The Watering Hole, Monday, December 22nd, 2014: Make Me Smile

Since I’m sick of the current population of humans, in my next life I’d rather come back as a dolphin or porpoise. Even though humans may still top the food chain, I’d like to have a bigger brain and be able to swim the oceans with few natural enemies. It’s no wonder they seem to be smiling all of the time (yes, I realize they can’t help it), I would, too. At least dolphins and porpoises make us useless humans smile, we can’t help it, either. And it seems that they have the same affect on other animals as well.
dogs and dolphin
dolphin and seal
dolphin face

Hope these pics made you smile, too. Everyone needs it on a Monday.

This is our daily Open Thread–what makes you smile these days?


77 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, December 22nd, 2014: Make Me Smile

  1. Jane, your post did make me smile, but then I noticed the comment bubble at the top right of the page was lit, indicating a reply to a comment I made. The comment it referred me to was not made here at the Zoo however, it was from a site that uses Disqus!

    • I’m not sure I want the WordPress reply alert to cross platforms like that. I seldom comment in Disqus, except at Crooks and Liars, which was originally supposed to be walled off from the rest of Disqus. Now I can’t see my replies at C&L, unless I log in to Disqus. I don’t even remember my password for there anymore.

  2. Aquatic mammals always make me smile.
    Back when my ex-bro-in-law and I owned a boat together, we went all around the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound.
    On one particular trip, a juvenile orca took a liking to us, curiously popping his head up for a better look at the weird creatures in the thingy that floated and zoomed.
    He/she surfed our wake for about three miles before cutting us loose (probably found a bait ball to feed from)..

  3. New York Times call for prosecution of torturers
    “the Times has a few specific names in mind: former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Cheney chief of staff David Addington, former CIA director George Tenet, and John Yoo, the DOJ lawyer who helped draft the memos authorizing the program, to name a few…”

    I’ll give you one more name: George W. Bush.
    Mr. President, you have a duty under your Oath of Office to faithfully enforce the laws of the land.
    Do Your Duty!

  4. “Truth” revealed!

    Obama Will ‘Destroy Democracy,’ Create ‘Cuban-Style’ Communist State

    . . . Along with his granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, Obama now unilaterally takes another executive action, which legitimizes a brutal communist dictatorship. Former Gov. Jeb Bush rightly reacted: “… the latest foreign policy misstep by this president … [is] another dramatic overreach of his executive authority. It undermines America’s credibility and undermines the quest for a free and democratic Cuba.”

    This is clearly a runaway corrupt socialist president who must be legally stopped before he totally destroys democracy not just in this country, but also the chances for democracy in Cuba, geographically one of our closest neighbors in the Western Hemisphere.

    • No one can question the fact that lifting the embargo would ensure great economic benefits to the very people the RWNJs claim to be concerned about. Because people who are well-fed and content are much more likely to embrace some form of democracy (and capitalism) than people struggling to get by.

      • I remember those days when Amurka was “well-fed and content”, when it actually embraced “some sort of democracy.” We actually had a pretty decent level of prosperity. There were jobs; healthcare was decent and affordable; life seemed OK.

        Then came Reagan, trickle-down, the advent of Wingnuttistanian-fueled oligarchy and all the consequences thereof. The Walk Backwards continues.

    • Jeb Bush’s only chance to be elected President is to resist saying the RWNJ talking points normally attributed to the Louie Gohmerts and Michelle Bachmanns. Of course, if he doesn’t say that stuff, he’ll never get the nomination.

  5. Right whiners think abortion on demand is an abomination, but murder on demand is a right.

    Court Grants New Trial To Man Who Said ‘I Am Standing My Ground’ As He Shot Neighbor Over Loud Music

    Raul Rodriguez video recorded himself saying “I am standing my ground here” as he shot and killed his neighbor over loud music at a birthday party. At trial, he invoked Texas self-defense provisions to argue that he killed in self-defense and had no “duty to retreat.” A jury rejected this argument in 2012, convicting him of murder and sending him to prison for 40 years.
    Last week, a Texas appeals court overturned Rodriguez’s conviction and granted him a new trial, finding that the instructions to the jury were too confusing and that the self-defense claim was the “focus of, indeed ‘the very basis of the case.’”

    • His reasoning? That loud music hurts my ears, I need to kill them, so I’m standing my ground.


  6. Misinformer Of The Year: George Will

    “[W]hen they make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate.”

    This single phrase has followed George Will for the last six months. The syndicated conservative columnist, considered by many a thoughtful intellectual rather than a bomb-thrower, severely damaged his brand when he wrote a June 2014 column dismissing efforts on college campuses to combat the epidemic of sexual assault and suggesting that women who say they were raped receive “privileges.” The column has sparked hundreds to protest his public appearances, challenges from U.S. Senators and women’s rights groups, and the dropping of his column from a major newspaper.

    Will’s 2014 misinformation was not limited to attacking and dismissing rape victims. Throughout the year, Will failed to disclose several major conflicts of interest in his columns, and his tangled relationship with political entities backed by Charles and David Koch was cited by the outgoing ethics chair of the Society of Professional Journalists as the kind of conflict journalists should disclose in their writing. His history as a prominent denier of climate change also helped further undermine his credibility, with more than 100,000 people signing a petition demanding the Washington Post stop printing the science misinformation he and others regularly push in its pages.

    To be fair, his move from ABC to Fox requires him to vastly exceed his previous record, on a weekly basis. He’s just doing the job they pay him for, now.

  7. Bless me father… I’m heading in to a team-building exercise and have read the pre-meeting gibberish (er, paperwork) and am confident I have no fucking idea at all what this is about.

  8. In a simply amazing coincidence with absolutely no relationship to world events whatsoever, Best Korea’s internet is down. All of it.

    • Not only will NK never hack anyone again but they have agreed to an open border with South Korea and are importing millions of pounds of rice to feed their people. “We’re really sorry for being such dicks” is the opening line in their press release.

    • Seriously?
      North Korea has an internet?
      They either ate the pigeons or some one cut the string between the soup cans.

  9. Yeah, so the moronic troll is back. I didn’t bother reading its comments, but I’m sure it’s more of the same old crap.

    Y’all have a little more fun, then I’ll put on my exterminator hat — ya know, cuz we liberals enjoy that sort of thing. 🙄

    • Sure does stink in here. It’s no fun witnessing ignorance so I’d say delete the piece of excrement.

    • Same old same old. He is cute though, kinda like the image of Diaper Dave in action. Beyond that not so much. If it costs over a dollar for extermination/extinction let me know and I’ll check out my small change dish.

  10. Yeah, sorry. I had other shit to do, so you had to hang out in moderation. Try not to imagine that this makes you special.

    I know how people like you dread uncertainty.

    • And if you’re out there reading this, “dntx162” (if, in fact, that is your real name), I saw what you wrote, and I cordially invite you to engage in an act of autofornication.

      Who gave you the idea that Liberals rejoice when a cop gets killed? Whoever it was is an idiot, and you should never listen to another thing that person says.

      Oh, and for the love of all that is good in this world, please seek psychiatric counseling. You appear to have anger management issues.

      Good luck kicking your paste eating habit.

      • Please also ask it why it’s gravatar is a bastardized version of our sacred Christian purple Christmas tree. Why does he hate Christmas so? I bet he says “Happy Holidays”.

          • I know Ebb, just being silly. When I signed up it gave be a crab looking thing, took me about two months to realize I could change it. 😉

            • Of course you do…I missed the snark voice! A bit scattered-brain and didn’t pick up on the humor, OIMF!

            • It’s all good Ebb. The troll just seemed a bit like the one that wondered how y’all tolerated my Christianity and the Hannibal Lector Christmas tree just seemed funny to me.

  11. The murdered ex-girlfriend isn’t even given a whisper, let alone acknowledged she was the first victim of the psychotic killer.

  12. Just got home. The fuckwits I work for called me at 1:55, wanting to know if I could get there by 2:30. Well, I made it! My day shift counterpart said they knew they were going to call me since about 9am, but they forgot. They wanted me to change to an 8 hour shift.

      • How can they ‘forget’? They’re fuckwits.

        I like four tens and eight on Friday best. 12 hour shifts start too late so I go home in the daylight. On the ten hour schedule I leave at 2:30, and I sleep much better.

  13. Somebody’s been deleting parent comments again. The orphan comments have dropped to the bottom of the post, as they always do.

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