The Watering Hole, Wednesday, 1/14/15

Think fast:

NAACP petitions to have African-Americans put on endangered species list, spokesman claims “we’re dropping like flies”.

Texas GoP, not to be outdone by Washington, lobbies to have Dallas Cowboys renamed to Dallas Wetbacks.

Florida GoP introduces ‘shoot first-ask questions later’ law.

The War on Christmas continues: Walmart announces first ever Good Black Friday Sale.

Koch Bros secretly buying all real estate in Virginia. Insiders say once they own the whole State they plan on seceding and forming their own country.

Last, but not least, what day is it?





47 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, 1/14/15

  1. A documentary on fission products and transuranics from thorium and uranium. *Yaaaawn.* Wait — who the hell is that at 13:38?!

    • Let me help out here, herr Romney Adviser: IF the SCOTUS had not screwed up/us SO BADLY with their grossly erroneous December 13 2000 decision on the presidential race — had they not named the dumb one president instead of the electoral winner Gore — there would be no ISIS, and better yet there would be no need for Romney (which there never has been anyway).

      So more troops in Iraq is the manifest solution to everything, right? Gee, I wonder why ‘it’ didn’t work before?

      I have a recommendation: Solve everything by sending a million Amurkan troops (including Romney, Cheney, Dubya, Boner, McConnell, Ryan, Cruz, Jeb, Rumsfeld, McCain, Ms Lindsey, Christie, pHuckabee, and Scott Walker) to each Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Kuwait, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. That’s only 8 million needed, I know, but I suggest drafting only Republicans (cuz they really love war and troops and stuff) and send them off to protect the rest of us. Meanwhile, in 2016 when the R’s are short 8 million votes, we’ll install a liberal-progressive Senate, House, and Oval Office who will happily leave the armed R’s out there defending whatever with no return ticket.

      The world will be better off. As for Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Kuwait, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq prolly not so much, Oh well.

    • in Terry’s absence, I will administer the {{{{((((***COCKPUNCH***))))}}}} to the fucking bastard!

      (I hope that did Terry justice)

      • Quite so, my young padawan, quite so.

        El Tel is finding like the supreme power of the monarch, as in the constitutional monarch Elizabeth 2 is that it is actually the ability coupled with the choice not to exercise that ability that makes it work……

        ….. so it appears with the c***kpunch…..

    • Interesting. Those are virtually the same techniques that religions use to enslave as much of the youth of the next generation as they can gain access to! I myself went through all of that with Sunday School, summer’s two-week “Parochial” school, Confirmation classes, and even more — the chains were everywhere.

      Fortunately, though, my dad, himself the son of an immigrant Swede atheist, taught me that all those religious chains were of no consequence, that all you had to do to break them was walk away. So I did, and yep, it worked! No more chains, no rope. Not even a thread. Thanks, pop, wherever you are!

  2. A Northwest Side neighborhood group is catching grief over a recent decision to recognize a local strip club for improving the aesthetics of the area.

    Albany Park Neighbors decided this month to give its “Block Star Business” award to the Admiral Theatre at 3940 W. Lawrence Ave. The award, according to the group’s website, spotlights businesses doing their part to keep the neighborhood clean and presentable.

    The group says those business owners who keep a neat sidewalk and storefront, ensure there are enough trash cans for the business and reduce the amount of trash patrons bring into the neighborhood can be eligible for the award.

    “Trashy streets impact quality of life for residents in Albany Park — but litter also negatively affects business, too,” the group’s Web page reads. “This effort helps our group of residents recognize and champion local businesses who are going above and beyond in the fight against litter, while also providing great customer service and going the extra mile for our community.”

    • Well, I’ve never seen a strip club that didn’t improve a whole lot of local aesthetics, but then it’s been prolly 30 years since the last time I even SAW one, much less measured the effect on local aesthetics, so I won’t offer any opinion on the matted. 😉

  3. Delicate, as ever:

    • Well we should see the cartoons and they should not be self-censored…. but well he’s a tool…. that much is also true.

    • If somebody — anybody, really — was going to behead Joe Walsh even right over there, I wouldn’t interfere. And not because I’m particularly scared of guys with swords or machetes, either. In fact, in some cases (see above) I might even consider loaning out the machete that’s stored with our camping gear — on the condition that they wash it first before they return it, of course.

  4. After reviewing the comments – I sometimes lament that I don’t have the time to visit here during the day.

    Happy hump day, all.

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