The Watering Hole; Friday December 12 2014; Action Request


The following is a recent communication courtesy of the Center For Biological Diversity, a request mirrored by (among others) Defenders of Wildlife and the Wilderness Society. It’s a simple request for action, an effort to STOP in its tracks the latest irrational attempt to eradicate wolf populations in Idaho’s back country. Note that the BLM has already acted appropriately, and that now the wolf-kill enterprise has shifted its focus “to national forest lands (along with private and state) instead of BLM” with intent still the same: the irrational eradication of all timber wolf populations therein and thereupon.

In November, following an onslaught of letters and a lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity and allies, the Bureau of Land Management cancelled its permit to a hunting group trying to hold a wildlife-killing contest on Idaho’s public lands.

The hunt was neither in the public interest nor consistent with the agency’s mission. But now the misnamed “Idaho for Wildlife” is trying to peddle its wolf-hating elsewhere — switching its family-friendly carnagefest to national forest lands (along with private and state) instead of BLM.

According to the group, up to 500 participants — including kids as young as 10 years old — will compete to kill as many wolves, coyotes and other animals as they can.

The competition will take place in January — unless we demand a stop to it now.

The Forest Service has effectively escaped any public review of the competition by not requiring a permit for this event. But the public must have a say in how our lands are used and managed, and an event of this magnitude must be preceded by an environmental review.

Act now to demand that the Forest Service bring a stop to this barbaric hunt on our public lands or, at the very least, conduct a review in the clear light of day.

Click here to take action and get more information.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome years ago, Alaska resident and outdoor enthusiast Jill Missal wrote the following (my underline):

“The precise origins of man’s unusual fear of the wolf are obscure. The wolf is human’s most feared animal, even though there has never been a verified account of a healthy wild wolf attacking and killing a human in North America. There have been many maulings caused by bears, and many a diver has experienced a shark attack, but never a wild wolf attack. So why are wolves so feared and hated?

Why indeed. Actually, Canadian environmentalist and author Farley Mowat answered her question in his 1963 masterpiece Never Cry Wolf where he wrote a most able summary of today’s wolf-hating idiots:

“We have doomed the wolf not for what it is but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be: the mythologized epitome of a savage, ruthless killer — which is, in reality, no more than the reflected image of ourself.”

There is no reason — other than the irrational attitudes of the unenlightened and poorly educated masses — for ANY state or federal governmental agency to allow the wanton slaughter of recently reintroduced (endangered) species which are of NO RISK to any human anywhere. Irrational hatred and fear have become a defining hallmark of a substantial portion of Americans these days, but is that fair reason to allow wanton slaughter?


I hope all who read this will access the petition linked above and sign it. With luck, someone with authority to act will listen. And then ACT. Appropriately.



61 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday December 12 2014; Action Request

    • No argument with that. I just have to wonder what it is that demands such manifest human failure? Can’t be intelligence — that might be the domain of a whole lot of animals, but humans? Not so much. Maybe Mark Twain nailed it when he said man was descended “from the higher animals.”

    • There was this series called “After humans” I think on Discovery. It was a thought experiment of what happened if every human on the planet just disappeared overnight (rapture? super duper ebola? – didn’t matter)…. and it was the science of what happened in the next years out a few generations…….

      ….. nature does Ok, when you take your foot off my neck homo sapiens

  1. So…. Fru…. nice stuff on the wolves, I support and sign…. the casual and callous barbarism of some humans. Somedays I wish for Gaia to come and redress the balance: humans somedays seem like a bad case of jock itch or worse on the face of the planet.

    BUT – hey what’s with projecting on the sharks man? 😉 If anything, the irrational and wholesale fear and loathing of the shark has translated into an even more mindless slaughter of one of ‘creation’s’ (cough) most successful creatures. Sharks kill tiny numbers of humans usually by mistake, and in return millions are slaughtered for sport, for their fins and some maybe to eat, but I’ve never seen any.

    • I assume you refer to Jill Missal’s shark reference? Her sole point is that there have occasionally been documented shark attacks on humans, but never a documented wolf attack, thus her rhetorical question “why are wolves so feared and hated?“

      I was living in Arizona when the Mexican Gray was reintroduced, and for years after that event I was absolutely appalled at the mythology that erupted all over the place, the myth that wolves were DANGEROUS and were a threat to humans throughout the area — all total bullshit. The reality is precisely opposite: HUMANS are the threat — the greatest threat — both to other humans and to wolves, not to mention virtually every other living species on the planet. And yet wolves everywhere they happen to be are targeted by humans for death, and for no discernibly good reason whatsoever. That reality MUST be stopped.

      And for the record, I’m equally opposed to wanton killing of any wild critter, sharks included. Years ago, a market in Phoenix had shark steaks on sale. I tried one, and on the first bite could no longer imagine a single reason to ever kill a shark. The reality in life is that food chains do exist, and that I can accept. But I’ll never feed the market for shark meat any more than I’ll feed the market for skunk meat, or bear meat, or wolf meat, or even for cowboy/rancher meat. Yuk.

      • I was wondering as I wrote that if shark meat was eaten anywhere and couldn’t think of any, bar the barbaric Chinese and their shark fin soup. The Missal quote seems to exonerate the wolf (which is totally fine and accurate as far as I know) but by suggesting other more worthy targets of human sociopathology…..


        • Yes, I see your point. I suppose she could have used most any human predator. As her examples she chose bears and sharks, and both are frequent victims of human stupidity. She maybe should have used Republicans instead — they’re far more dangerous than virtually any other human predator out there!

        • I’ve eaten shark. Prepared properly it’s very good, with a texture much like sturgeon.

          For a great bear-mauling story check out Don Berry’s history of the Rocky Mountain fur trade, A Majority of Scoundrels. There’s a fantastical story of Hugh Glass, who was left for dead by his partners (including Jim Bridger) and, horribly wounded, crawled 200 miles to the nearest fort. Here’s a quote from Wiki, but Berry’s storytelling is well worth seeking out.

          Despite his injuries, Glass regained consciousness. He did so only to find himself abandoned, without weapons or equipment, suffering from a broken leg, the cuts on his back exposing bare ribs, and all his wounds festering. Glass lay mutilated and alone, more than 200 miles (320 km) from the nearest American settlement at Fort Kiowa on the Missouri.

          In one of the more remarkable treks known to history, Glass set his own leg, wrapped himself in the bear hide his companions had placed over him as a shroud, and began crawling. To prevent gangrene, Glass laid his wounded back on a rotting log and let the maggots eat the dead flesh.

  2. Santa Fe New Mexican


    Mexican gray wolf found dead in Arizona
    PHOENIX — Wildlife officials are investigating the death of a Mexican gray wolf in Arizona.
    The Arizona Game and Fish Department announced Thursday that the animal was found dead last month in eastern Arizona.
    The wolf was a member of the Rim Pack and Maverick Pack, but the agency did not provide any other details.
    Game and Fish officials say the case is under investigation.
    Efforts to reintroduce the predators to parts of New Mexico and Arizona have been hampered over the years by illegal shootings, among other things.
    The endangered wolves currently roam about 7 million acres of federal, tribal and private land in far eastern Arizona and Western New Mexico.

    • I personally know at least one Arizona born and bred asshole that’s overjoyed with the news. Only thing that’d make him happier would be if it was himself that killed the wolf.

      He was a Republican, btw. I wonder if that means anyth . . . hmmm.

  3. The privileged and moneyed media, interests aligned with the 1% as their prelates, fools and jesters…. creating a view of the world where you need to be afraid of something, think that they and their masters are looking out for you ‘trickling down’ a crumb every now and again and telling you that its those on the barricades, those in the streets that are the enemy.

    And here’s what they do to the Martin Luthers, the Mandelas, the Ghandis, the Susan B Anthonys, Wat Tylers, …. sneer and smear and tell you that the people who are on your side are in fact loonies, crooks or revolutionaries…. shut up, listen to us, its not important….. hey what about those Kardashians, emails about how talentless Angelina Jolie is, Miley Cyrus gave someone a beej on stage….shocking…… “America is AWESOME…. they don’t want you to think America is AWESOME!”

    Today is one of those “citizenship? really, here? why?” days

  4. I heartily endorse a wolf hunt on public and private lands, with one caveat.
    All wildlife must be removed prior to said hunt, and all hunters must be dressed in faux-wolf skin camo.
    Like an invitation to a Dawin award party.

    • The virtue in that would be that the idiot death rate would accelerate, and that would be good. The only problem is that at least one idiot would survive — the last hunter standing — and might reproduce, therefore jump-starting a future problem.

      I think I’d rather simply allow all hunters to hunt with the sole proviso that to keep it even, they can only use the the tools they were born with. No guns, no shoes, no clothes, no compass, no maps, no matches, no nothing allowed. Then we’ll see who wins.

  5. This just in:

    Several imperiled species will not get desperately needed and scientifically warranted legal protection when the current federal Omnibus spending bill is signed into law.

    Knuckling under to ranching and oil industry lobbyists, Congress has inserted a measure that would bar the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from taking any action to protect imperiled greater sage-grouse. Habitat loss and degradation has driven many of these birds to the brink of extinction.

    Blocking conservation action for the sage-grouse could also set a treacherous precedent for the dozens of wildlife species that share the sage-grouse’s Western habitat. Many of these species are also awaiting critical listing decisions.

    Tell Congress and President Obama that science – and not high pressure politics – should guide Endangered Species Act decisions.

    • It’s always the money at the root of everything that’s rotten. I propose a constitutional amendment that disallows ALL private political contribution, one that specifies that anyone can contribute any amount they care to, but know that every cent goes into a single account, a public elections financing account that is used to pay for election publicity, not a penny of which ever goes to a particular candidate or to any political party. And any amount not spent in a given election is transferred to the universal health care fund.

    • “Welcome to The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, friend!

      What’s it going to take to get you into this Representative Republic today, my friend!”

  6. Q: Why doesn’t the Senate simply remove the offensive portions of the spending bill, then send it back to the House with the message that any more shenanigans on their part and they’ll be made to look even more stupid than they are? (not an easy task with Boner, I know)

  7. Its been one week since I fell on the stairs! I retired early last Friday night and awoke at 4 AM. I put on insulated pants and shirt over my underwear, another pull over shirt, sweat pants and shirt, and a flannel coat before I opened the door to descend the stairs into the cold. I saw the cat, asleep, on the 3rd step from the bottom, and upon reaching the 4th step I turned sideways to step over Smokey, to the 2nd step. I missed Smokey – no problem, but I also missed the 2nd step – big problem! I was prepared for a side step between 11″ and 22″ and a drop of 16″, but I somehow managed a sidestep of more than 22″ which resulted in a drop of 24″. The physics involved boil down to a lopsided movement of a mass than was overcome by gravity that led to an unplanned event.

    An accident is officially described as an unplanned, unforeseen event that results in injury to person or property. In this event, the moment I saw the cat on the stairs I thought about the situation and whether I would disturb him or step over him. In addition, I have suffered no injury; no broken bones, no physical bruises and no signs of internal injury. So this event was not an accident, just a stupid move on my part! 🙂

      • No Ebb, I believe the clothes helped pad the fall, but the weight of my fat head perched upon my shoulders certainly added to the problem!

        Reviewing the event in my mind I concluded that because I was facing 90 degrees from the direction of the fall somehow the momentum of falling had my body twisting, which, in combination with the reflexive drawing of my hands up to my chest resulted in a glancing blow to my left shoulder while my hands and arms acted as a shock absorber as I rolled half a turn ending up facing the floor. I’m sure the results would have been quite different had I begun falling straight ahead!

  8. Funny you should mention that, pachy. I’ll give the abridged version because I’m only half coherent. Would this be considered “an accident”?

    On Wednesday I went in for an endoscope. By about 10:00 last night I was throwing up copious amounts of blood so i called an ambulance. Well, remember the cop who wanted to arrest me for having a spoon? He showed up along with the ambulance and had the unmitigated gall to tell me to “get off the drugs and get right with Jesus” and then I wouldn’t get sick. For the record; I can’t afford drugs and the incompetent boob who performed the endoscope tore a hole in my esophagus and that’s what caused the bleeding. Long story short…

    I quietly asked the EMTs to tell the “fundy pig-fucker” to get out of my face and get in his car or he might need a trip to the ER worse than me. The EMTs were amused but the fundy pig-fucker was not. Once again one of his fellow officers recognized the problem and saved me from arrest though they did throw me in the psych-ward waiting area for about an hour, puking blood the whole time, before they determined that I wasn’t a danger to myself or others; including fundy pig-fuckers.

    The end result is that the only sleep I’ve had was when they knocked me out for another endoscope to staple the hole ripped during the first endoscope, I can’t talk, and now I’m so exhausted that I can’t fall asleep. I’m not in any condition to make important decisions but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have to sue some people over this ordeal.

    • Thanks for the well wishes. I’ll live but I won’t enjoy it much for a while. I forgot to mention the funny cat part though laughing is temporarily out of the question. Banzai, like his predecessor, apparently knows when I’m sick. He has spent most of the afternoon either clinging to my shoulder and purring his brains out or trying to climb inside my sweater. He’s a great comfort.

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