The Watering Hole; Thursday February 5 2015; Nutcasearrhea

It’s really getting bad out there. I was going to post something interesting and compelling today, but then somebody dumped a truckload of new wingnut theses on my keyboard and forced my hand in the other direction. So I set myself the most grueling task imaginable: to choose the five most insanely stupid links out there, links where the titles alone tell most of the tale. So here they are (if you have a weak stomach or a strong brain, click with care!):

1. Pat Robertson Furious About Obama’s Re-Election, Fears America Won’t Survive

2. Rep. Mo Brooks: Obama Should Face Jail Time For Immigration Actions

3. Newsmax’s Snake Oil Salesman Makes Outlandish Claims About Vaccines

4. Klingenschmitt: The Bible Opposes Gun-Free Zones

And finally, the pot calls the kettle black:

5. Bill-O Complains That The American Press Has Been Corrupted By Money, Internet, Ideology

So. Where do we go from here? Are there any options remaining besides down, down, and down? How deep will be the grave our fascist faux-Christian Wingnuttistanians are digging for the country once known as America? Tricky question, that one.

Or maybe, just maybe, the answer’s in the bible? It was there, after all, where Solomon noted —

He that digeth a pit shall fall into it.

😀 We can always hope, right? 😀




31 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday February 5 2015; Nutcasearrhea

  1. The Bible Opposes Gun-Free Zones

    hmm, amazing how some interpret that guide book. Guns weren’t even in ‘gawd’s’ eyes until the 9th century (gun powder) or 15th century (guns per se).
    What does the bible say about murdering innocent children attending school?

    • Lots, if you were not a believer, then it was all God’s will and a-ok to butcher whoever you wanted.

      • I can never keep track of which events we’re suppose to attribute to free will and which events we’re suppose to attribute to God’s will.

        • Last seconds pass by Russell Wilson to get Seahawk to Superbowl -> God’s Will.

          Last second interception thrown by Russell Wilson to lose Seahawks the Superbowl -> just a stupid call.

    • I perform turtle rescue when I find them in the road.
      I tell them: “this is the fastest you will ever go in your life so enjoy the ride”

    • Damn. I was hoping they would be proposing Universal Single Payer for everyone along with a big increase in Social Security benefits.

      What went wrong?

    • I’ve always thought employer-provided health insurance should be included in an employee’s income.
      At least then you’d have a clue how shitty your policy really was, and your employer couldn’t sell you out to get a cheaper rate, without you knowing about it. It would have to be on your W2 on its own line. Then, when insurance rates go up, these teabaggers would realize how they were being screwed. Then they would actually see how Obamacare helped them.

      For people who don’t get employer-provided insurance, it isn’t a tax increase anyway.

    • If, in my next life I should happen to run across my grandfather (Swedish immigrant who died twenty years before I was born) I’m going to chew him out for ever coming here in the first place. He should have known better than to ever go to, much less choose to reside in, any country in which there are either Republicans or fascists (assuming there might be a difference somewhere).

      But in spite of his terrible immigration mistake, I’ll bet that he knew who his Senators were.

      • Don’t forget, when your grandfather came here (before 1965), there were Liberals in the Republican Party. It’s Conservatives we don’t need. Please, remember to differentiate between the two. While the republican Party (on a national level) has no more Liberals init, the Democratic party certainly does have Conservatives in it, and they haven’t always been as faithful to their party as Republicans have been. It’s not the party that matters, it’s the ideology.

        • Good point. He arrived sometime after the Civil War, 1875-1880 give or take a couple. He died in the early 1920’s, though, during the gilded age buildup to the 1929 collapse. Before I go, I’ll do a little research, look for “stupid idiot politics” from that era. That should help clarify.

          • Well, as you recall, Lincoln’s Republican party had a Liberal agenda. But because the the things they did were so popular, Republicans of today like to claim him as one of their own despite the fact that he would never win a nomination, nor get his agenda through a republican-controlled Congress today.

            Also recall LBJ saying they had lost the South for a generation (or more) when he signed the Civil Rights Act. All the Dixiecrats in the bolted to the Republican party in retaliation. Some denied racism had anything to do with that, but nobody with an IQ in the three-digit range believed them.

            • In today’s GOP, I’m guessing that if the policies of Lincoln and LBJ were presented with no name attrib, the consensus would be a one word descriptor to cover both of them: COMMUNIST!

    • The Dalai Lama would be interesting too. And Richard Dawkins. Might as well touch every base and enjoy watching Wingnuttistanian heads explode in the process.

      • The same time we get

        Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) has introduced a resolution to nationally recognize British naturalist Charles Darwin’s Feb. 12 birthday as “Darwin Day.”

        • Down the road a bit, in other words. Can you imagine the exploding head detritus if Darwin Day was ever proclaimed? That would be orders of magnitude worse that MLK Day!

  2. via Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Some birds aren’t flying as far south for the winter as they used to due to changing habitat, climate, and food available at bird feeders. Find out which ones in our blog post “The New Birds of Winter”: Thanks to Michele Black for the cute photo of a pair of Carolina Wrens checking out edible goodies in a snowman.

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