The Watering Hole, Monday, January 12th, 2015: Just WOW

After visiting one of the following sites yesterday, I WAS planning to write about that effing bitch “Judge” Jeanine Pirro; unfortunately, I have a wicked toothache after root canal the other day, so I’ll get to her another time.

In the meanwhile, have a look at this strange, hard-to-tell-if-they’re-serious website [Cats, I know you stopped there yesterday, but I thought I should share it with everyone] called Some of their ‘Top 50’ Stories include “Aliens Caught Creating PORTAL STARGATE…“, “Don’t Believe in Nephilim? You Will After This…,” and, of course, several articles exposing the Paris Charlie Hebdo killings as “fake” and a “false flag operation.”

While I haven’t been to this next website, The Enigma Channel, an email that I received – for whatever reason, unknown to me – made me curious. Apparently the’s site is trying to be the clearinghouse for all weird conspiracy theories, UFO sightings, cults, and other even odder subjects. Unfortunately, one has to subscribe to the website, so here’s some excerpts from a few of their touted stories/”documentaries.” This first one is titled “SEX MAGICK SECRETS OF ALEISTER CROWLEY“:

“Our OCCULT documentaries take you deeper into the realms of secret societies than ever before. We cover subjects which no other broadcaster has the courage to show…
Various forms of SEX YOGA are being taught worldwide – some are true in origin to where yoga developed on the Indian sub-continent, but other forms of SEX MAGICK have perversed the original teachings. Our new series entitled CULTS investigates the weird and strange teachings of various covens and lodges…

One example is “Within Black Tantra we find the Bons and Drukpas of the “Red Cap,” terrible and perverse black magicians. These malignant people have disgusting procedures in order to reabsorb the semen through the urethra after having miserably spilled it. The outcome is fatal because the semen, after having been spilled, is charged with satanic atoms, which upon re-entering the body acquire the power to awaken the Kundalini negatively. It then descends to the atomic infernos of the human being and becomes the Tail of Satan…”


“The ‘ARCH’ of masonry, as Chris Everard explains, is symbolic of the ‘arc’ of electricity which flowed from the anode and cathode of the ARK OF THE COVENANT. According to the freemasonic histories, the ARK OF THE COVENANT was at first deposited in the most sacred place of the tabernacle and afterward placed by King Solomon in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple.
The Ark of the Covenant was lost upon the destruction of the first Temple by the Chaldean sorcerers who are today’s ‘jewish’ people], and there is an ancient replica at Axum in Ethiopia. The Ark was meant to be carried to Babylon [ancient Iraq] among the other sacred utensils which became the spoil of the conquerors…”


“Our cameras venture to Axum in Ethiopia where we film the amazing subterranean churches and the ARK OF THE COVENANT…
The Talmudists say that there were several things which were the “glory” of the first Temple of SOLOMON – which was the original hiding place of the ARK OF THE COVENANT. But the Ark was only one of several mysterious artefacts which we investigate on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL…

1. The Ark of the Covenant [which contain Leyden Jars which stored static electricity]

2. The Shikinah (or Divine Presence) [this is a female aspect of the Godhead who jews ‘make love to’ by swinging their hips at the Wailing Wall] and…

3. The Urim and Thummim (‘the holy fire upon the altar’ which resembled some ‘dice’ and feature prominently in the legends of the Mormons).”

The Enigma Channel email finished with the following:
enigma channel
Um, I don’t think I want to subscribe.

This is our daily Open Thread – have fun!

80 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, January 12th, 2015: Just WOW

    • Here in rural Colorado, there are apparently more than a few of that type of crazy. We know a pair of nutty fruitcake grandparents (teabaggers too, of course) who strongly support their daughter’s decision to never have her little one vaccinated for anything for fear of . . . well I dunno, can vaccinations induce liberalism? Do they increase the democrat vote over the long haul? Cause communism?

    • I hate these people. They often speak of how children are destroyed by vaccine induced autism. They’re wrong, and should stop referring to the autistic as damaged goods.

      • Exactly. Autism (a) is NOT caused by vaccines, and (b) pales in significance when compared to widespread epidemics of communicable diseses which most anti-vaxxers have never witnessed because vaccination. I remember when I was a kid in the fifties, when the Salk polio vaccine came out. I had to go see the doc and get stuck, which of course I didn’t like, but it sure beat the iron lung and crippling aftereffects that so many were suffering from. I was also, of course, vaccinated for tetanus, whooping cough, diphtheria, and later for MMR (after I’d had measles, actually).

        Oh, and I never became autistic. Gee, I wonder why? After all those shots???

      • You’re right, Outstanding. Of all the things that could happen to our children, and you know more than most, autism is pretty far down the list of the worst.

        • Absolutely. I think a parent referring to their autistic child as “damaged” would likely cause more harm to the child than the fact of autism.

  1. Saw this too late last night to include it in yesterday’s Watering Hole.

    One Student’s Epic Tweets Call Out the Biggest Hypocrites Marching for Free Speech In Paris

    Millions of people took to the streets of Paris and cities across France on Sunday to rally in defense of free speech and against terrorism in the wake of Wednesday’s deadly attack on satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The French Interior Ministry told the Associated Press that 3.7 million marched throughout France, making the demonstrations the largest in the country’s history.

    Adding to the symbolic weight of the demonstrations, more than 40 world leaders joined the start of the Paris march, linking arms in an act of solidarity. But as Reporters Without Borders points out, their policies at home are far from compatible with the solidarity for free speech on display throughout France.

  2. If the Enigma channel would do a full expose on how that one group of humanoids (Republicans) were placed on this planet when the earth was the designated penal colony for the intergalactic insane, I might be interested in subscribing. 😯

  3. French President Francois Hollande: “all the world leaders invited to Paris to march against terrorism, please step forward. Whoa, not so fast there, Bibi.

    • Just tried to watch it, got through just over one minute and had to turn it off.
      Kreist, what a moron! She needs to plunge that neckline down some more to keep attention off the inane drivel she’s spouting. Fear! Fear! They’re coming to kill us all!! Arm the Muslims, so they can kill each other? WTF?>

    • By “internationally recognized” I can only assume they mean no matter where this guy goes in the world people point at him and say “Isn’t that the moron from on the TV?”

      And it’s still early, so you can bet this won’t be the dumbest thing you hear on Fox this week.

    • Personally, I don’t find cities that are 20% Christian a whole lot more appealing, even though they’re a whole lot more common in certain countries.

      If only they’d all worship whichever way they choose, and then just shut up about it. Then the Pirromaniacs would have to find something else to bitch about (which I’m sure they’d somehow manage).

  4. I’m sorry. The NFL replay official got the call right in the Packers-Cowboys game yesterday. I called it incomplete as it happened. You could clearly see the ball juggled as it hit the ground. The replay official got to look at the play from all available angles, in all speeds, including frame by frame. There was ‘conclusive evidence’, which is necessary to overturn the ruling on the field.

    • Not to mention that the Kowboyz got to this game thanks to a ref picking up a flag against them in the Detroit game. Karma, ya bet?

  5. As a tool to push back against the Reichwhiner Christo-fascists, this site below is to a full translation of the Qu’ran. I’ve no knowledge of Arabic at all, but the bit of cross-comparison I’ve done with my own translation (from the Monotheist Group, on my Kindle) they seem pretty close. That doesn’t make either correct, but insofar as they are wrong, they are at least wrong in company.

    In any case, whenever someone claims that the Qu’ran says “X”, demand that they cite the sura:

    • Pretty much as far as I can tell, those religious tomes are chock full of ‘smite these guys’ and ‘smite those guys’ sprinkled throughout.
      Oh, and as far as demanding they cite the Sura, they wouldn’t know a Sura from a Subaru.

      • That is why one should go to the actual text to see what it says. Just today I encountered a claim that asserted the Qu’ran says (in effect) anyone who insults the/a prophet should be put to death. However, the person making this assertion had the high standards of integrity to actually CITE the sura: 9:64 — 66. But when you go the text, that is NOT what it says:

        (By the bye, there is a very useful (but small) menu link where, if you click on a specific text, you can then click on “more context”. Hence, the above link.)

        The same is true of the Bible. For example, nowhere in the Bible does it condemn abortion. Every time you challenge someone to show you where it does, you get passages that are utterly irrelevant to the practice (a soldier striking a woman on the belly when invading a besieged city; a husband poisoning his wife as a test of her possible infidelity.)

        People make these claims, and declare religious foundations for those claims, but if you look at their own texts, such foundations simply do not exist. (Except for shell fish; yeah, you gotta die!)

    • I’ve often wondered why so many “Christians” in this country get so freaked out over a mother feeding her child in the most natural way. If someone’s god, after all, had anything to do with how things work in human biology, I’d think they might hope everybody does it. But no, because sin means nakedidity.

      • So many get freaked out by breastfeeding and I’ve never seen anyone do it where breast was even showing. I think people just like to whine about it offending them for attention.

        • I don’t get it either. Why not whine about a baby bottle? I mean, it’s all there, visible — how horrible.

          Seriously, there are some overwhelmingly errant attitudes out there. I mean, feeding a child isn’t quite the same as, say, posing for Playboy or doing a topless dance in a nightclub somewhere (neither of which I find offensive either, btw.).

      • frugal,

        In the USA, nudity equals sex. The actual context doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t matter if no actual sex of any kind took place. In this country, nudity equals sex, and that’s not allowed. Basically, it’s the opinion of a bunch of people who need to get laid.

        • I wonder where was the wingnut freakout when that picture of Putin, topless with boobs showing, made the rounds. I mean, talk about ICK, PHOOEY! Or maybe it was his balding pate? Who could know?

          Besides, most women remain fully clothed when they feed their baby in public. But Putin? ICK!

          • PS: If sex of any type is so nasty and evil, then why the hell are there so many Republican and Christer wingnuts out there? Or maybe they really are pure, and the earth really is a penal colony for the intergalactic criminally insane? i.e. Republicans?

            Hmmm. I will think on this.

    • Gotta wonder how many Cardinals are shitting their frocky britches over the guy they elected Pope going so effing rogue on them.

    • Some questions:

      1) Exactly how does that not violate the Establishment Clause? We don’t operate under the Articles of Confederation anymore, or do they not know that?

      2) “The Bible provides a good role model on how to treat people.” really? You mean the parts on how much you can get for your slaves, which offenses warrant stoning, and all the times people went to war over stupid shit?

      3) Which version? I know it says the bill doesn’t specify a particular version, but if it doesn’t, then how would you know people were referencing the same book? They’re all translated differently (from the various translations.)

      and, 4) Could they think of anything stupider to do?

      • I continue to be astounded by our creep towards theocracy. When Jerry Fallwell first burst on the scene, and Raygun started humping his leg in public, I figured the Moral Majority would quickly fade to the fringes. Boy! Was I ever wrong. I don’t know if I have ever been more wrong about anything.

        Of course. I was raised in an non religious family and anyone who made a habit of bringing the subject up quickly found themselves uninvited. Religion was something considered private and personal or, at the very least, something best left in rural Apalachia. Now? It’s increasingly becoming a bludgeon in the hands of the stupid. Sigh… I guess it’s just a battle that a society has to go through every few generations but I would have liked it if the nutters had held off until my generation was done with this spinning speck of mud that circles a fifth rate star.

  6. I was wondering when this would happen. One of my dearest friends is completely uninterested in politics and government. He rarely watches the news himself and, living out in the country with his nearest neighbor over a mile away, I can’t blame him for ignoring most of the BS. But? He does hang out with some rightwhiners. Well? I was just talking to him and he asked me if I had been following how “low oil prices are going to crash the economy”. He’s getting this, mind you, from the same people who were saying that the high oil prices were going to crash the economy up until a couple months ago. Thankfully, despite his indifference, he’s pretty damned smart. When I told him that my take on low oil prices is that people who are spending less for gas can spend money on other stuff and that helps the economy. He said; “that’s kinda what I figured but (name withheld) is all worried and buying gold”.

    • Fifty years ago the price of gas was about 0.25 a gallon and the price of a barrel of oil was way down there at what, a buck or two? And the economy didn’t crash, most people weren’t really poor (except for us college guys, of course); employment was all over the place and hiring, chickens were two bits a pound, rent was cheap, utilities cheaper, and everyone was looking forward, not back.

      And then came, in approx. order, Vietnam, Nixon, the oil embargo and high gas prices, Watergate, Ford and really bad inflation, the Carter respite, and finally the end point: Reagan. Things sort of leveled off at cellar level, then came Dubya and 9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq, four dollar gas, torture . . .

      And now the oil price is sinking below sixty bucks a barrel and since our president is dark with kinky hair the world is going to end, prolly next week.


      Lucky for us the Repubs took over the Senate a few days ago and because of that all of last year’s economy picked up in spite of that guy in the White House, the lazy bum who took two weeks off over Christmas . . . oops, I meant . . . ummm . . . I forget, but he’s a lazy bum as we all know.

      Too bad he’s lowered the price of oil as part of his plan to spread Ebola and turn the US over to Mexico.

      There. My synopsis of wingnuttistanian talking points. There is no charge. 🙄

  7. Project FeederWatch
    Common Grackles seem like a boring, black bird until you catch them juuuust right, then they FLASH with color! Ashley Versluis caught these two “boring” birds standing off at her feeder in Bentonville, AR – a female House Sparrow and male Common Grackle. Ashley’s perfect example of how these “nuisance” birds can be beautiful makes her our Judges’ Choice winner under this week’s theme of “‘Boring’…

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