Ok, for whatever reasons, the link won’t embed properly. It’s Jon Stewart.


40 thoughts on “THE WATERING HOLE, WEDNESDAY, 1/28/15

    • “…70 percent of the money in them comes from families earning more than $200,000 a year.”

      I think the motive here was ending a program that requires oversight, which wasn’t a benefit to lower income families to save money for their children. This was just giving the 1% another place to shelter income from taxes, which is obviously why it was enacted in 2001 by Republicans in the first place.

  1. I am not sure how this is the ‘Moscow Times’ but still

    The Russians continue to deny the obvious…

    … with the “Useful Idiots” of the western media continuing to report as ‘he-said-she-said’ the ‘controversy’. I have run out of stupid examples – I’ll just refer to Rene Montain and Corey Flintoff (reporting from Donetsk today) – paraphrase:

    RM: So the West and Ukraine say that the Russians are supplying men, weapons, tanks to the separatists and regular Russian army units are fighting alongside the separatists – a charge the Russians say is absolutely untrue

    CF: (unrelated comment)

    RM: (the obvious question not asked) – Why don’t you take a look out of the fucking window Corey and count the Russian T72s as they go by!!

    And here is Yahoo: again…. more of the same

  2. Sometimes I just can’t stop myself. Besides, he’ll never be able to prove I meant him particularly (and not some other similarly named person) or that it will ever cause him damage.

  3. QOTD:

    “What’s happened since Republicans took full control of Congress has been … the legislative equivalent of a banana peel, flailing arms, an upended bookcase, torn drapes and a slide across a laden banquet table into a wedding cake” — Dana Milbank, in today’s WaPo.

    • We’re just a few days away from February 1st when the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated on reentry over Texas and other southern states.
      I thought it would be cool to watch it land so I woke up and drove to Kennedy Space Center and waited in the parking lot to watch it land.
      And waited, and waited, and waited.
      The parking lot was rather empty for something that I thought would be a real thrill to watch.
      We were listening to the radio and news slowly emerged that there was a problem. It wasn’t until hours later that they divulged what had really happened.
      Having been on a few of Mr. Toads wild rides, I could imagine what it must have felt like to be in an aircraft that you have no control over.

    • I was stationed at Shemya AFB at the time. I knew the shuttle was supposed to launch that day, and when I went into work, I asked my supervisor if the shuttle went up okay, and with a stunned grin he said, “Nope!” I said, “What happened? Was it delayed?” He said, “Nope. Blew up.” I said, “Are they showing it again?” and he said, “Oh, yeah! ‘Bout every 30 seconds.” Sure enough, less than a minute later, I got to see it for the first time.

    • They elected the jackass not once but twice!
      He’s reading the Repubs playbook: lie, lie somemore, then lie again until the masses think it is the truth.

    • LOL We were in a discount type mall in Beijing where you can buy all sorts of knock offs from golf clubs to jewelry. This was an indoor mall and we witnesses several locals have a big hork and spit right on the floor. Disgusting!

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed that.
        Beijing is a hork fest.
        The wind blows the yellow dust from the north and the pollution combine to blot out the sun.

    • Infantile behavior. Their sycophants all say that is a great idea Mike.
      Introduce the idiotic idea and the WTF attacks occur and then, typical of a Repugnant one, no, no, no we never ever said that…

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