Sunday Roast: Road Trip!


I’ve been feeling antsy lately, and winter isn’t making an appearance in the northwest this year, so I decided yesterday that I’m taking a road trip.  I’d love to finally take that trip to the Grand Canyon, but the time of year is still too iffy, so it’s a trip to Idaho to see my baby boy and friends — the few people who aren’t…um, odd…well…kinda sorta…er, nevermind.

All y’all try not to miss me too much, and I’ll see you next weekend — possibly in time to post my next Sunday Roast.  Maybe.  😉

This is our daily open thread — I’m off to the Gem State (it’s not all potatoes, ya know).

60 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Road Trip!

  1. Fox News’ panel didn’t agree with Rudy Giuliani about the President’s patriotism, but neither did they compare Rudy’s family tree to Obama’s, even though it was the basis for Rudy’s criticism.

  2. Foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation have a ‘quid pro quo appearance’ – George Will.

    Foreign Corporations give more to Republicans since Citizens’ United, but nobody’s mentioning that.

  3. I don’t expect to ever hear another Republican say Obama doesn’t love America, or that he ‘apologizes’ for America.

    Just now on Face the Nation:
    John McCain – “Ukrainians aren’t asking for American boots on the ground. That’s not the question here. They’re asking for weapons to defend themselves. And they are being slaughtered. And their army is…military is being shattered. This is a shameful chapter. I’m ashamed of my country, I’m ashamed of my president and I’m ashamed of myself that I haven’t done more to help these people. It is really, really heartbreaking.”


    • Yes, but he’s right. the west is letting them down – US and UK and Russia are ignoring a promise to Ukraine to insure their territory and national sovereignty in exchange for giving up their nukes in 1994 – Budapest Memorandum. Only one of these parties is actually doing anything here – the one that has sent it’s T72s into Ukraine.

  4. Last July 3, I put up a Watering Hole post entitled “The Watering Hole; Thursday July 3 2014; Travesty. Outrage.” which concerned an unwarranted campus police assault of an Arizona State University Prof. of English, Dr. Ersula Ore. She’s black. She was crossing a campus street in order to avoid the construction zone sidewalk obstructions. The cop accused her of jaywalking, demanded to see her ID, and after a brief verbal scuffle slammed her to the ground, then arrested her. She was “charged with aggravated assault on a police officer in addition to criminal damage and obstructing a thoroughfare.”

    Yesterday, Feb 21 2015, I ran across this Daily Kos article concerning the case’s resolution. All charges against the English Professor were dropped, and the police officer resigned before being officially dismissed. The case was summarized in “An independent report paid for by Arizona State University” as follows:

    Ferrin committed multiple ASU police- and university-policy violations when arresting Ore, including those involving judgment, legal authority, search and seizure, alternatives to arrest and code of conduct.

    The officer had no reasonable basis for arresting the professor for obstructing a road when she was walking down the street, and he wrongfully arrested her for refusing to provide ID, according to the report. The investigation says a pedestrian can cross the road as long as he or she yields to vehicles, and evidence suggests Ore yielded to the officer’s patrol car.

    In June 2012, while a police recruit in the academy, Ferrin received a letter of reprimand for untruthfulness, insubordination and code-of-conduct violations.

    That’s a refreshing change in white cop assault on a black person. FINALLY. Meanwhile, I doff my hat and bow in my alma mater’s general direction. 😉

  5. Denny Hamlin has now wrecked 3 Stewart-Haas cars. Danica twice earlier in the week, and now Stewart. I guess Denny’s still going to claim Stewart was loose, since that’s what he claimed as Danica’s problem.

  6. But two miles more, and then we rest!
    Well, there is still an hour of day,
    And long the brightness of the West
    Will light us on our devious way;
    Sit then, awhile, here in this wood—
    So total is the solitude,
    We safely may delay.”
    –from The Wood (1846) by Charlotte Brontë

  7. Brad Keselowski blows an engine with 40 to go. Caution. Leaders all pit. Danica has been mediocre so far running about 18th-20th. Just in the last 20 laps, she’s been moving up. She was 14th when the caution came out. Two cars got into the wall and each other just ahead of her checking up because of Keselowski. She missed them to the inside. This is the car she used last Saturday when she kept missing wrecking cars. She’s listed 14th after pit stops.

      • Another blown engine, this time a backmarker car. Danica was the first car to pit, every car ahead of her stayed out. Not sure if this is the right call. She drops back in the order to 23rd for the restart. Should be 20 laps to go when they go back to green.

    • Waiting on a restart for a green-white-checker finish, after the red flag to clean up from another blown engine. Danica listed 29th.

    • They finally had ‘the big one’ on the last lap. Danica got by on the inside, for 21st place. The call to pit earlier put her too far back to make up many positions.

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