed that guy.” You’re in prison because you killed that guy, not because someone turned you in. McCrystal was fired for what he said, not because someone reported that he said it.

      • One of my high school classmates, talking about Watergate, echoed “it’s only wrong if you get caught.”

    • #16 As governor of California, St. Ronnie Raygun totally screwed over the community college system and turned it into a for profit system to shore up reckless spending in other parts of the state government.

      • As president he continued his assault on education and effectively caused the drastic diminution of public education which today is picking up speed, and which is beginning to actually define America’s international decline. Thanks, Ron. I knew from the start that you were dangerous, and boy did you prove it!

    • Yep, I’ve used most of those from time to time and they do work. I haven’t heard from my cousin for at least five years, and that’s a blessing I never thought possible. The best ones are anything anti-Reagan, anti-McCarthy, and my favorite, proving that the Tea Party is a domestic Fascist movement. Oh, the screams of indignation!

      Most Republicans remain, however, too stupid to grasp the fact that their party’s political ‘movement’ is the equivalent of a human sewer, and filled to the brim with expected contents. Why it ‘backed up’ last month is an issue that needs solving FAST!

  2. (let’s see if I did this correctly and it will post)

    Stupendous video. I can only imagine looking out at the night sky to see such splendor…

  3. Tucker Carlson: Ban Satanists Displays; Only ‘Legitimate Religions’ Are ‘Reality’ At Christmas

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson argued over the weekend that a Satanist holiday display should be banned from the Florida state Capitol where a Christian nativity had been erected because they did not practice a “legitimate religion.”

    Last week, the Satanic Temple won the right to place a display of an angel burning in hell alongside other holiday displays in the Florida Capitol building after officials initially rejected it, saying the Satanic message was “grossly offensive during the holiday season.”

    “I’m assuming that there aren’t a ton of Satanists in Tallahassee,” Carlson told Bible Based Church Pastor Darrick McGhee on Saturday. “I’m assuming there really aren’t any at all, and this is purely an attempt to stick a finger in the eye of Christians in Florida.”

    Didn’t anybody ever tell Carlson the old saying about ‘assuming’?

  4. Herb Kirkstriet’s prediction was correct!

    1.Alabama 2.Oregon 3.Florida State 4.Ohio State

    Baylor and TCU did get screwed! It really hurt TCU to play a 2-10 team yesterday, even though they dominated. Not having a conference championship game also hurt the Big 12.

    The Big 12 conference only has ten teams, but they can’t call it the Big Ten, because that name’s already taken. The Big Ten, however, has fourteen teams…

    • The Big 12 conference only has ten teams, but they can’t call it the Big Ten, because that name’s already taken. The Big Ten, however, has fourteen teams…

      Football logic?!

  5. Georgia Town Reacts To Mosque Ban In Kennesaw Shopping Mall

    A Muslim group in Kennesaw, Georgia, a city located 30 miles (50 km) outside of Atlanta, may file a lawsuit after its application to lease a space in a local strip mall to worship was denied Monday night. Local residents and members of a Muslim community outside of Atlanta have since taken to Twitter to react to the controversial news.

    The city council voted 4-1 against the proposal for the group to use a 2,200-square-foot (200 square meter) suite in a shopping center for daily prayers, Friday services and religious gatherings citing a “land use issue” as the reason. That is, the space can be used for “highway general business,” which includes restaurants, pubs and nightclubs, but not places of worship.

    “We think it’s discriminatory, and it violates equal terms,” Doug Dillard, the attorney representing the Suffa Dawat Center, told The Marietta Daily Journal. The vote comes after a similar proposal by a Christian church was approved in July. The church was allowed to rent space in a nearby retail center. According to city spokeswoman Pam Davis, the church’s location had a “completely different zoning” than the proposal put forth by the Islamic group.

    The city council claims this is a zoning issue, and that it should have the right to grant variances on a case-by-case basis, it would appear. Kennesaw is also the city that passed a mandatory gun ownership law in 1982.

  6. Politifact’s Lie Of The Year Poll

    The United States has seen “a net loss of people with health insurance” because of Obamacare. —John Boehner

    Maybe, if you go back to the economy before Bush crashed it in 2008.

        • That is 100% correct. Republicans have publicly stated that if they don’t repeal Obamacare soon, Americans will find that they like it, and then they’ll never be able to repeal it. Yes, those are, pretty much, their exact words, not me paraphrasing them. They know Americans will like it, and they don’t want Obama to have any successes at all, on account of them being childish, petty assholes who can’t accept the fact their views are in the minority.

        • Obamacare isn’t really all that great here in Colorado, a participating state. Insurance rates went up about $80 per month for their “silver” plan with a $1500 deductible. So in order to get the same monthly ($320 for one person) requires a drop down to $5K deductible. The problem remains the same as before the ACA was passed: Private Insurance companies. To solve America’s burgeoning health care dilemma, there’s only one choice: universal single payer. Bankrupt all corporate insurance companies; they’re not worth the powder to blow them up. Pay for Universal with paycheck contribs (as in SS and Medicare); also tax corporate and private wealth to pay for the rest. Get rid of offshoring (Put Mitt Romney in the slammer for ten years to serve as an example) — i.o.w., the thieves are living high on the hog — make the bastards pay for the privilege.

          In a word, SOCIALISM!

  7. In the movie Something To Talk About, Julia Roberts has left Dennis Quaid after catching him out with another woman. Sister Kyra Sedgwick has her own idea about retribution: (If you’ve seen this movie, you’ll remember this. If not, it’ll sell you on getting it and watching it.)

  8. American who helped craft Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ bill to be tried for crimes against humanity

    The First Circuit Court of Appeals has denied Pastor Scott Lively’s petition to have a crimes against humanity lawsuit against him dropped.

    The anti-gay pastor will stand trial in a federal court in Massachusetts for his part in crafting Uganda’s notorious Anti-Homosexuality Act, popularly known as the “Kill the Gays” bill. The bill was largely the product of a workshop held in Uganda by Lively and two other american anti-gay activists, focused on “how to make gay people straight, how gay men often sodomized teenage boys and how ‘the gay movement is an evil institution’ whose goal is ‘to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity.”

    It would really be nice to have court precedent to cite when these genocidal types go public.

  9. Father Of Video Games Ralph H. Baer Has Passed Away

    Ralph H. Baer, inventor of the first home video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey, has passed away at the age of 92.

    Baer did not invent video games, but his impact on the medium is immeasurable. His invention, the Magnavox Odyssey (and its prototype, the Brown Box), brought video games into the home, setting a standard for interactive entertainment on your television. Baer also created the first light gun game called Shooting Gallery, a technology that would be used by video games well into the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox era.

    I wish he could have included subliminal messaging to make kids want to go to school and learn, as well. My older stepson couldn’t graduate high school because of the damn things, and I imagine many more parents have had the same problem.

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