The Watering Hole; Thursday December 11 2014; Good News!


Rep. Michele Bachmann delivers her farewell address

Three Stooges

The Three — Ummmm . . . ? ?

Outgoing Rep. Michele Bachmann, true to form, attributed the United States’ economic rise through history to “the Ten Commandments” in her final speech on the House floor Tuesday night.

The Minnesota Republican cited to the U.S. motto, officially adopted in 1956, of “In God we trust,” and saying it’s “fabulous” that the United States decided to “declare, in full voice, that it is in God that we as a nation put our trust.” […]

“It could be no coincidence that this nation, knowing and enjoying the heights of such great happiness and such great prosperity, that it could be built upon that foundation of the Ten Commandments and by the law given by the God in whom we trust,” she said.

That’s one DC Wingnut down, only two, maybe  three . . . hundred (?) to go!



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      • I wish we could finally scrape bottom and identify, if not remove, the dumbest but each time we reach the bottom of a barrel we find another full barrel underneath it. I’m glad that ol’ Batscat will no longer officially represent any portion of my home state but her successor, Tom Emmer, will challenge the other two stooges for dumbest and craziest critter (No relation!) in Congress.

        • The Minnesota I grew up in — 1942-1960 — was NOT Bachmannesque in any way. Hubert Humphrey, Orville Freeman, Eugene McCarthy, Walter Mondale, and even the GOP side of the coin were NOT stupid by any measure, were NOT haters afraid of their own shadows, and though they may well have been Christians they most surely did NOT — ever — try to assign their individual beliefs to anyone else. They did, in fact, actually give a damn without any obvious prejudice one way or the other.

          AFAIK, even Minnesota’s St. Cloud “belly” approached normalcy back then (even including Lake Wobegon, itself a little weird, but Minnesota all the way).

          What happened? I know Michele comes from Iowa, but . . . hmmm. So does Steve King, so does Joni Ernst . . .

          I give up.

          • My personal theory is that our dear state, especially the rural areas, has simply been left behind by a world that changes too fast for comfort. While the Twin Cities remain as a fairly liberal bastion the smaller cities out state have grown around farms and churches so that even though the population is more urban the mindset is still very much rural and primitive. Even 20 years ago I never thought that fundies would make such huge inroads but, in hindsight, it does make a certain amount of sense.

            BTW. I still think ol’ Batscat is more crazy than stupid!

        • There is an axiom used in Mathematics that states that in any finite set of numbers, there will be one number that is less than or equal to all the others. So, take the IQs of each Member of Congress. In that set of 535 numbers, there will be a lowest one (or ties for lowest.) If you remove the lowest, then the remaining set of 534 numbers will have a lowest. And so on. With time, you’ll get to the point where the lowest number is in the three-digit range.

      • “I was thinking dumb, dumb and dumber.”

        I was thinking dumber, dumberer and dumberester.

    • Peter King (R-IRA) ….

      “”Only In America can a renowned and devoted terrorism supporter like Peter King be the arbiter of national security and treason.”

      – Glenn Greenwald

      • Either King is a bald faced liar or he didn’t read a bit of the torture report:

        “I don’t believe these are torture at all. For instance, waterboarding, there were medical personnel present during the whole time. It creates tremendous discomfort – there’s no doubt about it. It creates tremendous fear, but the fact is there was no lasting damage to these people and we got information from them, which is very helpful. … We’re not talking about anyone being burned or stabbed or cut or anything like that. We’re talking about people being made to stand in awkward positions, have water put into their nose and into their mouth. Nobody suffered any lasting injuries from this.” – King.

        • ““You give me a water board, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I’ll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders.”

          – Jesse Ventura

  1. Dearest Batscat Bachmann.
    Please, dear, do not allow the House door to hit your bony ass on your way out.
    Now SHOO! Go away. Crawl under a large rock in Minnesota and do not stain our nation with your psychobabble again.
    Yours, truly (happy to see you go)

  2. Yes, well we knew this, didn’t we
    Bush knew about CIA torture, says Cheney

    President George W Bush was fully aware and an “integral part” of the CIA’s torture of terror suspects, his vice-president Dick Cheney said Wednesday.

    Hello? Den Hague? There’s no statute of limitations on crimes against humanity, is there?
    Ok, thank you very much….

    • Er Torture Treaty signed by St Ronald Raygun in 1984… with presumably Pappy Bush standing right behind him….. well Pappy…. I’d rather see him comment on Junior wiping his arse on that treaty….

      And agreed, shouldn’t we be letting the Hague decide what is and is not torture? Come on W, you could in Holland in time for Christmas…. I hear it’s nice.

  3. Kentucky: No Tax Breaks for Noah’s Ark Project

    Kentucky has withdrawn its offer of tax breaks for a religious-themed park that would feature a 500-foot-long wooden ark.

    Tourism Secretary Bob Stewart says the planned project had evolved from a tourism attraction into an outreach for the Christian ministry that is building it. Stewart wrote in a letter Wednesday to the group’s lawyer that “state tourism tax incentives cannot be used to fund religious indoctrination.”

    He said the group was no longer honoring its pledge to not discriminate in hiring for the ark park.

    The long-planned Ark Encounter attraction is being built by a nonprofit subsidiary of Answers in Genesis, the Kentucky-based Christian ministry that operates the popular and controversial Creation Museum.

    I’d rather the Creation Park continue to discriminate in its hiring, so the state never gives them any free money.

    • Constitutional America is on the verge of checkmate. The monied interests are within a few short steps of the final takeover, the coup d’etat that’s been underway for fifty-plus years. The voices of “We the people” have been replaced by the dollar sign, as has everything else of any (intrinsic) value at all. Nothing — NOTHING!! — counts other than monetary wealth and the power it can purchase.

      Elizabeth Warren is clearly a major irritation — threat? — to “them.” Look for Wall Street, corporate interests, Big Money, and Republicans in general to come down on her in ways that many have not yet imagined possible. The process is just beginning, the pendulum now poised, countdown underway. 10-9-8-7-6 . . .

  4. Morals versus Money…and we know what wins out most of the time…

    According to the Senate report released Tuesday, Poland threatened in 2003 to bar the CIA from transferring al Qaeda suspects — including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was reportedly waterboarded 183 times — to the secret jail but became more “flexible” after the CIA gave Warsaw a large sum of money.

    • It certainly is, but the arresting officers will need their military grade gas masks to survive the stenchification.

  5. …Russia, which has always bristled at what it sees as Washington’s incessant attempts to lecture Moscow on human rights, seized on the latest opportunity to say the Kremlin’s former Cold War foe and its allies were no models of democracy.

  6. QOTD:

    “Running for the presidency’s not an IQ test,” Gov. Rick Perry

    Insert your own joke.

    • I would like the president to able to count down from Def con 5 to Def Con 1 without getting stuck though, eh Ricky?

    • I’m way ahead of him. I figured that out way back in 2012. Lessee: Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Sick Rantorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney . . . was Ron Paul there? It’s hard to remember all of dumb, much less dumber too.

      I figure that in any given year, the Republican candidate IQ approaches 100. That’s as a sum, btw, not each candidate’s pinnacle.

    • No, it’s more like a ‘how can I raise a billion dollars to smear shit all over my opponents whilst dodging anything that I may be held accountable for promising whilst I was making heartfelt campaign speeches.

  7. Far out — according to a notification from WordPress, this is my 200th post on The Zoo. I’d like to take this moment to thank the GOP for their amazing and continuous onslaught of stupidity via their amazing and unrelenting bevy of stupid shits for their unwitting (half-witted ?) and never-ending contributions!

    • Hmm, perhaps if we tip that canoe and allow him to be underwater for ‘bit of a scare’, Mitchell may then understand how his words and actions are despicable.

    • The comments at the CNN piece are predictably horrible. Most of them are furious about the walkout (ohmigod, they’re leaving two hours early!) and want all these blah people fired. Apparently, it is a know fact that they’re overpaid and under worked anyway.

  8. QOTD II:

    “Warning that it would be reckless to release the full findings to the general public, critics in Washington condemned the Senate’s 480-page report detailing the CIA’s interrogation tactics Tuesday, saying it puts the country at considerable risk of transparency,” – The Onion, on Tuesday.

    “I think there’s more than enough transparency that has happened over the last couple days,” – CIA Director John Brennan, today.

  9. “Merry Christmas” – John Boner after he stuffs a massive Christmas gift into BofA, Chase, Citigroup’s stocking….. the cold corpse of the #doddfrank bank reforms…. weak as they were.

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