Music Night, February 27 2015

The music scene in the late 70s and early 80s was one of my mostest favorite.


42 thoughts on “Music Night, February 27 2015

  1. It wouldn’t be an eighties evening without some Clash.
    The only band that ever mattered.

    • Oh yeah… got the vinyl right here …. going to play it after the ELO – playing Face the Music vinyl right now

  2. The murder of Boris Nemtsov tonight…. he was advocating for a peace demonstration this weekend for the war in Ukraine and supposedly was about to publish proof (in Russia with the massive – Kim Jong Un style – propaganda campaign underway) that the Russian army has invaded Ukraine.

    And guess what… now he’s dead….wake up people…. the clock has struck 1939

  3. Another Joe Jackson…. thinking a lot about being in Australia this week…..1998… heard this one played by a band at a windsurfing contest north of Perth…

    • yeah they were longer lived than I thought at the time…. seemed just too techno and basic… but lyrics were deeper than I thought…

  4. we thought AC/DC was done at my school when Bon Scott died (rock and roll style, choked on his own vomit)…..

    the spring of 1980 was black armbands… and ties… and then there was this…

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