The Watering Hole, Saturday, December 13, 2014: Lazy Day

I just got back from the dentist and boy, are my arms tired! But seriously, Jokes. It’s just one of those lazy days for me, my seventh this week. So, rather than go into one of my patented long, rambling rants about how silly the whole idea of a Supreme Being having created, from nothing, every thing in the universe, I’ll just tell you that Ken Ham is very upset that he won’t get $18 million in tax breaks for his Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky, and might even sue over it as a violation of his religious freedom, which he says includes the right to discriminate based on religion in his hiring practices, and the right to proselytize in the theme park. He’ll lose. And you certainly don’t want to hear me curse and swear about the Religious Conservatives who live in denial of the fact that our government is a Constitutionally secular government, no matter how much Rick Santorum and his ilk want to think otherwise. Fucking assholes. Sorry. And stop me before the Atheist in me Pontificates to Bryan Fischer about how one can’t call oneself both a Christian and a Conservative if one claims that it’s our nation’s Christianity that allows us to show any mercy at all when we torture terrorists, and that the only people not responsible for their own actions are the ones who carry out the torture (Bush’s Illegal Advisers’ opinions aside) on suspected (not proven, just suspected) terrorists because the blame for that falls on dead terrorists. I’d start spitting.

No, instead I’ll just relax, take it easy, watch something humorous on the TV machine, like the NY Jets trying to win a game, and try not to think about the horrifying number of innocent people getting murdered with impunity by police officers, all because we accept the ridiculous idea that you can imagine yourself in danger (even though you are not) and kill anybody you see and be completely immune from arrest. Too stressful. And I’ve got a kitten who wants to play.

Peace on Earth.

This is our daily open thread. Relax.

60 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, December 13, 2014: Lazy Day

  1. Saturday nutpick-a-palooza: Palin said some shit

    Q: Do you think John Boehner should be re-elected Speaker of the House given his actions over the pass few days?

    A: Constitutional conservatives who understand government’s balance of power and the grave danger in Obama’s lawlessness, and those of us who want smart and principled leadership, should be perplexed and disappointed if stale leadership is re-elected, considering that the midterm election was all about “the status quo has got to go.”

    One of many comments from folks who obviously are well-read and studied:

    GEORGE SOROS IS THE PUPPETMASTER TO OBAMA THE PUPPET. HE SAID HE WOULD MAKE THIS NATION SOCIALIST AND BY GOLLY HE IS!!!!! We need help in finding out how to rally together to stop this from happening to our children and grandchildren RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven’t made it all the way to the end yet. Need a drink first.

      • I sometimes think that ignorance and failure of education is behind it, but whatever is the driving force, the ultimate consequence will be, in effect, national destruction, possibly even national collapse.

        Damn George Soros.

        • Psychological issues play a greater roll than education. In fact, the more “educated” these people become, the more clever they are at justifying their stupidity. (I scare quote “educated” because I draw a distinction between education and schooling. So my preferred way of saying the forgoing would be, “The more schooling these people receive, the more impenetrable to real education they become.”

          • I know you’re right, but have always remained perplexed as to how education can so often serve only to slam mental doors when the reverse should be the reality. I’m pretty sure I’ll never grasp the precise means that allow or demand the closed mind reality, even though I see it every day.

            Welcome back, btw. Haven’t seen you here for quite a spell, glad you remembered your password! (or whatever) 😉

            • Well, that’s because what these people have is not education but schooling. Clever tricks are not the same thing as thought. Some of the best educated people I know never formally finished High School, and some of the stupidest bigots I’ve ever met have Ph.D.’s The first got to where they are by learning, the second by filling out forms and jumping through hoops. Schooling and education are not mutually exclusive, but neither are they mutually necessary.

            • Yes, I see your point. I’ve seen ‘that’ side all too often and always wonder ‘WTF . . .’? I do seriously believe, too, that the main accomplishment of Dubya’s “NCLB” has been that the number of children ‘left behind’ has increased by close to an order of magnitude already. Middle-school kids are now taught how to read a McDonald’s menu and/or how to connect a TV to the cable — and virtually all literature/poetry is left on the shelf. The consequence is obvious.

  2. (From FeederWatch.

    Don’t slip! Grace Donald of Orillia, Ontario, captured this adorable moment of a Black-capped Chickadee “hanging in there.” Grace writes: “This chickadee was trying to bite the tip of the icicle off and hung on with one leg.”


  3. Speaking of funny school things, I uploaded a photo to my gravatar of a letter my wife got from one of her former students. She teaches first grade. I got a good laugh from one particular sentence.

  4. Apparently when I paid $2.59 for a gallon of gas today, I threatened the stability of countries around the world.

    “Drill baby, drill” proponents unavailable, or indifferent, for comment.

    • Amazing how cheap gasoline is when all the speculators have been driven out of the market, isn’t it?

      Now, how do we do that to food?

      • Simple. First. Mandate that all commodity purchases be cash on demand instead of buying on margin. Then. Require 24 hours between a purchase and a sale of said commodities. Those two things would eliminate the vast majority of the players.

    • I think the reason they think dropping gas prices threatens stability is because when the price of gas is high, it’s profitable to get oil from thinks like tar sands. or the heavy crude in Venezuela. This, more than anything else, could kill the KXL Pipeline.

      • If the current “low” price per barrel holds for extended time, tar sand oil loses its economic viability — I saw that on the news somewhere, can’t remember. Whatever it takes to stop that whole mess, including KXL and rail transport and polluted Canadian rivers and environmental / arboreal forest destruction, I vote YES.

        • I keep saying it. It’s just plain stupid to keep using petroleum as fuel. Living without gasoline is easy to achieve but trying to live without the thousands of other products that can be made out of petroleum will end civilization as we know it. For example…

          I bet I went through 25 pounds of plastics during my recent hospitalization and that doesn’t count the cleaning products that the cop, aka “fundy pig-fucker”, had to use to wash the bloody vomit out of his back seat.

          • I keep thinking that ending civilization as we know it will be a good thing. Only task is to find a suitable alternative that is not invasive to the biosphere. I’m not sure what that might involve, but fossil fuels will be things NOT involved. Simple problem to solve, I’m sure. The only problem is that the current setup is driven by money. All we gotta do is get rid of it. No problem for me . . . I did that several years ago. 🙂

  5. Woo-hoo!

    I’m eating solid food and discovered that much of my discomfort was due to withdrawal from caffeine. I’m feeling about 85%; up from less than 50 this morning.

    • Given the way that the sports’ world has been making excuses for athletes with less than stellar moral standing; I’m just glad that they didn’t award it to Jameis Winston.

        • Well? I suppose that’s preferable to being in prison. It will be interesting to see their respective draft positions. Has the NFL taken enough PR hits recently to make character an overriding issue? I know that I should be celebrating Mariota’s historical performance and dominance in the voting but the fact that Winston ever made the ballot, much less winning it last year when there were already too many warning signs to enumerate, just really boils my britches.

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