The Watering Hole, Friday March 6, 2015 – Music Night

This post goes out to Chrissy C., who dragged Cats and I down to South Street to see the edgy Robert Hazard. A year or two after that concert Cindy ‘Beep Bop’ Lauper came out with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, written by Robert, who set his sails toward LA. Thanks Chrissy. Always remember. Had a great time.




33 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday March 6, 2015 – Music Night

    • It part of me is beginning to miss the East Coast. Maybe the summer of 2016 will find me taking the cross country train trip that I always wanted to take.

  1. Inspired by the Australian ‘geologist’ who uses the Bible to date his rocks….. and Jesus rides the dinosaur.

  2. Martin Denny and Cindy Lauper.
    Only Pee-Wee Herman could pull that off.
    On second thought, that doesn’t sound right after all of his negative publicity.

  3. For Nadia Savchenko….. still Unbroken, but will live for her country.

    • Glad to know another generation will be admiring/listening to a great singer and group!
      (it was humorous Queen used The Marx Brothers movie titles for their albums)

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