The Watering Hole, Monday, December 29th, 2014: Butts and Moons

2014 in medicine(?):

What did we get stuck in our butts last year? Deadspin has the answer. (Hint: Among other things, a shot glass.)
shot glass

2014 in science:

The Weather Channel provides their ‘Top 50 Science and Environment Photos‘ for 2014, which included four blood moons.

Lunar Eclipse April 2014 - photo by Astrophotographer Joel O'Bryan

Lunar Eclipse April 2014 – photo by Astrophotographer Joel O’Bryan

This is our daily open thread–go ahead, have at it!

47 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, December 29th, 2014: Butts and Moons

  1. I know these might sound like academic questions, but I’ve gotta ask them anyway —

    In the E.R. tally concerning things stuffed up butts, what percentage involves Republicans with heads up there? How many times has Ted Cruz needed help? Paul Ryan? Chris Christie? Anyone with last name Bush?

    Who pays for their insurance? If any part of it is mine, I want out!

  2. Perhaps the grossest and most egregious

  3. Chuck Todd slips up, and tells the truth about the Sunday shows!
    (I didn’t watch MtP yesterday, because the missing plane pre-empted the MSNBC repeat)

    “We all sit there because we all know the first time we bark is the last time we do the show,” Chuck Todd said. “… All of a sudden, no one will come on your show.”

    I would submit to you that if all the hosts ‘barked’ on every show, once all the Republicans started boycotting, and the Dems got their people on regular, that the Repubs would see the Dems getting their message out, and they’d have to go back to appearing anyway. The first show to risk this will see their ratings go up rather quickly.

    • In Idaho, wolf killing is about to take a huge step forward. As if cowards with small dicks weren’t enough, now “There’s a predator-killing youth division! The proposed Idaho derby offers special prizes for hunters as young as 10 years old!”

      That certainly is a good way to turn a ten year-old into an idiot.

  4. QOTD:

    Quote of the Day in ALL of the NFL, from George McCaskey, on his 91-year old mother Virginia (daughter of NFL & Bears founder George Halas): “She’s pissed off. … She’s fed up with mediocrity.”

  5. Getting back to the woman shooting up a Tennessee neighborhood, I noticed a couple of odd things at the Times Free Press article to which the TPM article linked. (

    First, the little map: what the hell is that ‘person’ icon? If you hover over it, it sorta keels over, so I’m afraid of what it might do if I actually clicked on it. (Wayne laughed at me because I refused to do it.)

    Then, one of the headlines on the right-hand sidebar says “Small town to ring in 2015 by lowering a dead animal” – I am DEFINITELY not clicking on that one!

    • Of course I had to go looking for the animal story…

      BRASSTOWN, NC — For most of the past 20 years, a live animal has been used in a small North Carolina town’s annual New Year’s Eve Possum Drop. But this year, following challenges from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the organizer says he’ll no longer use a live opossum instead, it’ll be a road-kill opossum or perhaps a pot of opossum stew.

      For the love of mike, that’s one of the damned is, craziest thing heard of.
      Then again, it is North Carolina.

  6. … ‘person’ icon?

    If you were viewing the entire map – that yellow icon would, most likely, be at the bottom right. Clicking on it at that position the

    Browse Street View Images

    Didn’t have the “Small town to ring in 2015 by lowering a dead animal” on the r/hand side so unable to report on that!

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