Sunday Roast: The Snowman

My annual post of The Snowman, for your viewing pleasure.  Or mine…whatever.

This is our daily open thread — Happy Holidays!


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    • Makes me mad as hell to see stuff like that, one useful and intelligent critter killed by a couple of stupid and worthless bums.

      I’m thinking of an amendment to the second amendment, one that removes all restriction of any kind on gun ownership, but which mandates one extremely simple rule: from this point forward, each and every gun owned and used in any capacity has to be PINK from top to bottom, end to end, and all holsters, cases, cartridges, and bullet too have to be PINK along with each and all vests, caps, shoes, and camo duds. PINK1

      As long as gun owners are going to act like jerks they might as well stand out and not be allowed to blend in. Plus it’d give cougars and other critters — myself included — something well worth laughing at.

      • She’s not really a cougar, you know. Oh wait.

        “Judd is known to attend University of Kentucky basketball games regularly (frequently sitting in the student section), and has also attended several Kentucky football games.” (Wikileaks)

        Never mind.;)

        • I have seen one mountain lion in my life when I lived in Arizona.
          It was more concerned with going in the opposite direction of me than I was in pursuing it.
          It was a cool experience because most people can go their whole life and never see something like that.
          The smug expressions on the wildlife “officers” faces is more than a little disturbing.

          • I lived in AZ for more than forty years and have been in Colorado 8 yrs. Never once saw a Cougar in the wild, only lots and lots of recent/fresh cougar paw prints in the dirt or mud. Never was even remotely threatened by ANY critter ‘out there” except for armed human idiots, most of whom — if brains were shit — couldn’t fertilize a fly’s garden. This planet might have several billion dumbasses on it, but believe it, each and every one of them is H. Sapiens.

            See pic above: two dumbasses, one dead cougar.

  1. Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network Pulled From DISH Network

    At 11:50pmET last night, Dish network viewers lost Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network after negotiations on a new carriage agreement failed. Fox says DISH dropped the channel “prematurely.” Dish says “21st Century Fox blocked DISH customer access” to those channels.

    “It is unfortunate that the millions of Fox News viewers on DISH were used as pawns by their provider, says Tim Cary, EVP of distribution for Fox News. “Hopefully they will vote with their hard earned money and seek another one of our other valued distributors immediately.”

    I hardly think there are ‘millions’ of Fox News viewers on Dish. If Billo barely scrapes three million viewers over all sources, the subset of viewers just on Dish can’t be in the millions.

        • I’ll bet it’ll be back very quickly. Like CNN. Much of this town uses one of the dishes. The majority of residents are gonne DIE. It’ll probably be back on by the time I look.

  2. Rudy 9iu11iani: 2 NYC Cops Were Killed Because Obama Told Everyone To ‘Hate The Police’.

    Seems legit.

    • Did he opine as to why the fellow murdered his girlfriend, in Baltimore, before venturing to NYC? (no of course not – women don’t matter/s)

    • A transient. Gee, FL has transients? How convient. FL residents just stand their ground.

  3. Scott Walker Calls Out National Guard To Quell Peaceful Protesters

    Even before the protest march started, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who blamed President Barack Obama for the protests in Ferguson, issued a rather bizarre press release warning of “out-of-state, leftist anarchists”:

    What’s a “leftist anarchist”? I’m a leftist, a socialist, probably with a little Marxism in my blood. But anarchist? The only anarchists I’ve ever heard of are about as far from “leftist” as one can get. “Leftists” care about the well-being of people, of society in general, of the planet and every life form on it. Unless I’m missing something, “Anarchists” care only about themselves. One step beyond (to the political right of) Fascists — like Scott Walker, for example.

  4. Who’s Playing Marbles Now?

    In March, the House Intelligence Committee chairman, Mike Rogers, was asked on “Fox News Sunday” how he thought President Obama was handling relations with Russia versus how President Vladimir Putin had been handling relations with the United States. Rogers responded: “Well, I think Putin is playing chess, and I think we’re playing marbles. And I don’t think it’s even close.”

    Hmmm. Marbles. That’s an interesting metaphor. Actually, it turns out that Obama was the one playing chess and Putin was the one playing marbles, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say today that Putin’s lost most of his — in both senses of the word.

    Rogers was hardly alone in his Putin envy. As Jon Stewart pointed out, Fox News has had a veritable Putin love fest going since March: Sarah Palin opined to the network that: “People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates.” Fox contributor Rudy Giuliani observed on the same day that in contrast with Obama, Putin was “what you call a leader.”

    Only if leading your country to economic ruin is a form of leadership. And this is not Monday-morning quarterbacking. It has been obvious for months that Putin was fighting the market, Moore’s Law, Mother Nature and human nature all at once.

    I would submit to you that the opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba is another way to undermine Russia. Also, the timing couldn’t be better. When are the Cuban people going to be more receptive to change than during the physical decline of both Castros, before a new strongman, maybe a much younger one, rises to power?

    • “, , , if leading your country to economic ruin is a form of leadership . . .” then George W. Bush was the greatest American “Leader” since Hoover! Wow. Bottom line: If Putin was granted US citizenship, he’d quickly take over the “leadership” of the Tea Party, and thereby diminish himself to everyone in the world who still has even a mediocre mind in the process.

  5. Come Skating
    Shel Silverstein

    They said come skating;
    They said it’s so nice.
    They said come skating;
    I’d done it twice.
    They said come skating;
    It sounded nice.
    I wore roller-
    They meant ice.

  6. Marco Rubio on Meet the Press today: “I want people in Cuba to have what people in the Bahamas have, what people in Jamaica have, what people in the Dominican Republic have…”

    Yes, let’s give them massive exploitation by capitalist oligarchs, implemented by corrupt politicians, then they’ll be much better off.

  7. The Vikings lost a heartbreaker. I hope Pete isn’t too sad.

    The company I worked for ‘blacked out’ using vacation time for the holidays. The next two weeks, I work two days on, two days off, one day on.

    I have to go give a dog a Benadryl. My ex was going to pay a pet sitter to do it until I volunteered. She’s in Nashville on a day trip to Christmas shop.

    • Poor pup – allergies or just winter skin?

      Does the schedule mean you’ll actually have the holiday off – xmas and NY?

      • It’s Ziggy, the Chihuahua/Dachshund. He’s got some kind of allergy/condition I forgot what they called it.
        I get the 24th/25th, and 31st/1st days off. And I’ve got January 12th approved for vacation, in case Alabama wins the Sugar Bowl and plays the Rose Bowl winner for the National Championship.

    • Things certainly are backward in MO.
      He has to be a Repugnant with that ‘logical thinking’ of his.
      I do believe it is a felony to commit perjury.
      That fellow has moths flying around where a thinking brain should be…

    • I was watching Live Free or Die Hard the other night. In one scene Bruce Willis refers to the bad guy as a ‘damn hamster!’.

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