The Watering Hole, Tuesday March 17 (St. Patty’s Day)

Human antibiotics in meat took another downturn today as club wholesaler Costco is phasing them out of its stores. The story is that Big Agriculture gets the bright idea to doctor the food without studies to determine safety. The FDA goes along because , well, what can be the harm? Only later do we find antibiotic resistance on the rise. As a therapist I knew once said ‘think before you stink’. Can this apply to corporations too?

The antis have it.

Here’s an interesting twist on milk. An Australian researcher claims that milk of most westerners contains a-1 proteins. This a-1 protein was a genetic accident 10,000 years ago in some dairy cattle. Now it is all we drink. The researcher says that a-2 protein is what existed before in these herds, and is what most of the worlds drinks. The research is claiming that a-2 milk is more compatible with the human digestive system. Californians will be the first to tell us whether a-2 is better.

Got a2 milk?

Happy St. Patty’s Day.   Open thread.


67 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday March 17 (St. Patty’s Day)

  1. I’ll be wearin’ th’ plaid an’ playin’ th’ pipes in honor of my Irish cousins this day!

    • I will be keeping a low profile and trying not to get punched by any part-time Irishmen today 😉

  2. Bibi has picked up the critical endorsement of Chuck Norris. There’s no way he can lose now.

    • Nuck Chorris – failed actor, martial arts tough guy and reich wing bitforshrains.

  3. Nicole Sandler played this on her pre-show music, right before her show started. If hearing this won’t make you tap a toe, and lift your mood, you need intense St. Patrick’s Day therapy.

  4. Bibi is hoping to be leading Israel again after today. Did anyone catch this little gem yesterday?

    “Mr Netanyahu, whose party has trailed in opinion polls, vowed on Monday not to allow the creation of a Palestinian state if he wins a fourth term.”

    Questions no American journalist or politician will ask of Bibi:

    “So the logical conclusion to your ‘No 2 state’ pledge is that you subscribe to the Greater Israel inside the borders described by the 1967 Six Dar War victory less Sinai – what are you going to do about the several million non-Israeli citizens already living inside ‘Greater Israel’? Why is this different than South Africa’s Apartheid, or the Warsaw Ghetto?”

    • Unspoken answer…Gassing them is a last resort, or final know, wink wink.

      • “Take the last train to Krakow and I’ll meet you at the station…”

  5. It took Tom Cotton less than a minute to create a fuhrer in his first Senate speech.

  6. Polls close in Israel at 4PM EDT. We should start to get early returns soon after that.

    • He’s trying to get my daughter to apply to MIT…. its that Buzz right? Does she get one of those shirts?

    • Shaking my head that there are those stupid enough to think those things up, and stupid enough to believe.

    • According to WND (WingNutDiatribe), “biblical experts” are excited that a solar eclipse on Friday “will darken the sun just in time for the sunrise at the North Pole,” which obviously means that God is about to punish Europe, and possibly the U.S., for its allegedly poor treatment of Israel and growing “anti-Israel sentiment.”
      And, let’s do a shake of the shaman bones and predict that the WND will be destroyed in a blast of brimstone from the sky while we’re at it.

      • After a little research…

        The next solar eclipse when totality will last over 7 minutes will be June 25, 2150. The longest solar eclipse between 3000BC and 8000AD will be on July 16, 2186 and will last 7min 29sec. It will also be the longest eclipse from now until the earth is moved out of it’s orbit or the entire solar system falls apart.

        A saros series lasts 1226 to 1550 years and 69 to 87 eclipses and always begins and ends with a partial eclipse near one of the earth’s poles while any given point on earth will see either a total eclipse or an annular eclipse every 360 to 410 years.

        Eclipses are actually more predictable than the tides but Bill0 let all us smart folk know that the tides “can’t be explained” to stupid people so I suspect the same holds even more true for eclipses. I guess they never heard of Shi Shen; a Chinese astronomer who lived in the 4th century BC and did a pretty fair job of predicting eclipses given the limited data he had to work with. Damn! And I only thought the rightwhiners were trying to drag us back to Europe’s Dark Age when, in fact, they want to go all prehistorical on us. Sigh…

  7. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) will resign from Congress amid a controversy over his spending habits, Politico reported Tuesday.

  8. Netanyahu Closes Hard Right and Racist

    The big news of the day is a final day series of racist invocations from Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Likud campaign begging right-wing voters to turn out because of a purported wave of Arab-Israeli voters voting ‘en masse’, helped along by foreigners, leftists, NGOs and the media, intent on driving him from office. Over the course of the day, Netanyahu sorta kinda tried to amend these statements slightly. But not really. And then not at all. After stating definitively yesterday that he will never allow a Palestinian state to come into existence on the West Bank, Netanyahu has decided to close out hard-right, racist and dark.

  9. Loves me a mashup: Films opened or opening in the US in 2015. The site lists them all.

  10. There was “Killing Kennedy” and Killing Lincoln” and tomorrow I have to spend about 6 hours watching Bill O’Reilly’s latest murderfest, “Killing Jesus” (premieres March 29th on Nat Geo.)

    Of course, these are firsthand recollections by Bill.

  11. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback explains that the anti-abortion law he signed is really about the economy, because forcing those babies to be born is just smart fiscal policy “if you’re not forming a family unit, you are slowing economic performance.” Aborted fetuses pay next to nothing in taxes, so he sort-of has a point.

    • I would just like one of these assholes to come clean, just once, like that Jim Carrey movie:

      “Because I am a fascist dick that wants Jesus in your pants calling the shots – any questions?”

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