Sunday Roast: Neat stuff on Earth

Unfortunately, this means the secret about all these cool places is now out, and we can expect Wal-Marts to begin popping any time now…

This is our daily open thread — Love the Earth!

57 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Neat stuff on Earth

  1. That was a riveting tour!
    Caves are fascinating. The Ocean holds so many systems still to be discovered!
    We live in a marvelous world (keep Walmart and the GoOPers away from it).

  2. We just got about 4-6 inches on Saturday, and now we have to prepare for this. Jane and I will probably ride into work together Monday morning and leave around 1 PM (or whenever it starts.) Our office has a pretty liberal policy in that if you don’t feel safe driving in winter weather (because they hate to officially close the office and pay everyone), you’re allowed to use your vacation time to make up for the hours you miss. People often make fun of us because we don’t stick around, but my feeling is why stick around and find out they were right about how bad it’s going to get, and then be stuck there? The weather forecasters don’t always accurately predict what will happen, but it’s worth paying attention when they tell you what could happen. Is it worth your life to prove them wrong?

    • We got whacked by that crap last week. Last Monday it was sunny and unbelievably warm – low 70s – sleet started late Tuesday PM, later changed to snow which continued till Thursday’s wee small, then the sky cleared and when the sun came up on Thursday the temp was 7 degrees — close to a seventy degree drop in 60 hours, give or take a couple.

      At least the front range is white from head to toe. Means the lake should be brim full when it comes the time to water the golf course.

    • Just drove back from Redmond through all the wineries…. people in short sleeves and sunglasses sitting on the patios, drinking wine…. 65F on the car gauge…

  3. The natural world is SO much more interesting and compelling than is our human world — you know, the world where even protected and preserved areas are under attack by monied interests of all types, the world where plant and animal species are seen to have no intrinsic value other than to satisfy a wide range of dismal and invariably destructive human cravings, the world which humans KNOW was created just just to satisfy their own despoiling urges by a god which exists only in their own self-elevating mythology.

    I’d like to come back here a million years after humans’ own self-engineered extinction has passed just to see the restored beauty, and knowing it will last until the next (self-defined) ‘intelligent” species arrives.

  4. Just because Obama once said ‘Elections have consequences’, the Republicans believe that now they’re supposed to get to call the shots in Washington. What if the consequence of Republicans winning more House seats only due to gerrymandering, and winning Senate seats in states Romney won, is that Obama still has the same power he had before the election?

  5. Just had an exchange with my friend in Kyev. The attack on Mariupol she says seems to have changed the mood in people. They were sad but still resolute about the loss of the airport and the loss of some brave men there in Donetsk, but the wanton murder, obviously aided and armed by Russia is scary to many. They are scared again now.

    No one thinks this will end while Putin is the Czar of All the Russias and it may not even if he is deposed. No one has faith in anyone in the West.

    Meanwhile across Ukraine things like this go on….. she said in Kyev too just yesterday.

    I remember after Maidan last February, she told me “now there will be war” – I did not really believe her, but now… anyway she is still trying to leave to take her son to France to her fiancé.

    • A Guardian journalist in Moscow is saying that the Russian TV is desperately ‘spinning’ the Mariupol story, if talking about it at all.

        • Hard to imagine “corporate news” explaining and/or criticizing Putin’s irrational behavior (obviously driven by his own perception of what is clearly his Achilles heel — his own implicit insufficiency/ inferiority) since said “corporate news” sees Putin as a real man among men when compared with our own “overgrown little boy” president.

          Best not to even talk about things like that, things that make dicks shrink.

          • Its mind numbing the willful stupidity of the media and Putin is playing it like a violin. Check this BBC report.


            There are only two facts in the whole report – that 30 people died and about 100 were injured and that Mariupol is a port city of 500,000 and is the gateway to Russia joining up a land route to Crimea (through Berdyansk where this blogger I was telling you about yesterday is).

            The rest of this is:
            Ukraine says the DPR terrorists did it. The DPR says no we didn’t.
            Poroshenko blames Russia for supplying the weapons and the soldiers and controlling the DPR, Lavrov says no it’s your fault the attack happened.

            That’s it. You read it and you go “oh both sides are fighting, both to blame, fuck it is the Superbowl preview on yet…. my balls feel a little deflated”

            I give you one fact that I know just by reading a little and you read this story a completely different way: the partly brain dead, understaffed and staffed by Russians too:


            “…According to the impact analysis, the Grad rockets originated from a north-easterly direction, in the area of Oktyabr (19 km north-east of Olimpiiska Street), and the Uragan rockets from an easterly direction, in the area of Zaichenko (15 km east of Olimpiiska Street), both controlled by the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”).”

            There, a more-or-less impartial source assesses the rockets (Russian) coming from Russian-backed terrorists territory. add to that that the leader of the DPR was on video yesterday saying that he was going to attack Mariupol yesterday…..

            And last night Russia blocked a UN statement on the incident.

            Now read the article again. Which narrative is more credible – the one in the report, or that Russia is fighting a murderous proxy war in another European country and will stop at nothing, naked terror included….. the West needs to wake up now… Putin will not stop unless someone puts a bullet in his head.

    • …another Latin word, status quo

      Truly tragic that people want her to be POTUS.
      The OrangeOne could be her V.P. and the entire world would laugh us off the face of the earth…

  6. Now, You Too Can Be Killed By Law Enforcement

    What are Perceived Carry Decoys? We’re glad you asked! Perceived Carry Decoys is a veteran owned entity that offers the worlds first and only way to exercise your 2nd amendment right, without the stigma or concerns associated with owning a gun.

    PCD understands that not everyone is comfortable with owning an actual firearm. But why should those feelings affect your personal safety?

    Now they no longer have to. With the launch of Perceived Carry Decoys, you may now give off the appearance that you are toting serious heat, while in actuality you have nothing more than a one piece device attached to your hip that is as harmless as a cell phone.

  7. Thanks to Geico, Ickey Woods has been rediscovered as a celebrity for the first time in over two decades.

    Duke Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski just got his 1000th victory. He’s 98 victories shy of Pat Summitt’s NCAA record. That’s Patricia Sue Summitt, of the Tennessee Lady Vols.

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