Sunday Roast: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Santana covers a gorgeous song written by George Harrison.

This is our daily open thread — Play some music for me, Zoosters.

31 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    • Reminds me of a cartoon I ran across somewhere around four decades ago. There was a saucer with a little three-eyed guy in it looking down on a distant earth. Emanating from the earth were clouds of smoke, a mushroom cloud, and some disparate musical notes. The caption was the voice of the little alien communicating with his home planet superiors.

      “I have closely observed planet earth, and though there is obviously a lot of activity down there, there is no sign of intelligent life.”

      Clearly, not much has changed.

  1. It’s nice that there are a few constants in the world. For example. The Sunday after the release of a report describing the sheer depravity and viciousness of the torture practiced by this country; the “librul media”, predictably, has handed over their Sunday Morning shows to the people who ordered that torture so that they can whitewash their roles.

  2. Using data from the National Weather Service, they estimate that in the last 10 days, California has gotten rain in the amount of 10 trillion gallons.

    And yet that’s considered a small amount to combat our severe drought.

    • I do not doubt that number. The feeling was no matter how much rain we received the talk would still go to drought!
      It’s snowing in the mountains so that should help.

        • USGS estimates vast amounts of water used in California

          How much water does California use each year?

          It’s a complicated question, but the U.S. Geological Survey now has an answer for 2010: 42 million acre-feet per year, or about 38 billion gallons per day.

          That includes water pumped from wells plus all of the water taken from sources such as rivers, canals and reservoirs…

          • If I did the math right (and that’s a big IF), ten trillion gallons is around 28 million acre feet, based on 8 gal per cu. ft and 43560 cu ft in an acre foot. If that’s right, then the rainfall would amount to a bit over half a year’s worth, assuming it was all useable, and it’s surely not. Still, it’s better than nothing at all, and a lot of the snow melt will probably end up in reservoirs.

            • Hmm. Memory fades. There are 7.58 gal. per cu. ft., not 8. So that means 325830 gallons per acre foot, or 30.69 million acre ft in ten trillion gallons. If I did the math right, of course. 😉

  3. Johnny Manziel’s first NFL start isn’t going well. To be fair, it looks like the play selection isn’t giving him much chance to utilize his ‘intangibles’. It’s as if the coordinator is only calling plays that get the ball out of Manziel’s hands as quickly as possible.

  4. This, my friends, is a study in pure evil. I’m not one to run with conspiracy theories but I am forced to conclude that there are dark and shadowy forces at work. If all is as it seems? This man, his boss, and several of their underlings would have been hanged and Nancy Pelosi would have been our first female president.

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