The Watering Hole, Tuesday January 20, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics


You won’t find it at this restaurant any more. Vegan restaurants have been around for a while, but beef is the mainstay at many high end restaurants. But this London eatery, which won a sustainability award, wants to really live up to its name.

Chef cuts beef from menu to fight climate change.

Petal power anyone?

Open thread. Discuss.

54 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday January 20, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. I used to have a killer recipe for sun dried tomato and artichoke bisque.
    I can’t find the recipe and I can’t duplicate it.

    • “You see, if you’re very, very stupid, how can you possibly realize that you’re very, very stupid? You’d have to be relatively intelligent to realize how stupid you are.” ~John Cleese

      Bobby Jindal defined.

  2. My SOTU speech:

    “Did you hear that 1% of the world’s population (that’s all of us right here in that group), now owns more than 50% of its wealth, because…. well Jesus. Maybe we should do something about that? I know you won’t because you are greedy assholes, but I’m going to say it anyway. And then I’m bringing Frankie P over to have a chat with you and f*ck your shit up, OK?

    This last year was the hottest in recorded history and some of you assholes like to suck so much Koch you would rather give a reacharound to both of them and their buddies than do jack shit about the world you are leaving your grandkids. F*ck all of you ignorant fake-Jesus f*ckwits.

    And, speaking of carbon emissions, gas prices are down to $2 in places, unemployment lower than 6%, stock market at record high, we are almost back to exceeding China for growth and corporate profits at records – oh and despite you turds, 2m people don’t have to just ‘up and die’ they can go see a doctor…… all this no thanks to you dickwads and the last entitled white asshole to stand up here. How about that Obama Recovery, sports fans!!??

    Thanks a lot, I’ll be in the bar….. see ya”

    • All of that has happened simply because the electorate assumed that the Republican party would regain control of Congress in 2014 and as soon as they figgered it out everything improved immensely! Obama had nothing to do with it, see, cuz remember, as soon as he was elected in 2008 the economy crashed in anticipation of what a bum like that was going to do to Amurka, Kenyan Muslim and all.

      Summary: all bad news is Obama’s fault. All good news is because of Republicans. See Fox News for full details.

  3. I watched “American Sniper” solely because I like Bradley Cooper so much. But it is a jingoistic, pedestrian, directed-by-the-numbers film by Clint Eastwood. Chris Kyle, as played by Bradley Cooper, was a far more sympathetic character than he was in real life.

    Maybe Clint wanted to show how even Kyle’s baby was as emotionally detached from life as he was. This is lame.

  4. How The ‘No-Go Zones’ Myth Traveled From The Anti-Muslim Fringe To The Mouths Of GOP Politicians

    The far-right outlet WorldNetDaily mentions “no-go zones” frequently, often warning that the United States will soon face the same fate. Anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller told WND last year:

    The Muslim population, for example, in France is over 10 percent,” she said. “You see outside of Paris … it can be very frightening. The no-go zones, the Shariah zones, where firefighters and police cannot go. They are many times lured by particular criminal activity into these zones, only to be ambushed. We see it in the U.K., increasingly, the imposition of Shariah law. And people think it can’t happen here, but it is happening here.

    Funny thing about all that is that when I lived in St. Louis County back in the late sixties, right next door in the city of St. Louis there was a large and multi-structure multi-story housing development called Pruitt Igoe. Its residents were almost all poor black people who, in the St. Louis of that era, were invariably forced into segretated areas, had a hard time finding decent jobs, and were generally looked down upon by the area’s far more prosperous white folks.

    To make a long story short, Pruitt Igoe had become, by 1969, an area to which the Fire Department would NOT respond without a police escort (and even then the response was far more cautios than in “other” parts of town). Pruitt Igoe had become, in no small measure, a ‘No-Go’ zone and it remained such until the people were relocated in more amenable housing after which the entire Pruitt Igoe housing development was torn down and destroyed.

    Interesting that Shariah Law and Muslims were not involved at all. The cause was, instead, the racial hatred (and fear) that most whites had for anyone black back in those days.

    Sounds like, in Pam Geller’s “mind,” not much has changed other than today far too many whites have found yet another non-white community to hate and fear. Difference is, there are (in spite of what Geller and others like to talk about) no ‘No-Go’ zones. Not yet, at least.

    Wonder if we whitey folks will ever learn that the way to avoid such nonsense is to drop the hate, the fear, the discrimination, and just accept everyone as an equal, one to be respected.

    When shall I commence holding my breath in anticipation?

    • The UK, for Ms. Geller, is a “no-go zone”. As the co founder of two hate groups she has been denied entry. I also find it deeply ironic that she, as a Jew, would so eagerly expound on the merits of exclusion and segregation based on race and religion. I really can’t see a whole lot of difference between the crap that she spouts and the crap being spouted by Hitler in the late 20’s.

      • Yes. Hitler’s hate was extreme, but still it was classic fascist — the right wing political philosophy that defines today’s Republican Party. For some odd reason, they cannot (or refuse) to grasp their own reality, but that’s what it is.

      • Another p.o.v. on things like that:

        Jimmy Bakker is so worried about anti-Christian animus that he even tied the plight of Christians in America to Nazi Germany’s anti-Jewish persecution: “If we all took a stand just like the Robertson family did, they can’t put us all in jail at the same time, unless they did something like they did to the Jews.”

  5. Nothing can go wrong with pipelines, except

    Pipeline breach spills oil into Yellowstone River

    Cleanup workers cut holes into the ice on the Yellowstone River near Crane, Mont. on Monday, Jan. 19, 2015 as part of efforts to recover oil from an upstream pipeline spill that released up to 50,000 gallons of crude.

  6. Alex Jones: One Billion People Will Die If Pope Francis Gets His Way

    Jones took issue with the Pope’s recent message on the environment, which the “InfoWars” host thought could potentially lead to the deaths of at least one billion people.

    “Carbon taxes will kill one billion people over a decade,” Jones said. “Obama’s told them, you can’t’ have cars, you can’t have air conditioning, you can’t have medicine, you can’t have anything.”

    If Alex Jones is among the first to go, I vote yes.

  7. The SOTU live-blogging post will come up at 5:00 PT. I’ll add a link to the speech in comments, presumably C-SPAN.

    I dunno, the post came off as a bit sarcastic, but since I’m feeling VERY cynical and put off about the world of politics these days, I think I held back well.

    • I continually ask around: “How in hell did so MANY stupid shits ever get elected to Congress?”

      The only answer so far is that there are a whole lot of stupid shits out there who, unfortunately, have the right to vote — and exercise it.

      • They also have the RWEC (Right Wing Echo Chamber) pimping the ruling stupid shits to the voting stupid shits. Funny…

        The right-wing conspiracy nuts seem to be unable or unwilling to recognize their part in the whole mess. Why not take credit for a job well done? Heck! Lushbo himself could spend the next year informing his audience that it’s all just been a big mind fuck and he’s never said anything true in his entire career and his audience would increase and believe the lies all the more.

          • That continues to amaze me. The GOoPers managed to take control by saying that everything sucks. I think, if they were pandering to sane people, they could have gained even more power by taking responsibility for the gains that have been made.

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