Sunday Roast: 4/20…almost

I don’t partake, because I’m a total weenie about inhaling smoke into my lungs, but I thought I’d take note of the day, because of the upcoming legalized recreational use of pot in Oregon.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I kind of remember that if you bought the “Up in Smoke” album, you also received a ginormous Zig Zag paper, so you could roll your own massive joint.  Anyone else remember that?

Here’s a fun fact form the 420 Wiki page:

In Colorado, the Colorado Department of Transportation replaced the frequently stolen Mile Marker 420 sign on I-70 east of Denver with one reading 419.99 in an attempt to stop the thievery.


This is our daily open thread — Don’t bogart that joint!  Whatever that means…


41 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: 4/20…almost

  1. Good thing I wasn’t planning to write about 4/20 tomorrow. Anymore. 🙂

    That’s okay. Other things happened on that date, which can open a discussion on a topic I’ve rarely tackled before – guns. I want to get my facts straight about it, starting with the few SCOTUS decisions affecting gun ownership. Somewhere in there I’ll mention Warren Burger calling the NRA’s argument that the 2nd Amendment confers an individual right to carry a weapon as one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on Americans.

    Thanks for narrowing down a topic on which to write. 😆

    • Oh shit, I’m sorry Wayne.

      You can still write about it! You’ll do it much better!!

      I was DESPERATE!! Wah!

      • I’m joking! I really was thinking about Columbine and when I saw your story about something happening tomorrow, I couldn’t resist making a joke about it. Seriously, I was NOT planning to write about THAT.

        It does bring up the issue of writing about anniversaries of events not falling on your writing date. Perhaps that’s a topic for the current private thread. We (meaning me) should keep its subject in mind.

  2. Bernie Sanders was just on Fox News Sunday. He pretty much got his say, despite Wallace trying to shortcut his answers. People just need to hear him and find out more about him. Can he beat Hillary for the Democratic nomination? I doubt it, but if he could just stir up the right issues, people might get interested enough to turn out and vote.

    • Did he at least get to say that Soc Sec is not contributing a single penny to the debt or deficit? Fox News is big on supporting Republicans who want to cut SS benefits because we’re so much in debt (because of Republicans), and I was hoping he could tell their viewers they’re being lied to.

      • That subject didn’t come up. I wish it had. Cutting SS is worrying me because so much of today’s income is above the current cap.

  3. “The Galaxy Song” by Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking has lent his voice (literally) to a new version of Monty Python’s “Galaxy Song” – a charming ditty designed to make your problems feel small and you smaller – which was featured in the comedy troupe’s 1983 movie The Meaning of Life. The group recently performed the tune at their reunion concerts last year in London, after which it cut to a scene of physicist Brian Cox detailing the song’s inaccuracies until Hawking runs him down with his wheelchair and says, “I think you’re being pedantic,” before “singing” it and flying into the heavens.

    • I’ve been trying to decide whether Walker is the stupidest of the Republican “candidates” or whether he’s the most crooked. Problem is, it’s like looking at a pile of rocks and trying to decide which is the most ‘rocky’ of the rocks.

      • The problem with Scott Walker — other than the obvious corruption and batshit insanity — is that he presents well.

        When he speaks, his tone is reasonable; he looks rather average and nonthreatening; and and he knows how to be “one of us,” even if he can’t stand the thought of the little people.

        That makes him dangerous.

        • When I see people like Scott Walker (e. pluribus unum) standing near the brink of ‘full power of the state’ it reminds me of a notion that first struck me circa 1968 when Tricky Dick managed to get elected: one thing that separates Amurkkka from a huge chunk of the rest of the world is that here, the PEOPLE have, in effect, the constitutional “right” to essentially destroy their own country. Sort of like a sanctioned right to commit suicide, but on a scale that brings everyone else along for the ride. And for all practical purposes, that silly-assed premise seems to have become the driving force that motivates the Republican party. I can’t name a single Republican — since Nixon — that has had anything else in mind other than the destruction of everything that works, with the sole goal of turning the whole pile over to the top .5%, max. And now we’ve reached the point where at least half of the “people” are willing to vote ‘aye’ on said proposition.

          Sum Ting Wong.

    • Rules (EPA) and regulations (banning DDT) work!

      It must now be time to start the hunting season//

  4. Gee, what a fine idea:

    WI Republican Proposes Jim Crow Diet For The Poor

    Rep. Jesse Kremer, R-Kewaskum . . . “Yes, it may be humbling to go into the pantry to purchase ‘needed items,’ but as I mentioned earlier, most people understand that this is meant to be a crutch and not a lifestyle. I would also love to see photo lD’s (sic) on all Quest cards and will continue to work this angle.”

    Time to segregate all the lazy bums, make the feel the shame they represent.

    Hate, hate, hate all but the billionaires who are oh, so cool.

    What an asshole.

    • Kremer also wrote in his “term paper” about an idea he’d raised during his campaign: limiting the use of QUEST cards to privately-run food pantries overseen by the government.

      WalMart will never let that happen. That would kill half their gross sales.

      • If Kremer’s propositions would impact ALL of society’s leeches — especially all elected Senators and Congresspeople at both state and federal levels — I might think about supporting him. Imagine it — no tanning beds for Congressional leeches!

    • mmm, mmm, delicious. Make one wonder what the ingredients in silly putty.
      That is a damn cool video!

  5. A hungry kingfisher emerges from the water with a mouth full of trout. Pierangelo Spedini took the photo on the banks of the River Sile in Treviso, Italy.

    • He’s not married. The country isn’t ready for a bachelor president.
      It certainly isn’t ready for Lindsey.
      After his parents death SS survivor benefits assisted with the raising of his sister.
      It is quite amazing these rats find it just ducky to have such assistance, yet do not want others to have the same.

  6. Lap 367 of 500 at Bristol, Danica just got back onto the lead lap. She’ll be no worse than 18th after the caution ends.

    • Well, after all, it’s Bristol! After a wreck-fest in the last 100 laps, circling the track trying to finish with a green-white-checker finale, it is now raining. Danica is in 12th, if it stands. They’re still going around.

      • Now they’re parked on pit road, while the jet dryers are trying to dry the track. Austin Dillon ran out of gas and had to pit, so she’s 11th.

      • Finally, they get the last two laps run, and she gained two spots to finish 9th!

      • Danica has two top tens in the last three races, and finished 16th last week.

            • I think the C&L crew started celebrating 4/20 a day early. Only one post since 2:21pm.

            • … crew started celebrating 4/20 a day early. Only one post since 2:21pm.

              One of my nephews celebrates a birthday on 4/20.
              He is visiting friends in Missouri. Was hit by a car on Sunday.
              Hospitalized with a broken pelvis and other injuries!
              Happy Birthday, Pat!

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