Wednesday, March 11, 2015: Hump Day!

Breaking Gnus

Breaking Gnus


Court records from the Southern Texas Federal District Court indicate that John Boehner is seeking an arrest warrant for the arrest of Hillary Clinton for violating a law that will be enacted as soon as a Republican President is elected. A copy of the future law was attached to the application for the arrest warrant.

The law will make it a federal offence to be a Registered Democrat, punishable by the loss of the right to vote, the right to run for public office, and the right to a fair trial. The law that will be enacted on January 20, 2017, within hours of the swearing in of a Republican President, will be retroactive to January 1, 2015, the date Republicans gained control of the Senate following the disastrously low turnout in the 2014 elections that sealed the fate of the Democratic Party.

So far, the District Court Judge has yet to make a ruling on Boehner’s request for Hillary’s arrest, expressing reservations of acting on the retroactive application of a prospective law.

The Boehner camp is already gearing up, however, for an all-out press-release barrage accusing Hillary of breaking a federal law. Indications point to comparing this new revelation about Hillary with the news about her breaking email laws that had not yet been enacted and her role in Benghazi.


59 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 11, 2015: Hump Day!

    • As Rudeone pointed out yesterday, the nutjob Teabggers in the Senate may have ensured a nuclear armed Iran…. though the shameful abandonment of the Budapest Memorandum in Ukraine by the West is an equally sanguine lesson in what happens to you if you don’t have a nuke. Over to you, Kim Jong Un, for your comment!

    • Really if you look at how the US has treated the four countries here…. it is almost certain that Iran will complete it’s program now:

      1. Israel – got nukes but shssh, they are not the problem, first rule of nuclear proliferation is don’t talk about nuclear proliferation – if you are a ‘friend’
      2. North Korea – batshit barmy, but capable of turning Seoul and a random part of Japan to ash (I mean come on at the US hits what it aims for when it goes nuclear!). And US does what exactly about this? Wait for the cancer to take out the host.
      3. Ukraine – the good guys who gave up the nukes for a safer world and the guarantees of 3 big nuke nations – one of whom invaded them and two looked the other way
      4. Iran – in this dubious environment, talks about a deal, while still pursuing nuclear activities, why give up the bargaining chip?…. and the negotiating country basically says to them – “Don’t believe the country’s leader, we can renege on this deal anytime we wish – the president is a nig-nog so he has no authority – we do, the ones who just gave the neighbor with the nukes in your hood a televised BJ – capiche?”

      If I am Ayatollah Come-and-take-me, I would hit the gas for that mushroom cloud. “Get me the Putinator on the Batphone pronto!”

      Nice job Teabaggers….

    • Was it just me BTW, but did the 10 minute standing hummer and Teabagging Bibi got last week resemble the North Korean party conference where the first person to stop clapping the Dear Leader gets the flamethrower execution?

      • Appeared that way, didn’t it?

        Per usual, the GooPs and TeaPottiers don’t think their ‘plans’ all the way through.
        Thus, the results get are all mucked up!

  1. Why is it that the people who trust the government least tend to be the people who trust the government with the death penalty?

    • Because there is no way one of their tribe could ever be wrongly convicted, being perfect non-sinners and such.

      • I might also mention that if you argue with one of these death penalty supporters, that after you demolish all their arguments such as deterrent value it will always come down to their objection to spending money to feed and house the prisoner.

        • And I counter that one by reminding them that it costs tax payers about two million dollars to sentence someone to death because of all the automatic appeals they get. If the money spent is your primary concern, then sentence them to Life w/o Parole. It will cost you a lot less.

          Besides, you have to feed and house prisoners. To not do so would violate the 8th Amendment. (Tell them, “Yes, there’s an Eighth Amendment.”)

    • They’re going to open up a huge can of worms regarding spousal benefits should that bill become law.
      The only way they win is if they outlaw the Unitarian Universalist Church, and that’ll never pass.

  2. via LGF

    Austin may like to keep it weird, but this is definitely taking that weirdness to new levels. Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R-Dist 92) is trying to make a point in favor of pro-life/anti-abortion, by indicating that he’s a former fetus.

    • AT practices have not varied much during the past 25 years. Its practitioners routinely use restraint and physical and psychological abuse to seek their desired results

      Oh, those therapists need to be seen by a legitimate psychiatrist.

    • As best I can tell from reading everything I can about this story, these asshats really believed that exposure to their wonderful Christian home would cure everything immediately and they would need no help from anyone other than God. When that did not happen they assumed the fault was the girls’. They stopped effective therapy and switched to whatever weird shit passed as therapy at their own child care business. The professionals knew the adoption was doomed and were overridden by the good old boy and girl network. When the Harrises wanted to quit, without having actually put in any real work whatsoever they were told they were responsible for the children and would be charged with abandonment, so they passed them off to whomever would take them. They need to be charged with criminal neglect and abuse. I would be willing to bet that should one of their sons disappoint them as they grow up they will also abandon them.

  3. Please, please make the idiocy stop:

    Bob Mirabito, CEO of Baton Rouge’s Capital Area Transit System (CATS), apologized this week after asserting that busses (sic) were not being used by white passengers because there were not enough white drivers.

    • Yeah, I’m gonna walk the 3 miles to work in a pouring rain, cause the bus driver’s skin ain’t lily…geebutz.

      • Having spent the last 30 years working in public transit I have to suspect that low ridership is really about crappy underfunded service–the responsibility of the CEO. And I say with some horror that “busses” is an accepted variant of “buses”. Literally.

        • One of the reasons I chose my present home is that the bus stop is only about 100 feet from my door. we have a fleet of new, clean, quiet hybrid buses and the service is great… to a point. I can travel for many miles north or south with no transfers but in order to travel more than a mile to the west I have to go 15 miles north and catch another two buses to complete the trip. Going east is simply not an option.

    • I can’t wait. Son and BFF love Sharknado, I would rather saw my own arm off than watch it. I provide snacks and avoid it. If Ms. Bachmann could actually get sucked up it could provide a mother son bonding moment.

      • I love horrible movies to the point that I can’t even watch a movie that people think is good but there’s just no way in Hell that I will give my patronage to anyone who would give Batscat Bachmann a plug nickel. Unless, of course, they do wrap her in a fish skin and launch her into a tornado. I would pay to see that.

  4. Nobody expects the FRC Inquisition!

    Their only strong suit is bigotry. And rage.

    Their two strong suits are bigotry and rage. And stupidity.

    Their three strong suits are bigotry, rage, and stupidity. And insanity.

    Amongst their strong suits are bigotry, rage, stupidity, and insanity. And no sense of style and…

  5. This is weird. Lindsay Graham appears to have admitted that he wants to be the Supreme Dictator of the Christian States of America and will use the armed forces, assuming anyone is vile and stupid enough to accept the order, to impose his supreme executive will on the entire country and our duly elected, for better or worse, representatives. And then he has the gall to claim that President Obama is a “dictator”? I really am starting to think, in my best interpretation of the rightwhiners view of governance, that we sane people have to line up the whole damned bunch and shoot them. I would love another option but it’s getting hard to see any other possible remedy. I really think that the only answer is for those of us who are, basically, pacifists to become as bloodthirsty as those who would make us, well, “bloodthirsty”.

    • He’s a dictator, he’s a wimp, he’s a dictator….. FFS…..

      Senator Butters, Vladimir Putin is on line 1 – he wants to know what he has to do to be given respect in the world dictator department.

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