Music Night, January 2, 2015

I hated hearing about Joe Cocker’s death last month, just hated it. I’ve been in love with Cocker since 1969. Thanks to YouTube there is a ton of material available online but this remains one of my favorites, because Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Leon Russell, and 1970 and because The Letter was a great hit song. For years I thought Alex Chilson wrote it but it turns out it was written by Wayne Carson, a country music musician and songwriter. Of course I also thought the Box Tops were a Black group… Cocker’s genius was his ability to reinterpret really really good music, to own it, but to be true to the original. Paul and John reputedly loved his treatment of their songs, and I’m guessing George Harrison did as well.


43 thoughts on “Music Night, January 2, 2015

  1. My buddy at work took his girlfriend to see Joe Cocker way back when.
    They made sure they were there early so they could be front row, standing room only, reach out and touch the stage close.
    Joe Cocker came on stage, wandered about, he then walked over to them and threw up all over her.
    I guess that’s one way to cope with stage fright or too much to drink.
    Not really sure.

  2. Ok, I got a turntable for Christmas….. little Turtles thought I needed to be able to play what was in the box of vinyl I had….. here is some of what is there and has been there unplayed for nearly 20 years:

  3. So, I came home this evening with an email from Famous University Press — OH, who am I kidding? It’s fucking COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS — that the last review of the manuscript my colleague Randy and I had submitted to them 10 months ago was finally submitted. This last review demonstrated that, despite sitting on the MS for 10 months, the reviewer had spent fewer than 10 days reading it. The reviewer stated more than a few things that demonstrated he hadn’t bothered to read it, and STILL DECLARED IT WORTH PUBLISHING!!!!

    … with major revisions.

    So this next week, Randy and I need to compose a cordial, collegial response (which does not include phrases like, “you stupid fuckhead”) pointing out how the existing MS already addressed his concerns (and of course it is a “he” … sadly … ) But, from the tone of the comments of the Editor at Columbia, mostly it seems that what is desired is an answer to the question, “please tell me why we should ignore this asshole.”

    So the book, The Quantum of Explanation: Whitehead’s Radical Empiricism will likely appear, through Columbia, this year. (Yes, the title is the same as my blog. That is not an accident.)

  4. Nother one from the Turtle vinyl…. (bear with me there’s some junk in here too 🙂 )

  5. This one is in my vinyl and goes out to Tanya and to Rudy her new fiancé and Timur, her son…. for a wonderful New Year and new life for them all in Provence……

  6. And more vinyl,…. Simply Red from the lovely, friendly and most Gothic port of Whitby….

    • You do realize we need to see a photo of said turntable, don’t you?

      (is it equipped with 78-rpm;33-rpm; 45-rpm or am I just reminiscing to the days of clunky/chunky arms and the 45-rpm insert?) [yes, I am old]

      • Hehe ….. it does 78-45-33……

        It is kicking bottom…. we rigged it to the TV sound block….. and are kicking back…. went from ELO to U2 to Dave Brubeck……bummed that my Rainbow, Deep Purple and Whitesnake collection went out with the Great Parents Cleanout of 1998

      • That’s the funny part. I went to work Tuesday, and we were running out of work in several sections, so the supervisors offered to let us take a vacation day today. The weekdays during the holidays had been ‘blacked out’, so I wasn’t expecting to get to use any time until Monday or later.
        I have Monday the 12th off, in case Alabama had won the Sugar Bowl and would be playing the Championship game, but now they won’t. I can still cancel, but I might as well watch Oregon and Ohio State.

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