Sunday Roast: Ohhhhh, the poor poor widdle Christians

Seriously, how many ways is this just SO wrong?

These morons are giving “teh gay” so much power in their pitiful little lives, and it’s just pathetic.

OMG, allowing gay people the same human rights that the rest us so precariously enjoy will ruin EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!  If anyone voices an opinion or belief contrary to our own, we won’t be allowed to be “Christians” anymore!!!


Here’s your damn crown.  *eyes rolling*

This is our daily open thread —No I’m not dignifying the stupid film with commentary.

37 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Ohhhhh, the poor poor widdle Christians

  1. Got to two minutes and could stand no more stupidity!
    The scaredy-cats should all be clutching pearls.
    If Gays and Same-sex marriage are that evil – shouldn’t the world have ended by now?

    I’m beginning to think that OIMF is the only true Christian living in the U.S.!

    • The woman has no ESP. Absolutely zero on the evil predicted has come to fruition. She has issues that need to be addressed by Psychiatrists.

  2. I guess the argument they’re making (without coming out and saying it) is that Christianity (as they understand it, but as few others do) requires them to discriminate against, disparage, and deny equal treatment to gay people, and that if you pass a law saying they cannot discriminate against, disparage, or deny equal treatment to gay people, then you are denying them the right to freely practice their religion.

    Apart from being a dubious legal argument in itself, it’s also untrue. Christianity teaches them to Love the Sinner but Hate the Sin.. And as Jon Stewart so brilliantly pointed out, if they are trying to run their businesses according to Biblical principles (a money-losing idea, BTW), then they have to ask any prospective couples ordering a wedding cake to prove the bride is a virgin, or they’ll have to stone her to death. If they don’t do that (because that is also illegal), then how can they truthfully claim they run their businesses according to Biblical principles?

  3. Where does all the fear that plagues these “Christians” come from? I was raised by a genuinely Christian mother and a nontheist father, neither of whom feared anything at all. The whole town was like that in the fear department – there wasn’t any. Tolerance was the defining word, and that meant tolerance for everyone of any faith. Protestants, Catholics, non-believers, Jews, ‘Moslems’ as the word was spelled back then, everyone. There was still a strong dislike of Hitler and a building dislike of Stalin, but fear? Hatred? Nary a hint. And when Joe McCarthy showed up everyone chuckled, shook their heads, and changed the channel. The one thing missing in that culture, though, was more than the vaguest hint of Christian fundamentalism and its definable fear-and-hate-everything-and-everyone-that-ain’t-weird-like-us philosophy. There were a few around — I can remember only one — but they mostly kept quiet so no bigee.

    Then in the sixties came the Republican initiation of their ‘Southern Strategy” which ultimately embraced fear and hate as the party’s defining mantra, and the rest is history. The GOP has become the group that hates and fears everyone on the planet except those who are their mirror images: white, and ignorant.

  4. Juan Williams says Obama isn’t going to start a ground war in the ME, because the American people won’t stand for it. Karl Rove says they would if Obama would make the same kind of case for the war that he makes for two years free college, etc. See, it’s because he doesn’t have an interest in protecting America from Islamic extremists.
    The Fox panel want Obama to lie us into a war, so they can then say, ‘see, Obama did it too’.

    • Another phenomena under-reported by our media is the psychological projection that emanates from RWers. Rove is just saying that because he wants a ground war in the ME and thinks that everyone wold fall for it if it were presented in just the right way, and nobody would care that they were lying, because the ends justify the means. Also, Rove assumes it;s even possible to make the case for war that’s just as compelling as Obama’s argumetn for free college.

      BTW, hidden in that statement is an unspoken acknowledgement that Obama made a good argument for two free years of college. Otherwise, why would Rove recommend he do that to make the case for war? It worked?

  5. Last week I wrote the following complaint to the BBC after reading one of their articles:

    Ukraine conflict: Russia boycotts PACE group

    “Nadiya Savchenko was kidnapped and is being held in Moscow on fabricated charges, which have changed 5 times already:…/russia-jails-the…/22183051/
    She has been on hunger strike since December 13 protesting against her kidnapping and unfair accusations. She is a PACE delegate from Ukraine. On the January 26 session, PACE demanded from the Russian delegation to release her within 24 hours, but Russia suspended its participation in PACE and invented a new story against Ms.Savchenko: illegally crossing the border. Savchenko herself claims she was kidnapped and taken to Russia with a bag over her head, where she is illegally imprisoned.
    By quoting Mr.Pushkov’s version of events and omitting the abovementioned facts, BBC is being biased in its coverage of Nadiya Savchenko’s case. This is especially troubling, since BBC has not mentioned Ms.Savchenko since October 2014. I request that the article be changed to show the full story.”

    This is part of the reply I received 2 days later:

    “This is to let you know that we have referred your complaint to the
    > relevant staff but that it may take longer than 10 working days to reply.
    > We therefore ask you not to contact us further in the meantime. If it does
    > prove necessary however, please use our webform, quoting any reference
    > number we provided.”

    I did not have an email address offered to send the following back – I was merely invited to send in another complaint to the same address referencing my first one:

    “That’s nice… I’d be surprised if Nadiya Savchenko lasts another week.
    After 55 days on hungerstrike, she’ll be dead by the time you find the time to correct your story. Thanks for your part in her fate.”

  6. In a German newspaper today – (Google translate does the trick) – German intelligence estimates that 50,000 people have lost their lives in East Ukraine since June of last year. 50,000!

    If this is true:
    1. This makes the last European conflict in Bosnia, look like a schoolyard dustup in scale.
    2. Chancellor Merkel, if she also knows this, which she should if it is true – is sitting negotiating to partition Ukraine with Putin in the face of the most violent invasion of a European country since 1939.

  7. Wow The Stoopid is out in force on C&L and Rawstory today… I don’t know where to start… so I am going to ignore it and take the dog out for a long walk.

    • On my walks, I do see a few booths – most without the phone.

      While watching Columbo or Perry Mason people having to find a corner phone booth to ask the operator to give them the Police Department…cracks me up!
      Then again, when calling up unanswered phone, it rings and rings and rings…

      • I probably knew more phone numbers then than I have in my phone’s memory now. If a number that isn’t in my phone calls me now, I won’t answer it, and I don’t have my voicemail set up on purpose. As soon as I can, I run the number through a search, and I only call back if the number is to a legitimate entity I know. If it’s a company I applied to for a job, I’ll call them, but if I don’t have a clue what they would want, I usually don’t.

    • I’ll betcha he’ll be the first of the American fascists to vote YES on the next proposal to raise the upper crust tax rate to, say, 60%, and also to do away with all corporate tax subsidies. Right Ted?

  8. Today’s Watering Hole is in progress and should be up soon. The weather in my town is severe enough that Jane and I will not be driving 20 miles to the office. They let us use vacation days when we feel it’s unsafe to drive in on snowy days, which is good because Jane and I hardly ever use up all of our vacation days anyway.

    I’ll post a notice here when the new post is up. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Now, it’s off to rant about John Stossel. 🙂

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