Sunday Roast: Lack of Outrage is Killing Democracy

Mike Papantonio is one of the best liberal voices we have in this country.  We should listen to him — ALWAYS.  Especially when he’s mean.

Here’s a link to some text of this talk.

This is the first Sunday Roast of 2015! — Listen to the whole video!


53 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Lack of Outrage is Killing Democracy

      • I can just imagine the Top Gear crew editorializing about this and how the caravan crowd will be deprived of their Hyundai’s.

        • I wasn’t sure if you were on a computer or an I-Phone. I’m supposed to be getting an I-Phone 5C from my ex. She just got a new one, and I get her old one as soon as she gets her data transferred to the new one. I might be able to use it a little more at my job in the evenings.

          • 5C is good (you’ll need the charger cord). I had a 4S and Santa gave me a 6 w/Sprint. The 6 has a bigger screen…
            (I’m very fortunate that one of my brothers has me on their family phone plan)

            • I think the previous hand-me-down phone she intended me to have was a 4 or 4S. It was no longer supported with updates, which is why she wants me to have this one. I’m still sharing her plan too. My contribution has been $40 a month, which is at least as good a deal as I could get by myself.

              This will be way more phone than I need, but I may try to get the Tune In app, so I can listen to Progressive Voices. It will be nice to be able to make better comments with paragraph breaks and links.

  1. dear geezus…

    Newt Gingrich: Giuliani ‘saved’ more black lives than anyone by ordering NYPD to target blacks


    Word-salad artist Rep. Louie Gohmert to challenge John Boehner for House Speaker post

    (the dumbest twin wanting to take over the dumber’s job)

    • Newt went on a rant about Obama and Holder, blaming them for all the division. Then, when Schieffer brought up Scalise, he went off about Robert Byrd and Justice Hugo Black being in the KKK, as if that was recent history. Schieffer just sat there and let him say anything he wanted to say.
      On Meet the Press, the panel pretty much called Scalise’s excuses bullshit, saying nobody in Louisiana politics could not have known David Duke.

  2. More Keystone bullshit:

    Senator Pushes Keystone XL Pipeline With Egregiously Misleading Statistic

    Wyoming senator John Bareasshole continues to spread crap about the Keystone mess. The outright lies and all the rest of the bullshit never cease; it appears a certain segment of the power structure is willing and ready to take any steps they can manage, tell any lies they can think up, simply to justify construction of one of the silliest and most worthless (and dangerous) things the human species has ever managed to think up. Why?? Cuz them big money guys wants it, that’s why.

    We truly do live in the age of MASSIVE stupidity. I hope Obama does everything in his power to shove that concept up each and all of the bareassholes out there who demand its construction.

    • “Follow the money” on KeystoneXL….. plenty of Kochsuckers on that trail

    • It has the “XL” on the end of it because it’s an extra pipeline. It isn’t necessary. True, by shortening the amount of pipeline through which the oil would need to travel before refinement, it would theoretically increase the capacity of the line. Which is all well and good IF YOU CAN REFINE IT JUST AS FAST! If you can’t refine the oil any faster, or if you’re already at capacity (are they? IDK), then being able to transport the oil to the refineries faster means nothing.

      • Since apparently much of it would be shipped overseas anyway, the ONLY things the transcontinental tube would mean are more profit for the moneyboys behind it (Kochs, e.g.), more destruction of Canada’s arboreal forests because there’s money in doing so, and ultimately more CO2 pollution in the atmosphere. And those arguments don’t include the theft of land from a SD Indian Reservation, theft of farmland from farm families in Nebraska (and, I assume, in SD as well), or worst of all, the potential damage to the Ogalalla Aquifer — a major supplier of water to farms, towns, and cities in Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas (at least).

        In short, the SOLE justification for the damn thing is money/greed. Nothing else enters in to the argument.

        • Please don’t forget radiation.
          Tar sands are radioactive and there no easy way to dispose of the byproducts.

          • Yep, true. As of now (last I heard) the residual crud floats downstream and contaminates some Indian land so clearly no problem there.

            As I say, the whole project stinks, has only one virtue and that to only a handful: money/greed.

  3. This is good…this is real good!

    Wasilla Police Department To Take Sarah Palin’s Dog Into Protective Custody

    The Wasilla Police Department has issued an order to take Sarah Palin’s dog into protective custody after the former Alaska governor was formally charged with animal cruelty.

    The charge came shortly after Palin posted on her Facebook page a photo of her 6-year-old son Trig, trying to reach the kitchen sink and using the dog — a black labrador — as a step stool.

    Apparently, Palin was so amused and thought that the photo she took of Trig would be “inspirational” to her followers.

    • I really, really, hate to say this but I’m willing to give Bible Spice a pass on this one. I don’t know how disabled Trig is and the dog would have gotten up and bit the kid if he was hurt. Bible Spice is the very definition of “thoughtless” but this is a fight I don’t think we thoughtful people can possibly win.

      • She should have enough sense — I know, derp! — to not allow her child to stand on something that MOVES. That dog could decide to get up and walk away, and the kid would break all his teeth on the edge of the counter.

        • Common sense? Bible Spice? This is the same woman who gave a press conference while a turkey was slaughtered right behind her. The same woman who preached “abstinence only” while her eldest daughter was pushing out a kid. The same woman who is proud of her hunting prowess but needs her Daddy to cock her gun (Ew! That sounds even more disgusting than the reality.). If her kid is standing on the dog the only possible response is that she would grab the phone and snap a picture.

    • FYI…

      THE ADOBO CHRONICLES is your source of up-to-date, unbelievable news. Everything you read on this site is based on fact, except for the lies.

      • One can dream, can’t one?
        I figured the police wouldn’t bother. Now, if they had put SPCA in place of cops, that would have been more plausible!

  4. This still makes me laugh. And if it offends you, then you have no sense of humor. 🙂

    • And, yes, they already pointed out to him that it was Thursday, but he said that’s not the point of the joke. So, for the purists…

      Judas: Still on for Thursday?
      Jesus: Thursday?
      Judas: Yeah, the Last Supper.
      Jesus: The what?
      Judas: Supper. Normal supper with the fellas.

      There, now it is even funnier. 🙂

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