The Watering Hole, Saturday, January 31st, 2015: Dogs and Cats

First, the dogs: From, “25 Uncommon Dog Breeds You Didn’t Know About” (I did know about some of them, as I’m sure many of you do.)

I love some of the (often minimal) breed descriptions:

Number 23, the Berger Picard: “French Shepherds, which date back to 800 AD, are a very rare breed.” [But their bloodline is continued into the 25th century, minus most of the hair, of course.]

Number 11, the Jade Terrier: “The Jade Terrier appeared between the two world wars.” [What, did it come through the Wardrobe from Narnia?]

Number 8, the Mudi: “About 100 years ago in Hungary, a spontaneous breed surfaced called the Mudi dog.” [A “spontaneous” breed? Another Narnian?]

Number 2, the Finnish Spitz: “This adorable breed was originally bred to hunt game like bears and squirrels.” [BEARS and squirrels? BEARS?!]

Number 1, the Otterhound: “These dogs are said to be [the] most intelligent carnivorous mammals in all of Europe.” [I’d have to agree that otterhounds are probably smarter than most human “carnivorous mammals.”]

Otterhounds (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Otterhounds (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Now, the cats: With tomorrow’s Super Bowl in mind, here’s “20 Things Your Cat is Thinking While You’re Watching the Super Bowl”, also from Not as funny as I had hoped, but some cute cat photos make it worthwhile. And for those who won’t watch football, there’s always Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl for tomorrow’s entertainment.

This is our daily Open Thread, brought to you from the frozen tundra of New York. Brrrr!

41 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, January 31st, 2015: Dogs and Cats

  1. I should note that each domestic dog breed is descended from my all time favorite wild critter, the same wild critter that is hated and feared by more human idiots that anything else in the universe (with the possible exception of people with brown skin): Canis lupus — The wolf.

    In re cats, Mark Twain summed it: “Of all God’s creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the lash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat.”

    Overall, Twain was correct when he noted that Darwin’s ‘Descent of man’ thesis was spot on, that the evidence is clear: man is descended from the HIGHER animals. πŸ˜‰

    • So, there are people willing to pay $40 a month for an email address with and the guarantee that your email address would not be rented to any other organization. No need, I suppose, to seek additional income when you have an exclusive on idiots ready to shell out dollars for their in house Reagan scams.

      • I was wrong about the not selling their list to others. They’re promising not to scan, copy nor read your email content only. No need to read the crazy ramblings of rightwingers when all you need to know is they pay $40 to have an email address!

  2. I think the Mayor might be in for a shock. Does he not realize that the people he had his “spat” with are right-wing authoritarians? Is he not aware that right-wing authoritarians never, ever, just let grudges go? My prediction is that there will be a certain number of NYC cops, shoulder to shoulder with the freaks from the Westboro Baptist Church, making a scene at the Mayor’s eventual funeral.

  3. So, speaking of “dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!” Some of y’all already know about this, but the Williamson County Sheriff’s department SWAT team (together with an armored personnel carrier I could park my car inside) came over the other night to have a 4 1/2 — 5 hour standoff with my immediate neighbor to the West. He is white, so he survived the adventure, as did everyone else. (They did come by to suggest — as politely as people can, in body armor, carrying assault weapons — that I should vacate my trailer.)

    I slept in the upstairs bedroom of a colleagues house Thursday night, slept in my own bed last night, and am currently still shaking my head over the whole incident. Overall, I am satisfied that the Sheriff’s people actually handled the situation well (nobody died, nobody was even hurt, unless you count the feelings of the fellow they arrested.) But as a general rule, this is not the sort of thing you normally expect on a Thursday afternoon, before you’ve even had dinner.

      • Just “cat” any more, and no: she’s feral by birth and suspicious by nature, so in order to put her into the carrier w/o significant histrionics, I have to set things up well in advance, which I could not do here. With folks tramping around in the backyard, she was already hunkering down, which meant that not only would she be near impossible to catch, she was already settled around one or the other I-Beams that undergird the trailer, and hence probably safer than any where I could take her even if I could catch her.

    • While not quite a full-blown invasion I had an interesting Friday morning. First the fire engines woke me up around 1:00AM and they evacuated the building across the parking lot. My guess is that someone fell asleep with something on the stove because they left after running some big exhaust fans in the doorway. Maybe 30 minutes in all. Then, a couple hours after I managed to get back to sleep, several big, burly, police officers woke me up banging on the door across the hall. This is generally a pretty quiet complex and that was the most excitement we’ve had since the tank showed up to arrest an alleged drug dealer summer before last. I happened to be getting my mail at the very moment they showed up and was told to go back to my apartment by an armored, shotgun wielding, cop.

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