Sunday Roast: Sea Lions Doing Sea Lion-y Stuff





Vocalizing...and more lounging...

Vocalizing…and more lounging…

Blowing bubbles...napping...maybe waving?

Blowing bubbles…napping…maybe waving?

Photos by Zooey

I definitely waved back, just in case.  😉

Sea Lions, I like ’em.  Some people hate ’em.  Whatareyagonnado?

This is our daily open thread — Get on with it!

40 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Sea Lions Doing Sea Lion-y Stuff

  1. I hope the flash drives have viruses, and malware. Pretty much anything put out by the RNC PRBS is malware.

    For Republicans, ‘Stop Hillary’ Campaign Begins in Earnest

    The deluge of derision this weekend from Republicans responding to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential launch is the start of a highly coordinated effort by national GOP leaders and conservative groups to effectively begin the general-election campaign against the likely Democratic nominee.

    Acknowledging Clinton’s political strength, many Republican officials and strategists on the right are determined to get a head start on attacking her record as secretary of state and highlighting what they see as her vulnerabilities, almost ignoring her lesser-known rivals.


    This week, political reporters will be mailed flash drives, labeled “Clinton E-mail Files,” stocked with documents, videos and research material, Spicer said. Meanwhile, Priebus will be ubiquitous, jumping between rev-up-the-base chats on conservative radio and mainstream television networks.

    • The GOP will not spend any time attacking Hillary’s actual positions. Instead, they’ll lie about her record and attack her personally for having views she doesn’t have, or for doing things the never did.

      • And making fashion statements. Let’s not forget that women candidates are open targets for what they wear, hair dos, etc.

  2. Rand Paul just said on Face the Nation, that his reason for voting against immigration reform, is ‘because it limited the number of legal work visas’. He wants there to never be a time in the future, when labor is in demand, that employers can’t thwart the law of supply and demand to keep workers from improving their lives.

    • Bwah hahahahahahahaha.
      The joke’s on her.
      How does a manatee attack anyway?
      Manatee’s are the least of her problems.
      There are some very, very large bull sharks in that water.

  3. The panel on FtN all agrees that Hillary should have had a big splashy event, where she explains her vision, so they can all pick every syllable apart and give RNC PRBS more talking points to use against her.

    • To be frank, I never cared all that much for the Clintons. I voted for Bubba but with no enthusiasm. Hillary? She did a respectable job as SoS, but still — but still, I’d vote for her over ANY Republican, alive or dead. I have never seen such a pile of stupidity as is in that party’s current clown car. Their entire ticket is, in fact, as anti-American and pro-fascist as has been ANY ticket in my 72.5 years here, and next to that bevy of mental inebriate Christers and wingnuts, Hillary resembles that mythical shining city on the hill. She also has better hair (well, so does a tree frog, but that topic can wait).

      Here’s the thing: grant Republicans full control of all three branches — two of which they already own — and the American national anthem becomes its official funeral dirge.

  4. John Heilemann about Rand Paul supporters on FtN: “The Libertarian piece of the Republican party is overwhelmingly male. Ron Paul supporters were overwhelmingly male. There’s a lot of young, ‘frat boy’ types who are in that wing of the party.”

    • I especially like the last paragraph:

      In February, lawmakers narrowly passed a “parental rights” bill despite warnings from Republicans that it would allow parents to demand their child be taught in public school to follow Sharia law.

      The fuckery is strong in Dumfukistan.

  5. The way they’re acting about this Hillary announcement, you’d think she never ran for President before. 😉

  6. LA Times Op-Ed headline:

    If Paul won, would we have to call him ‘Dr. President’?

    A better question is, “why do people still call her Gov. Palin?”

    • I wonder what the over/under is for the payout that the city of Tulsa is going to cough up for this. And if they’re super lucky, Al Sharpton will come to town too.

      Guns in the hands of professionals is dicey enough. Ya think Tulsa will reconsider their policy, cuz I’m sure NO one saw this sort of thing happening.

    • Quite the excuse for a ‘wanna be’ cop.
      *BART policepatrol Mehserle (in 2009) murdered Oscar Grant under the ‘mistaken’
      of grabbing a gun thinking it was his taser. (Grant was shot in the back).

      * Bay Area Rapid Transit

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