The Watering Hole, Tuesday February 17, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics.

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45 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday February 17, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics.

  1. MFS Stories From the Frontline

    Ukraine: “Most victims are hit when they’re walking down the street or waiting for the bus”

    …Daily amputations
    The past six days have been really overwhelming for me. I’m a surgeon, but I have never in my life seen so many amputated people – people go shopping and one hour later they are without their legs.

    • I have been following the news today closely… I really do not feel like talking about it… the venal cowardice of the west, the ignorance and stupidity of the media and the vicious, murderous sociopathy of Vladimir Putin

  2. I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host, of golden daffodils;
    Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

    William Wordsworth

  3. Our temperatures have been near zero for days. I cannot keep the house warm. The freezeproof animal waterers are frozen. We have newborn pigs that we’re worried about, but so far they are doing well. We are cold and miserable. I need daffodils.

    • I’d send you some BTUs if I could figure out a way. We’re staying between 20 and 35 except for tomorrow night. The low is predicted for 3 degrees, but it should be about 16 when I get home from work. I’ll have time to get the woodstove really cranking before it bottoms out.

      • On Valentine’s Day last Saturday, it was in the low 80’s here. Sunday night, we got about 4″ of snow, yesterday an ice fog, this morning 12 degrees, and now bright sunshine. Supposed to hit the sixties on Thursday, followed by snow on Friday and Saturday.

        Goofiest winter I’ve ever seen anywhere.

        • Up until last winter, we often had warmer than average temps intermittently throughout the season. Last winter it just got cold and stayed cold. This winter has been better. I also found a 3″ x 16″gap in the ceiling next to my bathtub, that was letting warm air into the attic and out the ridge vents. I blocked it and my electric bill has been lower.

          • Pretty much the same here. I’d rather not have the warm periods as they confuse my plants, but I expect our low temps to stay in the 20’s. Forecast is for a high temp of 17 on Thursday.

            • Our wind chill hit -20 last night. Currently 6 degrees with a -10 wind chill. It’s not expected to hit a high of 20 for at least the rest of the week. But, on a positive note, no massive snow storms like back east.

    • 80’s two days ago, snow flurries this morning, but warming back up. 50’s today then 75 tomorrow.

      With i could send some out to you…

  4. West Virginia In State Of Emergency After Massive Oil Train Explosion

    [. . .] Officials at PHMSA have speculated that the oil’s explosive nature could be because of the particular properties of the oil, or the added chemicals from fracking, the primary technique used to extract it in North Dakota.

    Though much of the political discussion over fossil fuels has recently focused on Canadian tar sands oil and a certain proposed pipeline that would carry it, it’s worth noting that Bakken shale oil is primarily shipped by rail. Indeed, up to 90 percent of the North Dakota’s oil was expected to be shipped by rail, rather than pipeline, in 2014.

    The U.S. Transportation Department is currently considering whether to implement tougher safety regulations for rail shipments of crude oil.

    I should think the wisest approach would be to dramatically increase federal funding of green energy R&D along with rapid development of fully electric cars. Pay for it by raising taxes on the top one percent, on polluting (read: fossil fuel) companies, and by immediately removing all tax subsidies to same.

    Sounds so simple.

    • Except when it’s Michelle Obama that comes up with the plan. Wingnuts around here went nuts over her efforts to combat childhood obesity in schools, when she tried to introduce suitable menus, etc. Those efforts were evidence of dictatorship, meddling, plus Michelle has a big butt anyway so why doesn’t SHE quit eating so much, and at taxpayer expense yet! Lots of wingnut heads exploded here; luckily there was no damage since wingnut heads have nothing in them anyway.

    • When I hear these freaks I picture some greasy guy with three teeth with his massive gut hanging out of a t-shirt that has long since become of indeterminate color standing over a quaking woman or child as he bellows “don’t make me hurt you”.

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