State of the Union speech, 2015 — live-blogging


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It’s that time of year again — the President will paint a sunny picture of the state of this nation, and will talk about things he’d like to do this year, even though he knows this Congress isn’t going to do anything thing but keep his veto pen busy.  Fun times.

Who will heckle the President this year?  Which SCOTUS members will be present and absent?  How many times will the Dems pop up for applause, and how many times will the Repubs boo?  Which Fox “News” pundit will trash the speech before it’s even given?  How many members of Congress will be spending time on their phones, instead of giving the President the slightest bit of respect?

It’s open season, when live-blogging on TheZoo, on the Prez and Congress, which means everything is fair game:  Clothes, ties, hair-dos, hugs, praising the POTUS for good stuff, and giving him hell for bad stuff.  Knock yourselves out, Zoosters.

Make sure you stay tuned for the Repub and Tea Party responses to the SOTU, because Sen Joni Ernst, the pig castrater from Iowa, will be hollering the Repub response; and Rep Curt Clawson, the clueless they can’t be from Amurka if their skin is brown and they have funny names idiot from Florida, will confidently spew Teabagger crapola.

I’m not encouraging drinking games, but feel free to BYOB and party on.  I’ll be abstaining from the evils of drink this evening, so I’ll make sure y’all are laying on your sides, and will turn out the lights when I leave.  We don’t want a repeat of last year’s SOTU party — whatever might have happened…

251 thoughts on “State of the Union speech, 2015 — live-blogging

  1. I’m keeping up with the speech through y’all’s comments, so don’t hold back. I’ll be home about 9:45pm Zoo time.

  2. He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient;…

    It says NOTHING about anybody being required to give any kind of response, let alone a small faction of one of the parties that doesn’t conference with them much.

    • If this was the Socialist-Marxist-Fascist-Communist-Dictatorship of popular right wing nutcase rumor, anyone who heckles Obama will be carted off to Gitmo and tortured, never to be seen again.

    • He’s got a glass of scotch in his pocket – he dunks the handkerchief into the scotch and snorts it. He wasn’t blowing his nose, he was snorting scotch.

      That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

    • Betcha Fat Boy Rush is first on the plane with a box of blue pills and a packet of rubber johnnies…. despite what he says on’t radio, like

  3. If you watch this on a small screen the crawl at the bottom is cut off so it just says “uck Todd”, which seems appropriate.

  4. President Obama is a good speaker. Why can’t he get the general buy-in that FDR could? The situation, message, and potential fixes are the same. Must we really have folk eating potatoes for months on end to believe an adjustment in income distribution is necessary? Do the legacies of FDR and LBJ smooth out the issue just enough that the people aren’t quite desperate enough?

    • People in FDR’s time were interested in working for the common good, not destroying everything with which they disagree.

      The “just enough” thing does make sense. Otherwise, we’d have been in the streets over income inequality 20 years ago. Now people are just hanging on by their fingernails, and hoping they don’t lose their minimum wage job.

      • And folk who played the game by the rules (get an education, buy a house , save for retirement) are living with promises that were yanked away. I guess I expected them to be angrier. Maybe they’re working too hard to have time to be angry.

  5. via The Mudflat:

    Wow. In case you missed the rebuttal to the State of the Union address, here are the Cliff Notes.
    Be happy with your poverty. Don’t complain. Work harder. Have less. Thanks Joni Ernst.

      • I have two Facebook accounts. I created the first one about two weeks before I found out Think Progress was going to Fb for their comment system. Since the first one was my real name, and I never meant to use that commenting, I asked Comcast for a second e-mail so I could use that to get a Facebook ID with my screenname. Since that never produced comments at TP anyone could see but me, I had to use a Hotmail e-mail account at TP to get it to work. Since neither Fb account was of any use to me, and Fb wouldn’t let me delete them, I locked them down with maximum security and stopped going there. As far as I’m concerned, Facebook is useless for me.

        I caught the Borowitz link at DU.

        • I don’t use my real name of FB. Everyone asks how I managed that…
          Ebband is my first there – FB hasn’t a clue if it is real or and alias.

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