The Watering Hole, Tuesday January 6, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Fish Just May Be A Lot Smarter Than We Thought

No wonder I have such a hard time catching them.

Cute, but smart too.


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  1. New SiriusXM Channel to Mix Comedy, News

    SiriusXM Insight is scheduled to begin operating Jan. 12, replacing the current channel SiriusXM Public Radio. The current channel was deemed repetitive since the service already carries National Public Radio.


    Insight is the brainchild of current Sirius host Pete Dominick, who used to warm up the audience at “The Colbert Report.” Dominick will host a three-hour morning show at Insight. Comic John Fugelsang will have a weekday afternoon show and Muslim-American comedian Dean Obeidallah will be featured once a week.


    Insight will also give a platform to a variety of other commentators with different perspectives and specialties. Neil deGrasse Tyson will have a daily show merging science and pop culture. Journalist Karen Hunter will have a two-hour nightly talk show. A rabbi will talk about Jewish issues and an expert on transcendental meditation will have a weekly show on stress relief. Republican activist Margaret Hoover will host a daily call-in show.

  2. I suspect that every earthly life form — plants included — is/are “smarter than we think” with but one obvious exception: Republicans. It’s clearly obvious that they’re not even quite a smart as rocks. For proof, try tell that to a roomful of ’em and note the collective reaction is approximately the equivalent of a rockslide, maybe an avalanche. Proof positive.

    • “Organic” has a number of definitions….and like it or not, we’ve been eating genetically modified foods for decades. “GMO” also can be defined a number of ways. Here’s an example:

      Bt corn (Monsanto) is a variant of maize that has been genetically altered to express one or more proteins from the Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria. The protein is poisonous to certain insect pests (and certain birds that eat the insects) and is widely used in organic gardening…….so, would one consider this Bt sweet corn “organic”?

    • Just what we need. More modification to wheat. My body can tell the difference between various wheats. There are some breads that I can eat and it will have no noticeable effect on me. Other breads, can create some discomfort for me. This is why I am very choosey when using flour to make bread.

  3. What is really fascinating about that story is the fact that fish can distinguish different fish of the same species. To me, all rainbow trout look alike. But to the trout, each look or smell differently. Amazing.

  4. If you ever wondered what would happen if the Earth stopped in its orbit, today’s your lucky day.
    We would slowly fall into the sun. Here’s what day 35 would look like:

    “It’s been over a month of Earthfall, and we’re now 20% of the way to the Sun. The Sun in unbearably bright and intense, and noticeably larger in the sky. At 58 C (137 F), the average global temperature now exceeds the historic hottest temperature recorded on Earth, which was 56.7 C (134 F) measured in Death Valley, CA.

    For most people on the planet, it’s now impossible to stay alive without air conditioning, and the electricity infrastructure is either tapped out or failing. Forest fires are ravaging through the wilderness. Land animals that can’t burrow in to the soil to get respite from the heat are going extinct. The insects, too, are feeling the heat and dying out. The increasing water temperature will cause fish to start dying out, because warmer water holds less oxygen and more ammonia (which is toxic to fish), and because the entire marine food chain would be disrupted and collapsing.

    It’s so hot that even the Saharan silver ant, one of the most heat resistant land animals on Earth, can no longer survive the heat (for it can stay alive up to 53.6 C). However, the Sahara desert ant is thriving – it can survive surface temperatures of up to 70 C. As scavengers, these ants feed on the corpses of other creatures that have died from the heat, and there’s now plenty of food to go around.”

    • Forgive my bluntness, but Phyllis Schlafly suffers from being old and vaginally arid. How any woman today can take her seriously is beyond me. She is almost singlehandedly responsible for the failure of the Equal Rights Amendment to pass, in large part due to her lies (like how it would cause families to break up and shit like that.)

      • I know. What I can’t figure is why the hell she still gets attention. I can only suppose that she speaks well for groups that hate most everything and everyone that ain’t like them, but Jeebus anyway. I’d think anyone with a mind would pay more attention to the noise a fart makes whilst a 747 takes off.

    • I thought this old gasbag died years ago.

      Besides, not all women want to date or marry men. Phyllis needs to put her head back in the sand and leave it there as we don’t need this destroyer of women.

  5. Heh! Another mash up from The Bunker. Hitler reacts to Miley Cyrus. And the best part is that you don’t even have to see or hear her!

  6. Congress keeps its Boehner. Pelosi hands Boehner the speaker’s gavel during the first session of the 114th Congress in the House Chambers, today:

    Good grief that’s creepy. Johnny’s been spending lotsa time in the tannnig bed.

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