The Watering Hole; Thursday April 16 2015; The ‘Eyes’ Have It

Since there’s nothing of note or import going on in human’s world these days, I thought a quick peek ‘out there’ — where the activity remains ceaseless — might be worth a quick look or two. Or three. More? Some recent photographs of various species of waterbirds perhaps? Following are a few from each of two corners of the world (well, from Colorado and Florida, at least) of, respectively, 2 species of geese, a Great Blue Heron, Sandhill Crane, and soon-to-be Great Egrets. The Colorado critters live a mile or so from my back yard and seem to enjoy posing; the crane and Egrets are from Florida, and last week were introduced to my longtime friend (from Tempe Arizona) Denny Green.

It’s long been said that a picture is worth a thousand words — unless, of course, the words are those of an accomplished poet such as, say, Emily Dickinson? Amazing how poetry can sort of sum up the obvious and still toss out intriguing ideas, maybe a new thought or two? An untried way to “see” perhaps? And speaking of seeing, in each and all of the photos below, the eyes have it! The world is fascinating enough to human eyes, but I wonder how it appears when seen thru the sharp eye of a wild critter? Dickinson spent a good deal of her reclusive life “mingling” with the natural world, always trying to see the world thru eyes other than her own. Following are a handful of Dickinson verses, not intended as photo captions but more to toss out different ideas — what she called “circumference,” one short verse for each of seven “captures” of (still free!) waterbird entities.


The Birds rose smiling, in their nests —
The gales — indeed — were done —
Alas, how heedless were the eyes —
On whom the summer shone!

Canadian       frugal photo

Canadian                                                                                                                                frugal photo

Sleep is supposed to be
By souls of sanity
The shutting of the eye.

Snoozing Canadian  frugal photo

Snoozing Canadian                                                                                                             frugal photo

Look back on Time, with kindly eye —
He doubtless did his best —
How softly sinks that trembling sun
In Human Nature’s West —

Chinese frugal photo

Chinese                                                                                                                                   frugal photo

If I should disappoint the eyes
That hunted — hunted so — to see —
And could not bear to shut until
They “noticed” me —

Snoozing Chinese frugal photo

Snoozing Chinese                                                                                                                frugal photo

He glanced with rapid eyes
That hurried all around —
They looked like frightened Beads, I thought —
He stirred his Velvet Head

Great Blue Heron frugal photo

Great Blue Heron                                                                                                                frugal photo

I’ve nothing else — to bring, You know —
So I keep bringing These —
Just as the Night keeps fetching Stars
To our familiar eyes —

Sandhill Crane and Chick photo by Denny Green

Sandhill Crane and Chick                                                                              photo by Denny Green

The Child’s faith is new —
Whole — like His Principle —
Wide — like the Sunrise
On fresh Eyes —

Great Egret Chicks photo by Denny Green

Great Egret Chicks                                                                                         photo by Denny Green


Lift it — with the Feathers
Not alone we fly —
Launch it — the aquatic
Not the only sea —
Advocate the Azure
To the lower Eyes —
He has obligation
Who has Paradise —

And finally, a parting thought:

Had we the eyes without our Head —
How well that we are Blind —
We could not look upon the Earth —
So utterly unmoved —

Shame is the shawl of Pink
In which we wrap the Soul
To keep it from infesting Eyes —
The elemental Veil
Which helpless Nature drops
When pushed upon a scene
Repugnant to her probity —
Shame is the tint divine.


51 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday April 16 2015; The ‘Eyes’ Have It

  1. Amy Goodman just asked Alan Grayson if he would run for Marco Rubio’s Senate seat in Florida.
    ‘The answer is probably yes.’

    • There is zero virtue in what she does. She has earned each and every nasty comment and, had she a functioning mind, would have her gun(s) melted down — and so would every other “hunter,” had they functioning minds.

    • She says: “I believe that you should live life to the fullest with no regrets, and push yourself to the limit. If you don’t experience everything you can in life, you’ll miss out on some irreplaceable memories.

      “Life is so short and so wonderful that I don’t want to miss out on a single second.”

      So in experiencing everything you can in life you choose to experience ending the lives of animals? Life is so short and so wonderful that you feel the need to shorten the lives of animals?


      • If one sees oneself as SUPERIOR, killing the inferior is fulfilling (in some very weird way). Ask any cop who has killed an unarmed black or Hispanic, for example — or any of those who hunt any particular critter for the “thrill,” for “sport.”

        Sickness defined.

      • Yeah, I never felt a need to “live life to the fullest” by murdering another living creature for no reason. That sounds like a sociopath.

    • Personally, I don’t buy her excuse that she was asked to come in and bring down that giraffe with a bow and arrow. Frankly, I see no reason why the villagers couldn’t have done it themselves. Besides, there’s nothing humane about killing an animal with a bow and arrow.

    • Heavens to Mergatroid. She actually bypassed a Taco Bell? Well, at least now I know for sure Hillary and I share a value, given that I’ve bypassed every Taco Bell I’ve ever wandered by since they first came on the scene. But I’m not all that hot (sotospeak) for Chipotle either, truth be known. Oh well, it’ll be something to keep Issa busy at least.

    • Really? Are they actually trying to make a thing out of which fast food joint she chose to poison her body? Whoever wrote that blog has just disqualified him or herself from ever having a right to speak on any TV pundit show about the elections.

  2. Gov. Scott to sue Obama over Medicaid expansion

    Gov. Rick Scott will sue the federal government for attempting to “coerce” the state into expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act by withdrawing support for a different federal health care program, he announced Thursday.

    “It is appalling that President Obama would cut off federal healthcare dollars to Florida in an effort to force our state further into Obamacare,” Scott stated in a press release.

    He cited the U.S. Supreme Court case of NFIB v. Sebelius, which upheld the federal health care law, known as Obamacare, but also declared the decision of whether to expand Medicaid would be left up to the states.

    Now the other side of the coin.

    Rick Scott says feds are ‘walking away’ from funding Florida’s Low Income Pool program

    Florida simply can’t trust the federal government to follow through on expanding Medicaid because Washington has already abandoned funding a current statewide health care program, Gov. Rick Scott says.

    Scott is pointing to the state’s loss of federal money for safety net hospitals called the Low Income Pool. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services made it crystal clear in February 2015 that some $1.3 billion in Florida’s LIP funding won’t be renewed after June 30. That left a billion-dollar hole in Scott’s proposed budget, which assumed that LIP money would be available.


    The LIP started in 2005 and was renewed until 2013. But when it came time to negotiate another extension for 2014 and beyond, Florida upped the funding request to a whopping $4.5 billion to expand the program. This was after the state refused some $51 billion in Medicaid expansion money over 10 years under the Affordable Care Act, to expand that program to anyone making up to about 133 percent of the poverty level, as the Obama administration wanted. The U.S. Supreme Court in 2012 ruled states had a choice whether to take the money or not.

    Politifact Florida rates this half true.

    The upshot of this is, Rick Scott wants to increase his LIP medical slush fund, from $1.3 billion, to $4.5 billion, while turning down an average $5.1 billion in direct Medicaid funds which his legislature won’t agree to take. He’s already proved to be untrustworthy around medical programs, so why should the feds give him even one dime without the money being locked in to help poor people?

    • Wonderful review. I can’t recall my Amazon password so couldn’t hit ‘yes’ for a helpful review!
      If you haven’t heard the band Santa Hates You – give them a listen. Especially their song titled – Scum – pay close attention to the lyrics!

      *Racists , sexists, homophobes
      and all you other assholes
      around the globe
      we’re here to let you know
      that your time is gone!

  3. We had a guy learning to fly a gyrocopter at the old airport property here in Huntsville back in the 80s, when I was autocrossing my 914. Whichever car club was having an event that day, would have the rights to the property for the day, and he’d pack up as soon as we began arriving. He started out just taxiing back and forth down the longest runway, just getting the feel of the controls. The last time I saw him there, he could clear the ground and make turns, so pretty soon after that, I expect it was time to go to a real airport and fly it ‘officially’.

  4. Google Chromefuck has decided that my bookmarks, that always worked just fine, had to be ‘improved’. Remind me again why we’re trying to save the environment for these ungrateful little shits that keep ‘fixing’ things that aren’t broken?

    • That’s the damn truth. The moment they write ‘so that we may improve your viewing…’ You know it’s going to suck big time!

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