The Watering Hole, 3/18/15: Republicans write second letter to Iran

We here at The Zoo intercepted confidential emails from certain Republican Senator’s private email accounts that appear to be circulating a draft of a second letter to Iran:

An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Given the response to our letter a week ago, We True Patriots and Members of the Senate of the United States of America, feel it necessary to clarify a few points that the global media has taken out of context.

First, while the Senate does not “ratify” a treaty, our Constitution gives the Senate the power to scuttle any deal made between the President and any foreign nation. That’s because it takes a two thirds vote of the Senate to concur for any treaty to take effect. As to this, our track record is clear. There is no way Obama is going to get a two thirds vote from this Senate for any treaty he negotiates.

So you can forget about getting a Treaty with the United States. The best you can hope for is a deal and a handshake from Obama. And we can assure you that we will do everything we can to defund any implementation of that deal from our side.

So you need to forget about trying to negotiate with Obama. We invite you to come and address a joint session of Congress. We will give you an international forum to tell the world what a terrible job Obama is doing and how his attempts at achieving peace in the Middle East are doomed to fail.

We Republican Senators hold the ultimate power in this Constitutional Republic. Only by negotiating directly with us will you stand a chance of not getting nuked as soon as we get a Republican President.

Again, we hope this clarifies your understanding of our Constitutional system of government where the Senate has the ultimate power to reign in an uppity President, especially when it comes to negotiating with radical Islamists such as yourselves.


Tom Cotton & a whole bunch of other Senators who refuse to negotiate with Obama and other Islamic terrorists.