Oldies – Music Night, April 10, 2015

As a young man, I had convinced myself that I had the proper range to sing along with the Everly Brothers. In the car, with no passengers, it worked pretty well. Even I knew better than to attempt this in public, but hearing them on the radio always felt good. There are some interesting videos online with the brothers joined by all manner of amazing musicians but this one captures them in their youth, complete with pompadours.


32 thoughts on “Oldies – Music Night, April 10, 2015

    • I graduated high school in 1974. For me ‘oldies’ is music from the 60s on back.

    • I am hiding this one under Ebb’s its not old – not even close…. but a girl rocker (I might put some Zeperella up later – whoah) slaying some guitar work and she’s a ginger too….. OMG

  1. This very old song is currently being used as a theme song by Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen on their Green News Report. It alludes to where solar panels could be installed, I think.

  2. Doesn’t matter how they do it these days, 5 bullets in the back or dragged behind a pick-up…….its still going on…

  3. I promised you more Zepperalla featuring Gretchen Menn – I saw he advert for them at the Tractor in December…. damn I should have gone…..

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