The Watering Hole; Friday the Thirteenth (March 2015); Idiotica

Since it’s Friday the thirteenth and I’m having to spend the entire day working to keep myself free from bad luck, I thought maybe it would be appropriate to take another look at stupidity (“idiotica” is my new word for it) by pointing to some of the fresh “thoughts” emanating these days from Wingnuttistan. Here are nine of the better ones, and as is typical for stuff like this the titles pretty much tell the stories Click on them only at your own Friday-the-Thirteenth risk, i.o.w..

1. Sandy Rios Says White House Is Behind Petition To Try GOP Senators For Treason

Hey, I signed that petition! I resemble that remark!

2. Franklin Graham Says That Obama’s Mother ‘Must Have Been A Muslim’

She was from Kansas. Isn’t everybody from Kansas a Muslim?

3. Bryan Fischer: Homosexuality Causes Blindness

Really? Hmmh. I always heard it was something else caused it.

4. Bachmann: DHS Extension Guarantees ‘Obama Phones’ And Voter Fraud For Undocumented Immigrants

I wonder if she didn’t mean that DHS guarantees a Phone Extension for Obama?

5. Tony Perkins Links HHS Contraception Mandate To Religious Persecution In Middle East

Finally, a wingnut headline that makes absolutely no sense at all!

6. Cruz: Marriage Equality Decisions ‘A Real Danger To Our Liberty’

I personally think wingnuts like Cruz are more the ‘Real Danger To Our Liberty’, but that’s only an opinion.

7. Rick Perry: God’s Candidate For President, This Time…

I mean, really, what could go wrong? Besides, this time he has glasses — if he gonna be impotent he gonna act impotent!

8. Lawyers Try To Rescue Anti-Obamacare Lawsuit By Comparing Justice Kennedy To Confederate Slaveholders

aka What Could Go Wrong, Part II

9. Portland Homeless Woman Charged With Theft For Charging Her Phone

The comment at the end of the article says a lot: “‘Jackie’ [the victim] has muscular dystrophy and is living on the street while waiting for a housing slot to open up. What a great country we are. (underline added)

In honor of THAT “great country,” the following rewrite of the Pledge of Allegiance is hereby offered to all right wingers and especially to RED states and REDnecks everywhere, to use whenever they feel the urge. There is no charge.

I pledge allegiance to the GREED of the United States of Amurka, and to the dollars for which it stands, one zillion, undervalued, with liberty and justice for the one percent.


71 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday the Thirteenth (March 2015); Idiotica

  1. Terry Pratchett died this week. The creator of Discworld….. goodbye brilliant man, ThomastheTurtle is very bummed this week.

    There are some cracking quotes in here:

  2. I am afraid to click on those links…. I am on the ‘Tweeter’ following commentary on Terry Pratchett by fellow atheists, Godless Smeghead, Wil Wheaton who listened in on a Teabagger holding court at LAX last night and Chloe Dykstra – because I’m obsessed by hot red heads.

  3. See if this link works:

    The article discusses a proposed constitutional amendment by David Vitter that will disallow automatic citizenship in the US to children of ‘illegal’ immigrants. For some reason or other it disappeared from C&L’s front page and now when I try to go there I get an “Access Denied” screen. Never have seen that before, just wondering if everyone is blocked or if it’s just me.

    If everyone is blocked, I wonder why it was taken down?

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