The Watering Hole; Thursday January 15 2015; WE’RE DOOMED!

I’ve decided to not waste anyone’s time interpreting some examples of this day’s Teh Stupid, figured it’s easier to simply post a few links. Most of these are short, but boy, are they revealing! Absolutely amazing.

President Obama ‘Is The Face Of Islam In America’

Bryan Fischer Falsely Claims President Obama Blamed Charlie Hebdo Victims For Their Own Deaths

Watch Out: Islam, Socialism, Environmentalism Uniting To Kill Us All

700 Club: ‘Radical Islamists’ Behind Obama White House

OK, well, that’s far from revealing the TOTAL stupid from just yesterday, but it’s a viable hint of just how far into the muck a whole lot of folks have sunk. I have to wonder if one day soon they might find the means to get even stupider than they have gotten so far — and is it possible to imagine that one day they’ll manage to find the means to out-dumb even the upcoming Republican Presidential candidate field? I know, I know, that’s a monumental challenge — but it could happen!
GOP training film

50 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday January 15 2015; WE’RE DOOMED!

    • I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the root of their “bizarre bullshit” is, first and foremost, a deep and embedded HATRED of President Obama, and I suspect that particular irrationality has its roots in racism and the hate and fear it inspires. These haters have so far left no stone unturned in the search for ANYTHING that even MIGHT discredit the President or, better yet, inspire fear and hate that has no rational basis.

      What troubles me most about this is that this type of irrationality seems to be catching on, and as it does so the din gets louder and louder. And the fact that a lot of Congressional Republicans openly participate simply pours fuel on the fire.

      One can only wonder where it will all end.

    • Gawd I’d love to see Billy O;Pissy put on a goddamned uniform, grab a rifle and head on up to the front lines…
      The stench of his shatting would render the enemy unconscious.

    • Wingnuts seem to like “false flag” theories. Seems to me Alex Jones has one for everything, including the Boston bombing. Sadly, there are a huge cadre of stupid shits out there than invariably play along. It’s gotten a whole lot worse since Jan 2009 and Obama. I wonder why?

  1. Profiles in Cowardice:

    “On Sky News, former Charlie Hebdo journalist Caroline Fourest was trying to explain how “crazy” it is that certain journalism mills in the United Kingdom won’t show the cover of the latest edition of the magazine. Well, Sky News provided a stronger explanation than Fourest ever could have.”

    • Yes, but it should never be *illegal* to be rude to Frankie P’s mum. Bad taste yes and you might expect a punch….

      I think Frankie P has it wrong on religion and insulting people of faith. Any and all those who seek to impose their will on others should be open to caricature and ridicule – finito Benito. It should not be illegal. Bad taste maybe, but not illegal.

      • Jesus (Gospel of Matthew):

        “You have heard that it was said, ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also .…”

  2. What amazes me is the lack of push back against the “DOOMNUTS”. Are the voices of reason too silent to be heard or does the “librul media” fail to report it? One would think and hope that any sane person with a platform would be pointing out that we created, for example, ISIS. We removed the power structure that held them in check. We armed them. We paid them. And we bombed their homes back to the stone age and killed their children. And yet…?

    The only place one will ever hear this is on “librul” blogs and it’s not coming from leaders but from commentators.

    • I couldn’t agree more.

      It’s been American (Republican: Poppy Bush and Dubya) Administrations that have fucked everything up over there beginning in 1990. It would be more than fair to blame the warmongering by the Bush’s for creating the motivation for 9-11, the Iraq War, and the rise of ISIS, along with a whole lot of other crap that would have been avoidable were it not for those two bozos. Everything from Ambassador Glaspie’s assurance to Saddam Hussein that the US had no interest in what his Kuwait/Shatt-al-Arab waterway might be, to Poppy’s silly-assed Persian Gulf war (including him pissing off Islamists with the presence of thousands of troops in Saudi Arabia, their “holy land,” to Dubya’s uncalled for invasion of Iraq based on nothing but horseshit. NO WONDER they don’t like us over there, what with all of our ‘none-of-our-business’ meddling for almost 25 years as we speak.

      If only we the people could find a way to banish for good that bunch of fascists that call themselves GOP we’d soon be a LOT better off. Grrrr. 😯

      • I would say that it started with Nixon shipping guns and spare Phantom parts to the Israelis during Yom Kippur, but then there is US oil colonialism, 1948 and oh wait then there is Sykes-Picot…… fuck, why not throw in the Crusades for fun…

        … mind you that old Islamic ‘expansion’ at the point of a sword in the 8th C…. that wasn’t very nice either….

        • Us seeing to the installation of the Shah in Iran after helping overthrow an elected government didn’t help too much either. I can’t think of a single thing we’ve ever done over there that’s accomplished anything good. Some would argue that oil and Aramco were cool, but I wouldn’t be among them.

  3. It’s snowing here, and Gisela is running from window to window, watching it, and checking to make sure it’s happening outside all the windows. 😀

  4. The Obama administration is putting a large dent in the U.S. embargo against Cuba as of Friday, significantly loosening restrictions on American trade and investment.

    The new rules also open up the communist island to greater American travel and allow U.S. citizens to start bringing home small amounts of Cuban cigars after more than a half-century ban.

    —No more limits on how much money Americans spend in Cuba each day or what they spend it on.

    —Permissible use of U.S. credit and debit cards.

    —Travel agents and airlines can fly to Cuba without a special license.

    —Insurance companies can provide coverage for health, life and travel insurance policies for individuals residing in or visiting Cuba.

    —Financial institutions may open accounts at Cuban banks to facilitate authorized transactions.

    —Investments can be made in some small businesses and agricultural operations.

    —Companies may ship building materials and equipment to private Cuban companies to renovate private buildings.

    • The funny part is that the tirade could easily apply to several different GOoPers including a certain awful white woman from Alaska and a white Texas GOoPer who blurts “asparagus” for no apparent reason. And don’t even get me started about the diction and grammar of the most recent GOP president!

  5. Russian Cat Saves Abandoned Baby From Freezing

    An abandoned newborn baby was saved from freezing to death by the unlikeliest of hero – a stray cat.

    The tabby named Marsha climbed into the box the infant had been dumped in and kept the child warm for several hours as the mercury plunged below zero.

    Residents in the block of flats found the unusual surrogate curled around the freezing boy and licking his face after being alerted by his cries.

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