The Watering Hole, Monday, March 16, 2015: Again With The Benghazi?

On November 24, 2014, the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (or NAMBLA) issued a report with the sexy title “Investigative Report on the Terrorist Attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, September 11-12, 2012.” If you’re a Conservative, you probably just had an orgasm reading that sentence. Whether it was over the word “Benghazi” or the word “NAMBLA” I won’t say, but I’m sure you’re titillated. Benghazi. Say it loud and the games start playing. Say it soft as you sit there while praying. Benghazi. You’ll never stop saying “Ben-gha-ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.”

Anywho, this report from this Permanent Select Committee, was to be the “definitive” report on what happened. “Definitive.” So if you were the type of person who understood what words mean, you would think that would be the end of it. Just because the conclusions negated all of the talking points the lie factory at Fox News Channel was pumping into the public discourse, that doesn’t mean Republicans are ever going to let go of it. After all, Hillary Clinton continues to be America’s most admired woman for 17 of the last 18 years. So naturally Republicans (being the Conservatives they are) will decide they need to personally attack her character. It’s what Conservatives do when they can’t win on the merits of their argument, which is usually on account of their argument has no merits. As with Benghazi. There was no stand down order or denial of air support. The CIA said they had adequate security. Secretary Clinton had asked for increased funding for security and was denied by the Republicans. So was it necessary for the Republicans to put out this?

We need to know why the security at our embassy was left inadequate. Why were requests for additional security denied? Why was our response insufficient? Why were some members of the administration slow to acknowledge a terrorist attack had actually occurred? It is simply unacceptable for so many questions to remain unanswered. And it is unjust and simply wrong for anyone to withhold evidence that may lead to the answers.

Gee, Rep Susan Brooks, did you read the report your party put out less than four months ago? None of those questions are unanswered anymore. So you can stop with Benghazi being the pretense to insist on seeing Hillary’s server. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Benghazi and everything to do with Hillary Clinton and her husband, what’s-his-name, Bill. They are terrified of her. (And him. Republicans did everything they could to take him out, and he’s still as popular as he ever was.) And as we all know, Conservatives are highly motivated by fear. It makes no difference if what they fear is real or imagined. They attack the person (or thing) of whom they’re afraid. And forget about any of the things they say making any sense, especially when their fear is based on something imaginary. Forget about their solutions being cost-effective, or even worth a penny of the money being spent. Bose Speaker John Boehner, last seen drinking in a Minneapolis airport men’s room, crying about his latest humiliation on the House floor when those damn Tea Party bastards screwed him on the Homeland Security Funding bill, has been spending millions and millions of your tax dollars to fund these investigations and lawsuits, none of which serve the interests of the American people.

No, the goal is clear – to bring down Hillary Clinton the way they failed to bring down her husband. They want access to her server so they can dig up dirt on either of them, in the hopes of finding evidence of something illegal, in much the same way the Whitewater investigations went from investigating a land deal on which they lost money to a stain on a blue dress (which may have been blue and black or may have been white and gold, nobody can say for sure.) They’re desperate. You can smell it. On second thought, don’t. As with most things in which Conservatives get involved, it smells badly.

This is our daily open thread. Feel free to discuss Hillary Clinton, e-mails, Benghazi, or anything else you wish to discuss. Just don’t subpoena my server.


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    • I was just about to post the same thing, Serious dumfukkery this Monday morning.

    • Yes, someone needs to provide Cotton with a map! I am sure Harvard would assume its students already learned geography in elementary school, so I don’t blame them for this moron, however, Cotton must have displayed other indicators of low intelligence during his term there and Harvard allowed him to graduate.
      Then again, they did graduate George Bush, so occasionally, a ringer must slip through.

      • Was Cotton born an Arky? If so, that explains most of it. As for Dubsy, he was born a Bush and to some, that matters. Beats me as to why, although it might be because Grampa Prescott was a New England crook par excellence. Which also explains most of it.

  1. QOTD:

    “I feel, as an atheist, about people like Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher the way that Christians must feel about Fred Phelps. Look, being an atheist means you don’t give a fuck about what anyone believes in. I don’t think any of it’s real, but you can go ahead and do it. I’m not trying to destroy religion. I just don’t care about it.” — Patton Oswalt

    • Anyone who says that Richard Dawkins is “a dick” really should watch this video. I make no apologies for its length but I can sum up my opinion very concisely. I would have hit this woman that Dr. Dawkins treats with the utmost respect and kindness.

      Here’s a 5 minute clip of the highlights.

      • He was extraordinarily polite with this woman who refused to hear anything other than her own voice. She even contradicted her own theory, but then again, one must consider who was speaking.

      • Maybe I missed it, but all her chatter about lack of evidence, lack of proof of evolution she (along with everyone else) offers not one single solitary shred of evidence — verifiable, as science demands — that the creator is anything other than an imaginary whatever dreamed up by ancient men. Now I admit I’ve only been looking for that shred for about sixty years so I can understand how I might have missed it. But one would think maybe in a book or something? Anything anywhere?

        • Meanwhile she cannot possibly accept ANY proof of evolution – even though there is a mountain of it.

    • I like Patton Oswalt, but I disagree with him about what being an Atheist means. It only means you yourself do not believe in the existence of Gods (of any flavor.) It doesn’t mean you don;pt care about what others think, especially when some of those others want to have it mandated by law that you follow their silly religious beliefs. When that happens, you better very much care what others think about Religion.

      • I can prove evolution with my bees.
        The bees I have could not survive in Northern climates just as bees in Southern climates perish in Northern climates.
        I’m not even going to begin the discussion of AHB.
        Some of my best producers have an AHB gene such as the Buckfast which, ironically, was perfected by a monk from Buckfast Abbey.

    • That poor child, being exposed to idiocy at such a young age!

      (ACA/Obamacare is working quite well in CA. The state chose to accept Federal assistance, therefore more people are being covered, for the first time)

  2. Your assessment of the freaky fear factor and flop sweat evident in Repuglycan circles is spot on. How dare a female aspire to, dare I say it…the Preziduncy. Only white, draft dodging males need apply…See Bush, G.W.

    • I’m thinking Presidents: first a black man (Obama), then a white woman (Hillary or Elizabeth, pref. the latter), followed by a black woman (Michelle Obama) — in that order — just might cause all the R-brained nitwits to solve their problem and ours by themselves jumping off tall buildings, cliffs, whatever.

        • At my age, I might just say I’m ok with me jumping off a tall building with them. And then when we got up there, I’d help them off (push them) while yelling “I’ll see you down there.” Then I’d walk back to the elevator, smiling, ride it to the ground floor.

          I know, my bad, but what the hell.

  3. Anna Atkins was an English botanist and photographer. She is often considered the first person to publish a book illustrated with photographic images. Some sources claim that she was the first woman to create a photograph. Wikipedia
    March 16, 1799 – June 9, 1871

  4. The Chicago Tribune has the stat of the day:

    “The chances of picking a perfect March Madness bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. It’s more likely that the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox will win the next 16 World Series.”

    • Isn’t their god in charge of the weather/climate? Blame the supreme being not the liberals.

    • We liberals are fucking cool! We can make it snow on religious holidays, we can turn any straight people gay, we can cause whole civilizations to collapse – or to evolve, depending on our mood, etc….. The things we can’t do are because conservatives are scarred shitless of us – like raise taxes, provide single payer healthcare, give everyone a secondary education etc…

      Funny thing, the things we do are not real and the things we can’t do would really help!

    • Another classic example of the GOP strategy: Spew out crazy, preposterous baseless, manufactured accusations or crisis and never having to show any factual evidence or a shred of truth to back up their claims.

      Dominate the news cycles with bullshit while the real shit that citizens need to be informed of or talked about, shit that affects the majority of our citizens lives gets ignored.

      Whether it is to scare, anger, mislead, deceive, cover up, distract or divide their gullible, ignorant and intellectually lazy supporters and viewers this strategy is used because it works like a charm and is dangerous.

      Especially dangerous when these perpetual accusations are pushed 24/7 by the GOP’s ministry of propaganda, Fox Noise/AM hate radio and then picked up and repeated again on broadcast news. Rinse. Spin. Repeat.

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