The Watering Hole; Friday April 10 2015; “Environmentalists Caused California’s Drought”

Following is a brief summary of abject idiocy, wingnut style. Read the full tale here, if you have the nerve.

It’s so simple, really. California, according to Carly Fiorina (and she oughtta know, right?), is in the middle of a “man-made disaster” caused by “liberal environmentalists.” She further notes that “California is a classic case of liberals being willing to sacrifice other people’s lives and livelihoods at the altar of their ideology,” and that in the liberal’s world view, “fish and frogs and flies” are more important than building more reservoirs and water delivery pipelines. Fiorina tries to further advance her man-made disaster thesis by adding, “A single state, or single nation, acting alone can make no difference at all, that’s what the scientists say. We’re disabling our own economy and not having any impact at all on climate change.” She seems to think that if all river outflow was captured via new dams and reservoirs there would be no shortages and life could go on without such nonsensical water use restrictions as are in place today. And if some species should become extinct in the process, so what?

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes agrees with Fiorina, and notes that his area of the state has been decimated by drought due to [leftist] politicians using “water as a weapon” by cutting supply off to farmers in order to better protect liberal voters. One of his major gripes is that in 2008, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service set restrictions on the amount of water that could be pumped from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in an attempt to save the endangered Delta smelt from extinction. The restriction meant that Central Valley ag interests would feel the pinch during periods of reduced runoff, and most especially during periods of sustained drought.

Simply put, the right wing thesis seems to be that even though the drought may be caused by human-induced climate change, the real IMPACTS of the drought are caused by liberals because they care more about frogs and fishes than they do about the well-being of Republicans. And furthermore, since there haven’t been any more dams built to hold the runoff from all the rain and snow that isn’t falling anymore because of . . . ummm . . . well, you know.

Fiorina and Nunes obviously have it all wrong, and the balance of the article refutes each and all of their complaints as it explains, via the science that underlies, the grim realities implicit in severe multi-year drought. What puzzles me most of all is the stupidity that is continually on full display — nationwide — concerning virtually any issue pertinent to both local and national interests. Is there no corner of the country — or the world, for that matter — that is not negatively impacted each and every day by the enfeebled mental acuity that has come to define political right wing / conservative / Republican / fascist movements regardless of their location? Why must the planet and all of its life forms suffer because so many humans are so totally devoid of functional mentality?

Friedrich Schiller once said, “Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.” I don’t suppose he was aware way back then that he was describing the collective mentality of 21st century America’s right wing politic, but he sure did nail it.



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  1. Looks like governor Moonbeam heard her. Restrictions on urban liberals, yes. Restrictions on Republican farmers, no.

    So we use our last year’s worth of groundwater growing nuts and fracking for oil. Next year, Nestle’s will be happy to sell us all the bottled water we can afford. Without water, land values will plummet as the Central Valley becomes a wasteland.

    • How long does it take to build a dozen or so desalinization plants? Nestle’s could probably use one just to ensure availability of water for their bottles.

      Another possibility would be to resurrect that idea of fifty years ago and build a canal from Alaska’s Yukon River to the new giant reservoir in the Rockies which would then feed into the Colorado River and maybe even refill Lakes Powell and Mead.

      If only I had Carly’s phone number we could get that ball rolling.

      • Carly Failorina is at it again. A reservoir, by definition, contains water. So if you build a reservoir you’ve got water. We should build lots and lots of reservoirs because we could use all that water.

        “For a science denier to opine that Democrats caused the drought in California is about as irrational as believing someone who failed at running a business in California and then failed as a candidate for office in California has any cause to be running for the highest office in the land,” Bobby Whithorne, the group’s spokesman, said in a statement.”


        • Exactement, Whithome!
          I’m figuring Carly hasn’t looked at the, existing, reservoirs as of late!

      • Conservatives have the misguided idea firmly planted in their tiny brains that if a proposed solution does not solve a problem in its entirety, then that solution isn’t worth trying at all. They can’t seem to grasp the idea that one solution can solve 40% of the problem, and another can solve another 30%. So do those two things and the problem is 70% solved. Instead, they’ll claim neither solves the problem entirely, so neither is worth doing at all.

        I’m not naive. I’m sure the people who don’t want these partial solutions tried are making quite a lot of money exploiting the bad situation we have now.

        • There is also the Fundie principle of limitless resources and God-given stewardship and ‘God promised Noah he won’t fook with us anymore’ and other skullfookery …. and ‘besides, if we do chop all the trees down and poison the earth, Jeebus will come back and it’ll all be a-ok – except for the towelheads, the nignogs, Richard Dawkins, Neil DeGrasse Tyson (he’s got a double whammy against him) and the pooftas’

          That’s Carly’s solution there, ‘just let me take more – conservation is un-Amurkan’ – that’s the Conservative mindset – ironic isn’t it?

        • For “conservatives,” the bottom line motivation is, almost without exception, money. I myself don’t understand why money accumulation motivates, nor do I understand the parallel motivation of power. I think the money-power “psyche” is aberrant, that when such completely defines motivation it simply indicates that anyone thus motivated has everything backwards. Republicans, iow, have everything backwards and so do a fair number of Dems. Progressive Liberals are just the opposite, motivated not by money and power but by seeking and discovering reality and truth and figuring out how to make it work for everyone.

          Ergo, while Carly Fiorina can’t grasp the flaws in her “more reservoirs = more water” fallacy, she does know that more water means more money, so that means more reservoirs are needed. Backwards thinking defined. Liberals, otoh, realize that without precipitation it doesn’t matter how many reservoirs there are, they’ll all remain dry and therefore it’s smarter to figure out why the drought, then find ways to reverse the cause(s), a thesis that’s dismissible by wingnuts because there ain’t no quick money in it, no authority, no power.

          I have the sinking feeling that the twain shall never meet, that money will continue to drive the human bus toward the cliff’s edge. No one will need money once the bus goes over the edge, because, in the brilliant words of George W. Bush, “we’ll all be dead.” But since we’re not dead yet, let’s build more reservoirs. There’s money in it.

          • “Another round of cocktails, my good man!” Cried the rich man as the Atlantic sloshed into the first class bar of the Titanic.

      • “nothing Amurka does can stop it. That’s up to the rest of the world.”

        Nah, it is up to God. And God is causing climate change because gays can get married. ‘member, He said he wouldn’t destroy the earth with a flood again – so He’s going the opposite route….

    • Yes King Canute style, the stages of Republican denialism:

      1. Tides coming in King Canute better move your throne. – No it’s not, that’s a liberal plot for a new world government. The blue helmets are coming to take your gun!
      2. How do you like those wet feet King? – That’s just a natural cycle, tide goes in, tide goes out…. pinhead! Last week you said the tide was going out.
      3. Ooh up to your throne seat now King, shouldn’t we do something – like move your throne? – Waste of time, that’s just part of your plot to bring me down to your level by forcing me to work alongside you and won’t make a difference.
      4. Shall I get you the snorkel, my liege, it might help for a bit longer? – Glug, if it wasn’t for you liberals and your stupid policies, glug, I’d have a bigger throne to sit on – gark, gark!

  2. Nothing to do with climate effing change, no, nothing, nada to see here, just find a scapegoat and flay it to death. Then you can sacrifice the carcass on the altar of the almighty effing dollar.

  3. Too good(?) to wait for later today. If you thought L. Ron Hubbard’s writings were impressive, just wait until you hear his singing:

  4. If the Keystone XL was the hummer the Kochs always wanted…… now here comes the reacharound

    For 0.2% of the population – 1 person in every 500….. that’s who the GOP is in the pockets of.

    What Teabagger can support the scum they voted for on this? As wrongly interpreted as the Boston Tea Party is these days….. the Estate Tax is there to prevent hereditary ‘monarchy’…..

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