Music Night, December 19, 2014

I was a huge fan of The Blues Project in the late 60s although I didn’t get to see them live until their reunion tour in the early 80s. For the most part they hadn’t lost their chops or their voices by then so it was pretty satisfying. This is an excellent video from their performance at Monterey Pop in 1967 displaying their improvisational skills.



44 thoughts on “Music Night, December 19, 2014

  1. Achtung! Hier ist Deutchland!

    Midnight in Frankfurt I can play a few. Hoping to catch some German bands maybe tomorrow in the clubs on the south of the river Main. Hitting the Christmas Market in Romen platz tomorrow…

    I rolled through Mannheim this evening, travel from Luxembourg was slow and hampered by heavy, heavy rain in the dark…. then the TGV from Saarbrucken to Frankfurt, passing through Mannheim. Too dark and rainy to see the famous Steamroller:

      • Frankfurt is for fun…. never seen the Christmas Markets famous in this part of world. Luxembourg’s was fun, if maybe small. Sitting in hotel room with apfelwein

  2. And you know I am playing this one….. especially since I was there in row 2, on right of stage (performer’s left).

    “Do you spare a thought for Jesus, who had nothing but his thoughts,
    Who got busted just for talking, and befriending the wrong sorts,
    When Winter comes howling in”

  3. Paul McCartney had a good one…. back in the time when bands competed for the Christmas #1 in the charts…..

  4. And…. as they say in these parts here…… “For you Tommy, ze Var ist over!” ….. Good night all, froeliche Wienachten!!!

  5. Darlene Love Sings ‘Christmas’ on Letterman For The Last Time Tonight

    Tonight marks the end of an era: legendary singer Darlene Love will perform “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” for the last time on The Late Show With David Letterman, closing the chapter on a nearly 30-year annual tradition.


    Although she has vowed not to sing it for any other talk show host, Love, who originally recorded the song for psycho-producer Phil Spector’s 1963 album “A Christmas Gift for You,” acknowledged that the performance will be bittersweet: “It’s going to be a weepy moment, for me anyway.”

  6. Damn I love forensic science (actually All science). At the moment, on line, watching:
    “Secrets of the Dead Uncovers Clues to the Site of the Most Elusive of the Ancient Wonders of the World”

    The intriguing theme to the series:

  7. C&L poster played this song by a different group – and it brought to mind the one rendition by Nina

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