Sunday Roast: Did I say that out loud?

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The current Bob Jones, who, unfortunately for the rest of us, seem to run in perpetuity, has regrets.  He now allows that gay people should not be stoned, although they are still sinners.

“I take personal ownership of this inflammatory rhetoric. This reckless statement was made in the heat of a political controversy 35 years ago,” Jones said in a statement. “Upon now reading these long-forgotten words, they seem to me as words belonging to a total stranger—were my name not attached.”

“I cannot erase them, but wish I could, because they do not represent the belief of my heart or the content of my preaching. Neither before, nor since, that event in 1980 have I ever advocated the stoning of sinners,” he added.

In other words, “I can’t believe I said that out loud.”

But, looking on the bright side, since it seems that we’re ALL sinners in the eyes of the mythical sky fairy, then that puts homosekshuls on equal footing with the rest of us — hence equal rights for everyone!!  Yay, Bob Jones III!

I’m sure he’s right onboard with the idea…right?

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29 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Did I say that out loud?

  1. Investing in popcorn futures in the next 24 hours is probably a good bet, but I’m going to also suggest going aggressively in the production of dog whistles:

    Ted Cruz will be the first passenger in the GOP Klown Kar.

  2. Jones is a piker. Check out this story.

    California May Vote Next Year On Putting Gays ‘To Death By Bullets To The Head’

    Earlier this month, Christian anti-gay activist Matt McLaughlin took advantage of California’s extremely lenient policy on ballot initiatives by filing papers to have residents vote on his Sodomite Suppression Act. If you’re wondering if that is what it sounds like, it is.

    “Seeing that it is better that offenders should die rather than that all of us should be killed by God’s just wrath against us for the folly of tolerating-wickedness in our midst,” the measure reads, “the People of California wisely command, in the fear of God, that any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes of sexual gratification be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.”

    Yes, you read that right.

    This link was put up over at Discussionist this morning, using the title: “this is why i own firearms”.
    I wanted to ask if they were for his/her own protection, or did the poster want to volunteer to be a member of the firing squads, but I figured I’d get a ‘hide’, so I didn’t.

    • Lessee:

      God is the all powerful creator, right?
      God created humans in his own image, right?
      Gays are humans, right?
      So God created them in his own image, right?

      Ergo, God would rather switch than fight, right?
      God is both LGBT and Republican, right?

      I give up. What am I missing here? 😯

  3. From the files of “Oh the irony”

    <a href="

    Europe’s Neo-Nazis convene in St Petersburg to declare their man-love for Putin this weekend …. and the protestors outside the hall are ones being rounded up….

    • If I hadn’t read ‘Russian’ my thought would have been America.
      PuffyPutin is trying to corral and, again, become CCCP.

      (the current situation is nothing to laugh about. This video seems to be
      Putin’s blue print)

    • Russia conservatives meet w/ Europe’s far-right Neo-Nazis . . .”

      Conservatives and Neo-Nazis are the same, right? I KNEW THAT!!

      So Tec Cruz is a Neo-Nazi. I knew that, too. 😀

  4. Speaking of “saying out loud”…

    Did you catch this exchange on Bill Maher’s show? There’s just so much ammunition provided by the rightwhiners that it’s hard to pick up all of it. One highlight was this clueless woman comparing Ted Cruz to “Castro”. I’m assuming that she means Fidel while seemingly oblivious to the fact that he’s no longer the leader of Cuba. Or, how about the well-manicured pustule whining about how the 1% is doing well in the current economy, as though it’s a bad thing, while whining about getting government out of the way of business when it’s his policy of getting rid of regulation that created the imbalance in the first place? Sigh… When they get this delusional and dishonest I really think that Mr. Maher should have told them to STFU and get off his set and then spend the rest of the show utterly destroying their talking points.

    • I watched a couple of minutes and quickly could tell that Mercedes Schlapp was a GOP mindless mouthpiece, who quickly confirmed that with this:

      “We should just bomb the hell out of ISIS.”
      Other sane woman: “What about the civilians?”
      Schlapp: *embarrassed giggling* “Oh yeah.”


      “Strategist” indeed. I turned the biatch off.

      • Among their other character flaws; sociopaths seem to not posses the gene needed to feel shame. This particular woman manages to spew so much hateful crap with each breath that it’s very difficult to decide why I should despise her. In the case of Representative Dipshit I think it’s just the result of severe childhood head trauma.

    • This country would have been a living nightmare had this Grump and PistolPackingMama been elected. (thank the stars we dodged that one)

    • “Arizona DPS spokesman Bart Graves said, “This is a very complex investigation, we are still sorting things out…”

      No, it’s pretty simple really: it’s a gun-crazy society, especially out in the ol’ West. Yee-haw.

      • Oh, Laura, did you notice this chestnut: “The suspects involved were all from the same family. We believe they are from Idaho because of the license plate on their vehicle,” DPS spokesman Bart Graves told CNN. (emphasis added)

      • That’s where I was Gary, someone’s militia isn’t that well regulated there, cowboy!

    • Borowitz is brilliant!

      Cruz is a lunatic! He’ll be out of the race before it ever gets started.

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