The Watering Hole, Saturday, March 28th, 2015: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Just a quick glance at some of the stories on Right Wing Watch is enough to make it clear that, while there is a lot of craziness going on around the globe, the no-longer-United States of America is now forging ahead in an effort to be Number 1 in the category of Insanity.

Rand Paul calls for “Tent Revivals” in “Rand Paul Suggests Gay Marriage Is The Result of a ‘Moral Crisis’ in America”, by Brian Tashman:

“We need a revival in the country,” Paul said. “We need another Great Awakening with tent revivals of thousands of people saying, ‘reform or see what’s going to happen if we don’t reform.’”

Also by Brian Tashman, in “Ted Cruz: Conservative Christians have Ceded Power** to Non-Believers”, Cruz tells interviewer David Brody of the “Christian” Broadcasting Network that “he hopes and prays that God put him in the position he is in today.” In addition:

“Brody also hailed Cruz’s father, far-right activist Rafael Cruz, for his political views that he says have “rubbed off on Cruz.””

**”Ceded Power”? What “power”? The only “power” that ANY religious person/group should have in America is the same power that any citizen of this country has, as enumerated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

And you’ve got to love this one: “Glenn Beck Is Now Locked In A Fight To The Death Against The GOP Establishment.” While I’m sure that, like me, you all would disagree with the reasons why Beck is going after both Grover Norquist and Karl Rove (Beck thinks that Norquist is part of a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, then attacked Rove for defending Norquist), you have to agree with parts of his argument with Karl Rove:

“You guys have the spine of a worm, the ethics of whores, and the integrity of pirates. My apologies to worms, whores and pirates.”


“Can you not smell what you are shoveling anymore?”

One last thing, from Raw Story An article by Alternet’s Alex Henderson, titled “Here Are 9 Things Many Americans Just Don’t Understand–Compared To The Rest of The World” illustrates why ‘travel is so broadening.’ Number 3 is particularly relevant:

3. American Exceptionalism Is Absolute Nonsense in 2015

No matter how severe the U.S.’ decline becomes, neocons and the Tea Party continue to espouse their belief in “American exceptionalism.” But in many respects, the U.S. of 2015 is far from exceptional. The U.S. is not exceptional when it comes to civil liberties (no country in the world incarcerates, per capita, more of its people than the U.S.) or healthcare (WHO ranks the U.S. #37 in terms of healthcare). Nor is the U.S. a leader in terms of life expectancy: according to the WHO, overall life expectancy in the U.S. in 2013 was 79 compared to 83 in Switzerland and Japan, 82 in Spain, France, Italy, Sweden and Canada and 81 in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Austria and Finland.”

In my opinion, in 2015 the U.S. of A. ranks #1 only in the number and power of its Religious Right-Wing Nut Jobs.

This is our daily Open Thread – have at it!

42 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, March 28th, 2015: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

  1. Yesterday I posted this story: Rep. John Carter (R-Mars), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Homeland Security, on computer and cyber security: “Sah-ber’s just pounding me from every direction, I don’t know anything about this stuff”

    It’s a trend. Apparently being proudly ignorant is a desired trait in the GOP. Now this:
    “Iowa’s governor doesn’t seem to understand what a smartphone is or how e-mail works”

  2. I nominate Claudio Lavanga, reporting for NBC on the Germanwings crash, to be the next spokesman for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.

  3. Since Rand Paul has been portrayed as a “real libertarian” and therefore attractive to young people, I wonder if and when those young people will realize he’s just another uptight religious neo-conservative bigot? I doubt many of them are eager for another Elmer Gantry, especially as president.

  4. I haven’t read any articles about this whackjob co-pilot who decided to suicide 149 people, besides himself. What I do know is that he was “troubled.” Ya think?

    Don’t care what his name is, where he’s from or anything about him or his family. Putting these sick fucks’ names out there is probably part of what drives them.

  5. In the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, the Northeast Liberals Women’s team beat the Secessionist Perrys, 105 – 54.

    Go you Huskies!

    • We’re close enough to the Connecticut border (in the olden times, one could ‘dial’ a Connecticut phone number from Brewster, NY, without dialing the ‘203’ area code) that we can get their ABC Channel 8 on the TV machine. So we’d get to see their ubiquitous commercials for UConn basketball, with the voice-over chanting “HUSKY HOOPS! ON CHANNEL 8!”

  6. Just in case you had any doubts that S.E. Cupp is a right-wing tool; she gets taken to school by Barney Frank. Although; it would have been nice if he had stomped on her effort to compare gun control advocates to the Bushco criminals who were waiting for a crisis to sell their agenda. She tried to claim that said gun control advocates actually manage to get our government to discuss, much less act upon, effective ways to prevent people who shouldn’t be allowed to use sharp scissors from buying military grade firearms at WalMart. We actually went to war over 9/11 while gun control laws have actually been weakened in many cases.

    • She’s used to talking points that no one challenges. Barney doesn’t take that crap and calls her out! That is the way it is done!


    Sorry. My poor crocuses had finally forced their shoots all the way up through several layers of wet dead leaves a few days ago, and it’s been effing snowing all day long!

    • On a smaller level, I feel your pain. I’m giving the old woodstove one last hurrah for the spring tonight, with a low in the upper 20s. I thought I was done with it, but since I’m home tonight, I can tend it instead of running an extra heater.

      • Hopefully, Spring will sprout for you folk very, very soon.
        (not to rub it in. On my walks, the smell of spring is everywhere, from flowers to blooming trees)

      • I bought three pots of tulips on the way home yesterday, but it was raining so hard I didn’t leave them outside. Good thing! Several buds started opening up already, so soon I’ll have the scent of tulips in the house, until it’s safe to put them out.

        Thanks for the spring-y pics, though!

  8. Pence blinked:

    “Gov. Mike Pence, scorched by a fast-spreading political firestorm, told The Star on Saturday that he will support the introduction of legislation to “clarify” that Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act does not promote discrimination against gays and lesbians.”

  9. From The Mudflats:

    By far the most common warbler in the boreal forest, the Yellow-rumped Warbler, the “Butter-Butt,” prefers the canopy, the tops of trees. As a result, it’s probably the most common cause of “birder’s neck,” neck strain from looking straight overhead.

    Camera geek stuff: f8, 1/640, ISO6400.

    For more bird photos, please visit Frozen Feather Images.

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