The Watering Hole, Tuesday January 13, 2015 – Environmental News ad Food Politics

Cha-Ching cha-ching…   the elephant in the room.

Naomi Klein tackles the elephant in the room.

Capitalism vs. The Climate

Open thread. Discuss.

35 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday January 13, 2015 – Environmental News ad Food Politics

  1. Discouraging part is that the elephant in the room is the wildly engorged Koch republican’t machine, gorging the electoral process with bribery.

  2. Climate change ….. its 50F in Seattle today, there was no snow at the Klondike Snow Challenge in Cle Ellum this weekend…. just one more weather event part of another warm, wet winter in the Pac NW……. except this kind of winter is one we see every now and again… in an El Nino year (the warming of the Pacific).

    The elephant in the room or rather not in the room in this case – *there is no El Nino this year*

    Makes all this Christo-Islam-Jewish culture wars and murderous violence look like a punch up in the first class bar of the Titanic while the North Atlantic swirls around the pugilists’ feet.

  3. OK so this jumped into my head just now as the debate about immigration, especially Muslim immigration and the emergence of cultures within cultures gets underway – “When the Martians land in Huddersfield…”

    …”I’ll tell you what we’ll do,
    We’ll grab the little green buggers and show them a thing or two,
    What do they think they’re doing with our women and our jobs?
    We’ll make them work on the buses, like the rest of the bloomin’ frogs…”

  4. Oh FFS! Sometimes The Huckster scares me. He’s mad as a hatter but still has that “aw shucks” charm that can even appeal to people who are not as crazy as he is.

    Does Beyonce’ dance in a provocative manner? Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! And, personally, I think the world is a better pace because of that fact. I don’t pretend to know the lyrical content of even one of her songs (That’s because I turn the sound off to enhance my viewing pleasure.) but, FCC regulations being what they are, there’s no effing way they could match the vile, disgusting, disturbing crap in the Buybull. The same Buybull that The Huckster would gleefully download into the brains of every infant on earth if he had the technology.

    I also can’t recall him going off about Miley Cyrus (Perhaps because she’s mor Caucasian than Beyonce’?) and that girl doesn’t even look good trying to dance provocatively. Is it a race thing? he world will never know for sure because The Huckster, by definition, is physically incapable of honesty.

    • Woah!

      told an officer that he was Jesus Christ and was going to kill Boehner because he was responsible for Ebola and had mistreated him…

      Imagine that, Jesus is blaming JohnnyBoy for Ebola.
      And all this time we were told it was Obama’s fault.

    • Can you imagine what would happen if some right-wing freak, like Ted Nugent, said similar things about President Obama? Oh.. Numerous right-wing freaks, like Ted Nugent, have said similar things about President Obama with no legal repercussions?

      I’m starting to think that there might be something a bit different about President Obama that results in a different response from law enforcement. Is it possible that President is a Democrat and not entirely Caucasian?

      • Well, he is, after, a usurper Kenyan ‘Marksist Facist’ Socialist Communist ‘Moran’ Dictator, who, among numerous other sins, apparently likes Beyonce and her filthy music. What could possibly be worse than all that?

        I should ask pHuckabee; I’m sure he knows.

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