The Watering Hole, Tuesday March 3, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Last week’s post was such a downer. Let’s look for some good environmental news.

Three good stories:

1. There are more tigers in Nepal.

2.There are more pandas in China.

3. Norwegian Pension funds divest of unsustainable entities (mining, deforestation, etc…).


Think clean and beautiful.




32 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday March 3, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. Even Barney Fife could nip this in the bud.

    That Story About Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Account Isn’t as Awful as It Seems

    Political Twitter is ablaze with outrage over a front page story in Tuesday’s The New York Times detailing how Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, used a private email account for all of her email correspondence, apparently in violation of the law. Given the statistics, however, roughly 43 percent of the Twitter users debating the story probably didn’t read beyond the first couple of paragraphs. If they had, they might not be as outraged.


    The article doesn’t say which federal regulation, though. Why? Perhaps because the federal regulations went into effect in late November, 2014 when President Obama signed H.R. 1233, modernizing the Federal Records Act of 1950 to include electronic communications. It was signed two years after Clinton stepped down.

    • Well, that does it. Hillary is not fit to be President. She violated a law two whole years before it was enacted. Besides…..


    • Perhaps we can buy this devout Xian a really sharp Bowie knife and he can behead his gay captives, on film…

    • It is MO which doesn’t seem to realize we are in the 21st century.
      “Accusing” Schweich of being Jewish, as if there is something wrong with that, is reminiscent to the lead up to WWII.

      As you point out there may be other things going on.

  2. It must drive Bibi absolutely insane that a black man is the one denying him his most treasured ethnic war. Oh, was that racist of me?

  3. WASHINGTON—In what is being regarded as a further provocation on top of his already controversial address before Congress, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu doubled down against President Obama Tuesday with a PowerPoint presentation on the perils of the Affordable Care Act. “As you’ll see here in this chart, Obamacare restricts freedom of choice for people who were previously insured through their employers, while simultaneously causing insurance companies to raise their premiums,” said Netanyahu, who according to witnesses had finished his original speech criticizing Obama’s opposition to further Iran sanctions and immediately announced he would be discussing the president’s “fatally flawed and unconstitutional” health care overhaul. “Now, if we click over to the next slide, we see that the individual mandate forces many Americans to purchase insurance policies they cannot afford or simply don’t want. Why should the government be making our health care decisions for us?” At press time, Netanyahu was asking if he might have a few more minutes for an abbreviated version of his PowerPoint on the troubling unanswered questions that still surrounded Benghazi.

    • I seem to recall the the ACA, as written, is principally and primarily a Republican health care plan and very far removed from where Obama started, from what he wanted it to be.

      That’s not unusual, though. Republicans fuck up literally every piece of legislation they touch.

        • That should have been part of the original Medicare package – healthcare for EVERYONE. An added benefit would have been the bankrupting of all healthcare insurance companies decades before the figured out how to rig the system and screw everyone bigtime.

          It’s not too late, though. Universal single payer today would send the insurance companies to the graveyard for good, and wow would that be fun to watch!

  4. Poked my head into the audio mixing room early this morning and asked the mixer what TV show he was working.

    He replied, “another reality show, Too Fat To Fly.

    What a society.

  5. Ben Carson: Net Neutrality Creates Government ‘Control In The Private Lives Of Citizens’

    Carson told Brody that President Obama and others want to “impose another level of secrecy and control in the private lives of citizens” through net neutrality, arguing that officials should instead focus on “exploring ways to allow people to do what they want to do, they’ve been doing it for years, so why should we now impose a layer of government control.”

    Ok, now I git it. Obama wants to . . . ummm . . . hmmm. WTF?

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