The Watering Hole, Friday January 23, 2015 – Friday Night Music

I saw this lady umpteen years ago (try 40+) at Villanova University in a blues concert, really an all-star cast of old blues performers. Bonnie was the only pale one on the stage, but she could rip some mean blues licks with the old timers. She actually started her career in Philadelphia. Fashioned quite a legacy for herself in the ensuing years..


53 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday January 23, 2015 – Friday Night Music

  1. Learned something new today. 🙂

    The song “You Better Run” – which I came to know in the 80’s via Pat Benatar was originally written in the 60’s by The Rascals.

  2. I rolled through a stop sign and didn’t come to a complete stop. I also failed to signal during a lane change.
    Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

  3. How many bands can pull off a rockin tune with a xylophone?
    That’s right, one.
    The Violent Femmes.
    Hell Yeah!

  4. Was on mah radio this morning…… and its been there all day….. ear worm for ya.

  5. So is the theme blues, lady rockers or gingers?

    Until someone sets me straight….. here’s Trombone Shorty…. who is none of those things.

  6. #1 son, TommytheTurtle is off to the school dance…. he is not allowed to take my red leather tie or leather pants……. like this video… someone’s fun project.

    • The Neil Young tune is dedicated to our NWOG. (only because it is a Neil Young song and I always enjoy NWOG’s talking about him)
      He hasn’t checked in on music night for quite some time.
      Do hope life is treating him well!

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