The Watering Hole; Friday March 20 2015; Springtime in the Rockies

Spring. Finally. Thank all Gods winter is OVER! Here at the foot of the Rockies, the temp hit the high 80’s earlier in the week. Now, as I write these words (Thursday PM), the outside temp is 42, it’s raining, and tonight it’s supposed to snow. But that’s OK because it’s not quite Spring. Yet.  And of course, around here spring doesn’t signal the end of the snow; if anything, it signals the beginning of the heavy wet stuff. Got to wait for summer . . . and, well, even then . . .

Anyway, this is our seventh springtime in the Rockies; I’ve recently spent some time reviewing photo “libraries” of each of the years, and in the process I pulled out a handful of SPRINGTIME (!) shots. They’re each and all taken anywhere from late March to mid-May, and collectively kinda show the change of seasons, esp. the part about winter not wanting to succumb!

Pikes Peak from Lake Beckwith1. April 2009; Pikes Peak from Lake Beckwith


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2. New tulip in early spring; April 4, 2012


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3. Ice fog below the Front Range; Tax Day, 2012


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. Geese, Goslings, and one soaring bird; early May, 2013


05-14-14-038 Wet Mountains Panorama5. Fresh snowfall on the Front Range; May 14, 2014



6. Columbine, the Colorado State Flower; April 29 2012


So that’s the way spring looks here at the foot of the Front Range, elev. approx 6200 ft, where winter and summer fight it out from March 20 until . . . ? Who knows. It is an interesting fight to behold, however, and one thing is certain: the flowers and the baby geese ALWAYS win!



40 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday March 20 2015; Springtime in the Rockies

  1. For us, Spring begins with one last snow fall. Always a nervous time for us, the snow is expected this afternoon and will be worse at work than at home. We’ll have to play it by ear, but at least we can go into work at the start of the day. WE’ll wait until several other people start bailing out of work before we leave. Or we might stay until 3 PM. We’ll see.

    • The POTUS didn’t say the word mandatory.
      The idiots are so hell-bent to rip the President they constantly place words where there were none!

  2. We’ve had 70’s that are giving way to 60’s and rain the next two days followed by a nice warm up.

  3. Screw the warm up. Warm ups should occur in the middle of May, not early March. We had 90’s last week and headed for 90’s again by next weekend. It was 100 down in San Diego near my son’s house.

    This is bullshit.

      • There seems to be a good deal of confusion about what’s going on. While it’s clear that these stickers did appear on shop windows no one seems to really know who placed them there or why. The competing theories are:

        1. Your basic Nazi types are making a white power statement.
        2. Someone thought it would be funny.
        3. They were actually placed by “libruls” who are making a comment about the alleged racism of the businesses.

        • **NSFW**

          pete, have you heard

          Santa Hates You – Scum

          acting like worms
          but at least a worm crawls!

          is it attention that they crave?
          they’re just digging their own grave
          we’re gonna take no prisoners
          now it’s our turn to misbehave

          racists, sexists, homophobes
          and all you other assholes
          around the globe
          we’re here to let you know
          that your time is gone!

          • oops, cut off the first verse

            armies of mindless bigots
            are marching on our souls
            trying to crush our rights
            as they cry out the name of god

            they’re licking their egos
            like a dog licks his balls…

  4. Hopefully, the bill to permanently leave New Mexico on daylight savings time will be passed soon (it passed the State Senate).

    • He Cuban, ain’t he? Damn commie. High-spanic. Cantaloupe calves. From Tejas, ya? Bet he snuck in over the Rio Grande. Probably is carrying ebola. Furrener. Commie. Probably Muslim.

  5. Irony of the Day:

    New National Geographic documentary made for IMAX “Living in the Age of Airplanes” will be narrated by Harrison Ford.

  6. Question: Why is the RW Christer establishment SO afraid of gay rights, gay marriage, and presumably any and all other corners of the LBGT world? Take a quick look around on any given day and the words martyrdom, unpatriotic, heterosexual guilt, danger to liberty — to name but a few — dominate “Christian” talker headlines. What in the fuck are they worried about? I mean hey, if the government demanded gay marriage for everyone I’d tell ’em to fuck off. But why the concern over what others do? As Thomas Jefferson noted way back when, it doesn’t matter what other people believe or do, because in the final analysis “it does not pick my pocket or break my leg and therefore it’s no harm to me.”

    How — why — are so many in this country so obsessed with shit that has nothing at all to do with them, and never will unless/until they so choose? Where have ‘we’ failed? What drives such intense and hate/fear filled belief in nonsensical horse hockey?

    • “performance art in irony” …. 🙂 it’d be funny if anyone ever thought him accountable for his actions


    Most feel that Phil Griffin is a dead man walking as the boss of MSNBC.

    Sources tell FTVLive that new NBC News head Andy Lack will likely hand Griffin his walking papers sometime next month.

    So, for his part, Griffin is in “hail mary” mode and willing to try just about anything to get MSNBC’s dismal ratings up.

    MSNBC sources tell FTVLive that Griffin has openly suggested to staff that he would like to bring back Keith Olbermann into MSNBC prime time.

    Hush, Badmoodman, just hush. 😀

  8. vinyl, are you on vacation? Haven’t seen a post, from you, in several days.
    Hope all is well.

  9. Here’s more information, I can’t call it an explanation, of the “whites only” stickers in Austin, Texas. I am willing to concede that this guy, assuming he’s telling the truth about posting them, was trying to make a statement but I still think he only has one oar in the water. Heck! He might be trying to row across a frozen pond.

    • Well, never judge a book by its, shirtless, cover, however, this fellow could not have passed the bar with the inane thoughts that run through his brain.

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