Sunday Roast: Just say NO to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

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The TPP is another HORRIBLE trade deal for the U.S., and I don’t understand why President Obama (and in the past, President Clinton) is pushing the damn thing — while simultaneously yammering on about how concerned he is about “jobs,” “hard-working Americans,” and the suffering of the “middle class.”  Having the Republicans eager to work with the President on TPP ought to be our first giant red flag, the second is all the secrecy surrounding the issue.

To me, Robert Reich is the best guy to give an understandable thumbnail sketch of things like this — with pictures!

This is our daily open thread — Say NO to fast track!!


73 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Just say NO to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

  1. The embedded purpose of each and every international trade agreement is the gift it hands to the corporate world: more profit. I mean, why not get things done where the labor cost is pennies per hour rather than dollars per hour? Get the same product, sell it for the same price, and pocket the millions in profit that result.

    Personally, I’ve had it with our corporatocracy — it no longer serves an purpose but its own. Years ago, there was innovation, there were good paying jobs, people had the money to purchase goods, everything was working fairly well. Then came Reagan and the American Fascist Movement, and ‘poof’, there went the once prosperous middle class.

    Scandinavian-style Socialism is looking better and better, and what we have here is looking worse and worse. Imagine it a world driven by something other than greed.

    • Although many things contributed, what hasn’t helped is the so-called “United States” Chamber of Commerce not just recommending the outsourcing of labor, but telling businesses they were foolish not to. The USCoC never fought for American workers.

  2. Common Core: The Right’s Circular Firing Squad?

    I’m watching Fox News Sunday, and William Bennett is arguing in favor of it, while newly-elected Texas Governor Greg Abbott is against it.

    This is funny.

  3. Fareed Zakaria is airing an interview with Obama, taped in New Dehli, earlier this weekend.

  4. You’ll never guess what the Republican controlled House is going to vote on next week. G’head, guess.

  5. A lovely Sunday nugget from right-wing Christian commentator Todd Starnes:

    “I’m no theologian,” Starnes opined. “But I suspect Jesus would tell that God-fearing, red-blooded American sniper, ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant for dispatching another Godless jihadist to the lake of fire.’”

    Starnes said that he longed for the days when Hollywood “stood in solidarity with our fighting men and women.”

    “Those days are long gone, and our sweet land of liberty has been soiled by the stinking stench of Michael Moore and Howard Dean and their liberal minions,” he insisted.

    • Everything I have seen suggests that Mr. Kyle was a shameless self-promoter who would tell any lie he thought might elevate him in the eyes of his audience. Of course, since he convinced a friend to kill him, he must have had quite good powers of persuasion.

    • “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’”

  6. Peter Greste: Al-Jazeera journalist freed by Egypt

    Jailed al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste has been deported from Egypt, state media say, and is flying to Cyprus.

    The Australian ex-BBC correspondent was arrested in December 2013 and imprisoned last June on charges that included spreading false news.

    He was jailed with two other al-Jazeera men – Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed.

    I guess the Egyptian military junta is looking for a favor from somebody.

  7. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, aka SHAFTA, the Southern Hemisphere-Asia Free Trade Agreement. (from Thom Hartmann)

    So Obama wants this Trade Promotion Authority, or fast-track, so he can negotiate a deal that Congress will be bound to pass or reject, without any option for amendment. All we’ve heard about this is how multinational corporations will be able to walk over sovereign countries’ laws once it’s signed, via Wikileaks.

    What if Obama intends to insist on worker rights and environmental protections not currently in place, in all the signatory countries, and with fast-track, force the Republicans to agree to them or reject them in an up or down vote? I know that’s a stretch, but it is a remote possibility. Think what that could do to the 2016 election?

    • Smarmie Doofus at DU referred to the ads as “vomitously manipulative, from conception to implementation.”

      I thought that was worth a mention since you brought up the ads. I’ve seen the Clydesdale ad already, so it won’t catch me by surprise today.

        • I don’t think he/she was referring exclusively to this year’s ads, but all advertising, as you suggest.

          When I like an ad, from a product I’ll never use, say, GEICO Insurance, I don’t see it as manipulative, I guess. It’s the constantly repetitive irritating ads that work in reverse on me. I’ll do anything to avoid what pisses me off. SEC football, and now basketball, has ads for Sonic with the same two idiots they’ve used for years. I can’t stand Sonic. The former Sonic near my house was recently torn down and a Waffle House is about to open in it’s place. It’ll be open when I’m coming home from work, and I might get some loaded hash browns once in a while.

  8. The reaching out is endearing (not)…

    Possible Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on Sunday argued that Christians could have “gay friends,” while still opposing marriage equality because it was a biblical principle.

    Huckabee encouraged Republicans to invite LGBT people “in the tent” as long as the party did not change it’s position on equal marriage rights.

    • If I ever happened upon a five minute chat with pHuckabee, my sole question would be something like, “Since the bible has no proven authenticity other than the mystical, that it’s far more likely ‘. . . an antique volume written by faded men’ (thanks, Emily), and therefore, how can it ever be cited as having authority over anyone other than those who believe its nonsense?”

      What’s the answer? Why are so-called holy books presumed to have any legit meaning or usefulness?

      • There is some useful stuff in the bible, and I assume in most holy books, as long as we remember they were written by men and that it’s rather presumptuous for any human to be certain that he can understand God.

        • I agree. I’ve long felt that it’s one thing to question god’s existence but it’s quite another to presume that a single book contains everything a god ever had in ‘mind’ regarding human behavior. And why do certain biblical enthusiasts think they have the right to impose their specific beliefs, prejudices, and/of biblical interpretations on everyone else?

          In re pHuckabee’s most haunting concern, he should be grateful that the courts are simply allowing gay marriage, not demanding that everyone do it, then retire to his closet to pray.

    • Huckabee doesn’t want them in the tent, but in “the shower” (and not the cuddly, state prison, don’t-drop-the-soap kind of “shower,” either.)

    • That looks like a big hairy spider, if you’ve scrolled up from the bottom of the page, and haven’t seen the word ‘lemurs’ yet!

    • That is exactly what the NRA has been saying, arm everyone and all will be safe.
      (the couple have a 3-year-old, 2-year-old and soon to be born)

    • That same story was on C&L. I couldn’t resist, posted this comment:

      So, how’s that second amendment working out? You know the one — written by James Madison as an amendment to relieve the fright of slave owners over the 1787 Constitution’s clauses that relieved the states of armed militia control. In effort to get the slave states to ratify the new Constitution, Madison wrote the amendment so as to allow slave owners the right to employ a “well regulated militia” to control uppity slaves.

      Where are those plantations today? Where are the well regulated militias? Why is it presumed that the second amendment allows each and every nutcase to ‘keep and bear arms’? Why wasn’t the second amendment tossed out when the Civil War was over?

      Biggest question of all — why in hell do people want to own guns in the first place when the only thing the damn things are good for is to kill something?

      • Much as I enjoy seeing cute kittens, if they’re still over-inundating the poor little things with too many toys, flashing lights, noise, confetti, etc., then it hurts me to watch. It’s just too much for some of them, you can see it in their body language.

  9. Mountain Dew Kickstart is the early leader for most annoying noise in a Super Bowl ad, so far.

  10. Nissan’s ‪#‎withdad‬ commercial may be the worst Superb Owl commercial I’ve ever seen.

  11. Which generation is this year’s halftime show meant for? Warn’t mine, that’s for sure!

      • I was until the Dodge ad with people who were born before the Dodge Company was founded (1914).

    • I make a habit of diving for the remote and hitting “mute” before the godawful caterwauling can start. Was it, as predicted by some fundies, the most evil and satanic production in the history of man?

      • Katy Perry came out riding on a huge mechanical tiger. She was wearing some kind of Faustian-inspired print dress. I didn’t see anything all that evil, but the ‘music’ was kinda dull. Then Lenny Kravitz came out and grinded his guitar while she sang on her knees with her head at his crotch level. No wardrobe malfunction though. At least she didn’t twerk.

  12. Today’s Watering Hole is in progress and will be posted later this morning. I am writing it between shoveling breaks. It’s still snowing, but I want to try to get out to get a newspaper for my mother before it gets much, much worse. It would help if one of those damn socialist plows came through our road, even once.

    My apologies for the delay. Today we’ll learn about the Logan Act.

  13. In the meantime, Happy Giant Rat Day, everybody! 😀

    Our Alabama Giant Rat, Smith Lake Jake, is definitely not seeing his shadow this morning!

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