The Watering Hole, Friday December 12, 2014 -Music Night

“Hands up, don’t shoot”                                                   “I can’t breathe”

It does not require many words to speak the truth.

– Chief Joseph
, Nez Perce (1840-1904)

49 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday December 12, 2014 -Music Night

    • its sending me back here this one….. when I first lobbed on these shores (well Cincinnati airport to be exact) …. I picked up Fort Wayne radio, 98.9 the Bear…. and American classic rock became my new world….

      John C Mellenkamp, Bob Seger, CCR, Steve Miller, Tom Petty….. all came into my consciousness….. good times…. good station.

  1. Going to play the CCR now….

    I had an idea for a theme and going to put it up for here so our Music Maestros, Gummitch and Nonewhere can carefully consider it ….

    It is this….. what songs do *you* sing in the shower? Or belt out without fear of being heard while at the stop light in the car?

    This came to me in the queue to buy a pint at the ‘Hop and Hound’ because this came on and I just started right on in…… eventually I drew the attention of the owner and the queue…..:-o

    This one is dedicated to Michele Batshit Bachmann – there’s only half of her there, she’s living on a prayer and she gave all kinds of things a bad name.

  2. Somehow my research on Henry Flagler’s railroad got me to London where I was sidetracked watching You Tube videos of British films and TV shows about their rail services. The following video was broadcast in March 2013. In it a young woman from the USA is working for a railroad that is transporting fans home to Liverpool after a football match that they won. Four hours after the game ended drunken fans arriving for the last train are confronted by police and security who confiscate all their alcohol. Just past the 11 minute mark the American woman makes a comment about the London police you might find interesting:

  3. This song came on the radio one night at work in 2007. I remarked how pretty a waltz this was. The 27 year old kid working next to me didn’t know what I was talking about. He’d never heard of a waltz, and didn’t even know how to identify the tempo of one. I learned this in elementary school during music periods. Kids today have got to have more than ‘Is our kids learning?’ taught to them.

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