The Watering Hole; Friday December 26 2014; Spring!

So. Today’s the day after Christmas — Dec. 26, 2014 C.E. (Common Era). Actually, Dec. 26 happens every year, same time, same station, etc., and I remain certain that next year’s Christmas will once again show up right on time and as scheduled. I also expect that the never-ending “war on Christmas” nonsense will commence again real soon, given that there is seldom a discernible pause in the actions of alladem wingnut nitwits and their implicit nitwiticism. (Did I spell that right?? Yeah, OK, Bqhatevwr). Oops. ‘Whatever’. 😳

On the other hand we’re already five days past the winter solstice, so SPRING!! is less than ninety days away! Reminds me of other times, decades ago — springtime on the desert — a season I had become very fond of, all those years ago. And wouldn’t you know it, just last month when I switched from crashed computer-a to uncrashed and nearly pristine computer-b, and when I dug into old backups on old USB thingees, I found a whole lot of “stuff” dating back to the days when I spent hour upon hour digitizing old transparencies of scenes that I had once spent hours and hours seeking out to photograph. So, without further ado, here’s some of that old stuff, some 4×5 Ektachromes that I first snapped back in the seventies and eighties on Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. I suspect that after thirty years, enough has changed to make each and all of the subjects evermore difficult to find. With luck, though, it’s all still out there somewhere.


Wildflowers, North Phoenix, circa 1980

Wildflowers, North Phoenix, circa 1980

Rio Verde and Mazatzal Mountains, circa 1980

Rio Verde and Mazatzal Mountains, circa 1980

Blue Lupine, Spring circa 1978

Blue Lupine, Spring circa 1978

Echinocereus engelmanii; circa 1987

Echinocereus engelmanii (Hedgehog). circa 1987

Yucca sp., circa 1982

Yucca sp., circa 1982


Ferocactus sp., circa 1978

Ferocactus sp., circa 1978


Yucca elata, circa 1977

Yucca elata, circa 1977

Grasshopper, circa 1977

Grasshopper, circa 1977

Desert Tortoise, circa 1980

Desert Tortoise, circa 1980

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26 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday December 26 2014; Spring!

  1. Besides being Conservatives (or neo-cons) and Republicans, what do the following 20 people have in common?

    John Bolton
    Jeb Bush
    Ben Carson
    Chris Christie
    Ted Cruz
    Carly Fiorina
    Lindsey Graham
    Mike Huckabee
    Bobby Jindal
    John Kasich
    Pete King
    Mike Pence
    Rick Perry
    Mitt Romney
    Marco Rubio
    Paul Ryan
    Rick Santorum
    Joe Scarborough
    Scott Walker,
    Allen West:

    Answer: Bill Kristol, the man who has never been right about anything, thinks that each and every one of them “would be a better president than Hillary Clinton.”

    He also encourages the following people to volunteer to run if they feel slighted by not being on that list

    Dick Cheney
    Tom Cotton
    Mitch Daniels
    Joni Ernst
    Newt Gingrich
    Rudy Giuliani

    Notice he doesn’t say these six would be better than HRC.

    I couldn’t let this pass without a response or two.

    • Kristol is clearly the equal of each and all on his list . . . equally STUPID. I seriously believe that the quickest way there is to name the top 100 dumbasses on the planet is simply to name most any of 100 Washington Republicans. The quickest way to name 200 dumbasses would be to name most any 200 Republicans. Etc. It’s so simple.

    • I have a transparency scanner, a little gizmo where you feed the transparency into a slot. When it emerges from the other slide, there’s the pic on your computer screen that can be handled by most photo software and saved as a jpg.

      The larger ones, the 4×5 ektachromes, are too large for the scanner, so instead I lay then flat on a light box, a simple transparency viewer, and then photograph them with my digital 20 megapixel Sony. Best to use a tripod for the camera. The results are more than satisfactory if everything goes well. I think there are commercial places which do all that as well, but I’ve never tried one.

      • thanks for the info. I’ve got lots of slides – I guess I should look for one of those scanners.

        • For 35 mm, the only thing you have to do is remove the “sleeve” into which the transparency is embedded. So, it’s a good idea to get a box of blank sleeves whenever you decide to start digitizing. The good news is that they’re readily available on, so they’ll be in your mailbox within a few days. The digitizer, too, is available on Amazon. Overall, the results are worth the effort.

    • I recently bought a Wolverine F2D scanner that handles b&w negatives, color negatives and color slides in several formats. I’ve started going through a box filled with all of the above and this thing is ridiculously easy to use. It comes with several adapters to handle the different films and there is no need to remove slides from their frames. The quality of the digital image is shockingly good and the conversion automatically reverses negatives so the new image is ready to work with. I’ve just got it plugged into a USB port so no need to use the power cord and images slip slide into the computer in seconds. I love the thing and highly recommend it.

  2. Bwahahahahahahaha!
    I did it.
    I finally succeeded at a goal that has been unobtainable for so long I lost count of the years.
    For the first time in my life.
    I made it through the holidays without hearing:
    “He who’s name must never be spoken” lest they play that dreadful tune, Feliz Navidad.
    Yep, I went the entire season without hearing the three most hated holiday tune/earworms of my life.

    1. HWNMNBS; Feliz Navidad.

    2. Grandma got runover by a reindeer.

    I don’t give a shit if she was backed over by a redneck in a pickup at a Luby’s truckstop.
    I never want to hear that again… ever.

    3. Mariah Carey: All I want for Christmas is you.

    A dental drill has a more melodic soothing sound than her screaching “all I want for Christmas is you”.

    Runners up include: Anything by Celine Dion, Micheal Buble and Micheal Bolton and his hair.

    I succeeded where others have failed. Also, the iPod loaded with Beck, Jimi Hendix and Led Zepplin helped immensely.

    Feel free to add to this list.

    • I like #3, if it’s sung by Olivia Olson, in the movie, Love Actually.

      Having a job where radios aren’t allowed helps to not hear unwanted Christmas music. Not doing very much shopping also helps. Stores think playing that crap makes people spend more money.

  3. El Tel was asked the following:

    “So I am spending Xmas with my Teabagging in-laws (TtT – and wife, he chose poorly)…. what question should I ask them at the dinner table on Christmas Day?”

    “Stock market all-time high, unemployment below 6% and dropping, gas at $2.50 and dropping, corporate profits at records, 5m more on health insurance – can we all raise a glass and toast the Obama Recovery!??”

    • ahemmm….this is NOT the Obama Recovery. Obama did nothing to help the economy the past 6 years. This recovery is solely due to the staunch, unflinching stance of Republicans in Congress. The American People know this, that is why they elected Republican Majorities in BOTH the House and the Senate.

      /fauxgnus noise machine

      • Time traveling to meet Emily would be a wonderful gift! (even though she was a hermit I’d sit on her porch waiting for her to exit and ask why I kept vigil)

        • Yes, she remains a fascinating everything. I’ve read all of her poetry, all of her letters that she wrote to friends and family, plus a biography or two. An amazing mind — and so very few of her contemporaries ever really noticed.

          They must have been Republicans. 😉

    • I’ve long wondered how many Christians actually believe that JC was born on Dec 25th, and how many know that Dec 25th was really nothing more than a pagan holiday that early Christers wanted to diminish?

      I should probably ask Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. I’m sure they’d know.

    • If anyone on the twitter would like to retweet or favorite them, here are the original tweets

    • That’s good; well-spoken and true. Makes me wonder, though, about all those other evils that are done under god’s nose, and by believers as well. Like pollution of land, air, lakes, rivers, even the oceans and then openly denying the evil implicit; like wanton killing off of land and water species, many to extinction. Seems to me any decent and real god would be pissed off at all of that travesty, but nope, apparently not. And then there’s greed, widespread, almost universal, and god seems to like it a lot, apparently. But then god also apparently approves of global war, and concentration camps, torture, gas chambers, ovens — you know, those things that keep “us” safe from “that” and “them.”

      God has a lot to answer for.

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