The Watering Hole, 3/18/15: Republicans write second letter to Iran

We here at The Zoo intercepted confidential emails from certain Republican Senator’s private email accounts that appear to be circulating a draft of a second letter to Iran:

An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Given the response to our letter a week ago, We True Patriots and Members of the Senate of the United States of America, feel it necessary to clarify a few points that the global media has taken out of context.

First, while the Senate does not “ratify” a treaty, our Constitution gives the Senate the power to scuttle any deal made between the President and any foreign nation. That’s because it takes a two thirds vote of the Senate to concur for any treaty to take effect. As to this, our track record is clear. There is no way Obama is going to get a two thirds vote from this Senate for any treaty he negotiates.

So you can forget about getting a Treaty with the United States. The best you can hope for is a deal and a handshake from Obama. And we can assure you that we will do everything we can to defund any implementation of that deal from our side.

So you need to forget about trying to negotiate with Obama. We invite you to come and address a joint session of Congress. We will give you an international forum to tell the world what a terrible job Obama is doing and how his attempts at achieving peace in the Middle East are doomed to fail.

We Republican Senators hold the ultimate power in this Constitutional Republic. Only by negotiating directly with us will you stand a chance of not getting nuked as soon as we get a Republican President.

Again, we hope this clarifies your understanding of our Constitutional system of government where the Senate has the ultimate power to reign in an uppity President, especially when it comes to negotiating with radical Islamists such as yourselves.


Tom Cotton & a whole bunch of other Senators who refuse to negotiate with Obama and other Islamic terrorists.



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  1. Netanyahu Scores Crushing Victory In Israeli Elections

    If it were up to me, Israel would be on its own with no further US cash and/or assistance of any kind until it rids itself of its radical right fascist governing authority. Government based solely on hate and fear is not worthy, and those who support it simply diminish themselves in the process.

    Unfortunately Israel has become, to many like-minded Americans, our own mirror image.

  2. Well stated BnF!
    If any Senate Democrat had done what these miscreant reprobates did, the reichwing would be howling for a mob lynching, or perhaps a burning at the stake.

      • Trump won;t make any serious attempt to become president. he’s only doing this for the publicity. He’ll never give up his business interests for four years just to take a HUGE pay cut. That would be so unlike him you’d be justified in asking to see his birth certificate.

  3. Crimea – one year on.

    Interesting poll by Ukrainian pollsters show a large majority happy to be part of Russia, but economic chaos, repression of the minority Ukrainians and Tartars goes on.

    “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice… er, you can’t get fooled again…hehe” – George W Bush chanelling his inner Pete Townshend. Putin admits lying his ass off last March as his unmarked soldiers occupied Crimea, forced votes in the parliament at gunpoint and ran a ‘referendum’ where more people voted for Russia that the average Iraqi vote count for Saddam.

    And the Western media still cannot bring itself to say anything but the ‘he-sais-she-said’ of the fact of massive Russian army involvement in Eastern Ukraine. The only explanation is that the Western governments are pressuring their own media because if the invasion is called that, an ‘invasion by Russia’ the consequences in what has to happen next to the Western governments and the money that controls them must be more important than letting Putin carry out his own ‘lebensraum’ project.

    Putler’s speech on the annexation of Crimea mirrors a speech made Hitler made about the annexation of Danzig just before WW2 got underway. An annexation started by 55 or so ‘little green men’ – Wehrmacht special forces pretending to be local militia.

    History repeating itself. Putin will attack Mariupol in about 2 months from now. No one has the stones to stop him.

    • The BBC, who still echoes the rest of Western media in the ‘he-said-she-said’ and the moniker ‘pro-Russian rebels’ won’t use it’s own journalism on the numbers of Russian soldiers in Ukraine…. it is inexplicable, unless the media is under pressure from its own government to keep the ‘invasion’ lid on.

    • Prescott Bush was a major player in Brown Brothers Harriman, the outfit that dealt closely with Fritz Thyssen in the thirties in a project that made huge fortunes for the BBH people and also landed Hitler much of the hard currency he needed to finance the rearming of Germany, post-Versailles. BBH was closed in the early forties for violations of the Trading With the Enemy Act.

      And now BBH’s grandsons define both ‘havoc’ and the ‘the Dogs of War.’ Funny how the same shit just keeps reproducing more of the same shit across the entire span of human existence. Doesn’t speak well for the species.

    • Would you be referring to the ‘mother’ who decided not to have a funeral for her dead child?

  4. Didja ever notice on the Kia commercials with hamsters driving the car, they all wear glasses? 😉

  5. Now that Fischer has lost the title of the “official spokesman” for the AFA he is free to, against all odds, get even more unhinged. More projection. More DARVO. Although, to be fair, The Dick has filled this role more that The Shrub has but I think that’s because even the RWEC realizes that The Shrub is barely coherent at the best of times.

    • Pretty obvious that Fischer’s agenda is to weaken Amuryka by causing us to laff our asses off at his stoopidityness.

    • Gisela thinks my pony-tail ties are the most fun toy she owns. She can carry them in her mouth, and throw them up in the air, and if they get near a door, they try to escape by ducking under the door, and she can get them back from the other side.

      • Banzai’s favorite toys are store receipts that I roll into balls. He will pay fetch for hours. His second favorite toy is my pony tail. We’re trying to unlearn that behavior because the back of my neck is starting to look like I’ve been scourged.

      • I wish I had enough hair for a pony tail…. sniff…. I am not TerrytheTurtle for no reason….. sigh

        • If I need to describe myself to someone I don’t know I say “just look for the long-haired bald guy”. Bare as a turtle on top but the fringe is still thick enough to pull back. My plan is to just let it keep growing until I have only one exceedingly long hair left and then i can wrap it around my skull and hold it in place with a drop of super glue. Zero maintenance!

  6. We have a winner for dumbest fuckity-fuck of the day: The NYT’s Tom Friedman, who suggests arming ISIS to defeat Iran for us.

      • The wealthy will use these killers to keep the slaves and servants in their place once their plan to take total control of our government is complete. I wonder if the wealthy will allow the slaves and servants to keep their AR 15’s. Just asking.

        • the wealthy don’t fear people with guns, or they’d be taking their guns away.

          The wealthy fear people with education; they fear people with votes.

    • This killer is back on the streets while people jailed for possession of marijuana spend the rest of their lives locked up. Something is really wrong with this picture.

  7. So that’s it then —

    Beck: Netanyahu’s Victory Shows That ‘The Lord Does Exist And He Is Sitting On His Throne’

    Repeating the bogus right-wing claim that the Obama administration had used tax dollars to fund an anti-Netanyahu election campaign, Beck declared that “our administration is completely out of control and criminal,” but that God carried Likud to victory despite the president’s dirty tricks.

    “The Lord does exist and he is sitting on his throne,” Beck declared, saying that there was no way that Netanyahu should have won the election and the fact that he did is proof that “God exists.”

    “God exists for us as well,” he continued. “No matter what they have, no matter how dirty they play it, if we do what we’re supposed to do, the scales will be even. God will have his thumb on the scale”

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